2014 Latin America new PV installed capacity will exceed 1GW

Polaris solar PV net news: GTMResearch according to a new report, public utility-grade photovoltaic sector in Latin America booming trend. Currently, Chile is still the region’s largest photovoltaic market.

Report noted that current Latin America at least 836 megawatts of direct current solar projects are under development. According to GTMResearch the Latin America 2014 PV play in the third quarter is expected in 2014, Latin America production of PV capacity will exceed the 1 GW–more significant.

GTMResearch pointed out that up to now, the public utilities in the area-level photovoltaic total capacity from 377 MW. At present, the solar energy market in the region is still dominated by utility-level photovoltaic projects.

Reports claimed that, at present, Chile, and Mexico, and Brazil is Latin America’s most attractive solar markets. This year, however, these three countries on new capacity is likely to only 400 megawatt, the rest will be over 600 megawatts.

“Latin America PV market growth does not just end in Chile, and Mexico and Brazil. “The authors of the report GTMReseach analyst Adam ˙ James (AdamJames). James points out that solar activity has spread to the entire region, including in Central America.

Reportedly expects that, until now, Latin America PV project reserves had reached 18.8 gigawatts, much higher than last year. In addition, the projects amounted to 1.4 GW signed a power purchase agreement, or to determine the financing channels, most of which is located in Chile.

GTMResearch is expected in 2014, Chile added scale PV DC projects will exceed $ 277 megawatts. The end of 2014, United States SunPower in Chile Salvador of installed capacity of 70 MW project is expected to be completed. By then, the plant’s production of electricity will be sold on the spot market. Salvador power plants from the United States Government’s overseas private investment Corporation (OPIC) received $ 155 million loan. While many development banks capital injections in Chile project, OPIC provided that the amount made the most massive. OPIC has promised by June 2014, provides a total of 887 million dollars in loans in Chile to develop 5 large-scale projects.

In addition, SunPower, SunEdison, and other developers are also developing large-scale commercial solar power station in the area—retail power is a new business model, Chile is the pioneer in this field.

Report says Mexico pending energy reform legislation has put the country’s solar energy market stagnates. James claimed that, in the long term, the legislation is expected to boost the photovoltaic market. However, in view of Mexico is limited to the information provided by the Government, the specific impact unclear.

James is expected in 2014, Mexico new PV capacity was only 97 MW. “This year, Mexico most of the completion of the project is a commercial type, rather than a public utility level. “James pointed out.

Original title: 2014 Latin America new PV installed capacity will exceed 1GW

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