2014 local key PV module manufacturer start counting (map)

Polaris solar PV net news: on July 25, the United States Commerce Department said applications for SolarWorld’s China PV trade survey results. A preliminary investigation found that from the Chinese mainland and Taiwan import crystalline silicon photovoltaic product dumping, and decided that high tariffs on products involved.

As the main target of the anti-dumping investigation, Taiwan’s leading PV companies are bearing the brunt. In fact, various photovoltaic industry “double reverse” survey of PV modules Giants to “bleeding”, but from the beginning of the Conference the release of tax, people who volunteer to participate in negotiations of big companies certainly benefit Bandit shallow. According to the preliminary results, Chinese mainland enterprises anti-dumping tax rates are as follows: 26.33%, Suntech Power Trina 42.33%, Yuhui solar and jinko 58.87% 42.33%, other enterprises involved in remaining company 165%.

As the photovoltaic industry continued to expand, businesses increasingly improve. And because the finalists to raise the threshold, transform the mode of development, optimization of management structure, scale, efficiency increase into the mainstream. Big bigger, but the strong hengqiang, the law of the jungle in the photovoltaic industry group, enjoy the playing an inferior role. The initial award of anti-dumping, but also for such a phenomenon fueled. Author since 2014 major PV enterprises operating rate of inventory analysis found came in second and third tier of photovoltaic module manufacturer, was very difficult.

2014 PV enterprises operating rate rankings

NO.1 ja

Starts: 90%

Capacity: 2013 1800MW 2014 2800MW

Inventory: 500MW

As Japan and the United Kingdom of strong solar market demand for PV modules, ja 2014 all key financial indicators for the first quarter were being broken. According to the financial reports released by ja, 2014 ja shipments in the first quarter of 638.1MW, including component shipments to 388MW, accounting for 61% of the total shipments in 2013, representing about 57% in the first quarter in 2013, representing a 54% increase in the fourth quarter.

In regional terms, ja the Japan shipments accounted for 32% of the components, which accounted for 26% (primarily solar cells). Another key component of the market is the United Kingdom, due to continuing to supply large utility-scale projects in the country, United Kingdom has accounted for more than half of JA European shipments, while Europe accounted for 15% of the total shipments for the quarter or so. JA has another unique way of development, by getting South Africa with local enterprises to establish joint venture for components and raw materials packaging factory in order to produce export products to the United States. To avoid “double reverse” limit.

According to the company’s plan in 2014, ja solar module production capacity will be increased from 1.8GW to 2.8GW, in addition to solar cell production increased from 2.5GW to 2.8GW, to better match capacity levels, the two projects will be completed by the end of the second quarter. Total cell and module shipments in the second quarter is expected to 670MW to 700MW.

NO.2 solar and jinko and hanwha and Eastern Sunrise

Starts: 85%

These four companies operating rates have reached a level of 85%. It is worth mentioning that, rising in the East as a second gradient of photovoltaic module manufacturer, starts far beyond other enterprises with the gradient.

According to financial results for first quarter of 2014 showed solar Sun, due in February raised $ 255.7 million dollars in funding this year, 2014 Artes 679.4 million dollars of cash balances from the end of last year to reach $ 781 million at the end of the first quarter of this year. The first quarter of 2014, 621 megawatts of solar shipments from last quarter fell to 500 megawatts, higher-than-expected figure of 470-490 MW. Is expected in the second quarter, between Canadian solar PV module shipments between 600-630 MW.

The first quarter of 2014, jinko solar product shipments 581.2 MW, 455.1 MW of photovoltaic modules, wafer 91.1 MW, 34.0 megawatts of photovoltaic cells. Surge in revenue compared with 73%, to us $ 324 million; wafer and PV cell and module shipments surged 72%, from 581 megawatts. ATP Chief Executive Officer Chen Kangping said sitech strong results for the first quarter, opened a good start of the year, it is the company’s fourth consecutive profitable quarter. All financial data is fully in line with earlier expectations.

In order to meet the expected surge in demand, said hanwha energy, its solar cell production increased from 1.3GW to 1.5GW, will increase the output of PV modules from 1.5GW to 2GW, allocating $ 80 million in capital expenditures, which will also include continued automation of PV module assembly line. Hanwha 2014 revenues of us $ 183.1 million in the first quarter, PV module shipments of 324 megawatts, representing 11.9% of 289 megawatts in the same period last year.

Oriental Sunrise Securities Department has said us photovoltaic products to China’s double against corporate influence is limited, the company intends to increase utility investment-led component of the company’s sales. Actively involved in various aspects of China’s pair of reactions to, and increase the opening up of international markets, including the domestic market and increase investment in power station while driving component of the company’s sales. Rising in the East is the second Echelon starts only photovoltaic module manufacturers more than 80% of enterprises.

NO.3 Trina solar and Suntech Power & shengkang

Starts: 80%

Influenced by short-term factors, Trina solar in April issued a warning, announced that sales in the first quarter could be far lower than previously estimated. Expected PV module shipments for 540-570 MW. The company six weeks ago and a far cry from the estimated level of 670-700 MW, accurately, reduces the 20%. According to Trina 1th quarter: earnings per ADR of $ 0.37 compared per ADR a year earlier loss of $ 0.90; revenue increased from $ 260.2 million in the same period last year to jump 71% to $ 444.8 million. According to FactSet Research, analysts had expected the company’s Q1 earnings per ADR, revenue will reach $ 0.03 and $ 441.9 million. It was Trina for the 3rd quarter earnings report card.

Chinese solar panel maker Suntech Power Company announced on May 13, 2014 in Jiangsu shunfeng photovoltaic International Limited’s business strategy. As a member of the shunfeng photovoltaic group, in addition to the manufacture and sales of solar panels outside in the future will also be dedicated to power generation operations, as well as vertically integrated services associated with the PV power station construction. Suntech will expand the production capacity of solar panels. At present, solar panel production capacity of the company’s own factory is about 2.5GW,OEM per annum (OEM) purchase of 1GW, totaled 3.5GW. Plan a few years later increased the capacity to around 5GW.

NO.4 hareon

Starts: 70%

Capacity: 1500MW

As a result of falling demand in the European major PV markets, as well as the integration of the photovoltaic industry and other factors, hareon late April quarterly disclosure shows its 2014 58.54 million dollars loss in the first quarter, far below investors ‘ expectations. According to a quarterly, hareon revenue 1.258 billion dollars in the first quarter, an increase of 46.17% to achieve net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies lost 58.54 million dollars, a loss of 143 million yuan in the same period of last year.

2013 solar warming-led manufacturing sector rises, particularly domestic scale PV policy favorable, driven by substantial expansion, domestic orders soaring performance along with it to good. Hareon Foundation is still not stable under the industry picks up, big construction of photovoltaic power plants. Hareon give industry a warning of losses, due to the large current photovoltaic power plant suffered “development easier, transfer difficulties”, causing a lot of investment is difficult to achieve gains, harder to deliver the company’s performance, financial chain under pressure.

Hareon set up two joint venture companies and the Japan project company

Hareon May 23 disclosure, the company proposed in Japan established the project company to 2MW of PV power generation projects, and set up joint venture in Dandong, Jiuquan.

Announcements, company a wholly owned subsidiary of hareon Japan Avio plans in Japan-Kochi Gaozhi establish the project company hairun Japan energy limited, for 2MW of PV power generation projects are being built. Will also set up two joint venture companies. Wholly-owned subsidiary hareon (Shanghai) company limited and aotesiwei energy (Taicang) co be established separately invested 500,000 yuan in Dandong run Shen photovoltaic power generation co, the company is mainly engaged in photovoltaic power plant investments.

Hareon intended to set up three photovoltaic subsidiary invested 52 million

Hareon 25th announcement, a wholly owned subsidiary of the company hareon (Shanghai) company limited plans to separately-owned establishment, Handan in huzhou city, Tianjin City, huzhou Po run solar power limited, Tianjin Ze Hui power, Handan runxin photovoltaic power generation company, with registered capital of 50 million Yuan and 1 million Yuan and 1 million Yuan, respectively. Above to set up distributed photovoltaic power plant investment company mainly engaged in business.

NO.5 Yingli

Starts: 65%

As the only Chinese World Cup Sponsor Yingli energy pocketed people’s attention on the field. Third party analyst firm Huawei Germany polling organization TNSEmnid developing brands in Germany popularity survey, respondents 2600, Yingli 17% brand awareness ahead of Lenovo (30%) and Huawei (21%), the top Chinese brands in Germany visibility for third place, first place in the photovoltaic industry. Shengmingzhixia, how high is the cost of it? How else can harvest?

This became a problem, because the company has lost money for three years. Annual report, 2011 had a loss of $ 500 million, 2012 had a loss of $ 490 million, 2013 had a loss of $ 320 million, three-year loss of $ 1.31 billion.

Yingli components shipments in 2013, an increase of 40% to 3.2GW, in global market share from 7.4% litres in 2012 to 2013, 10%, the second consecutive year shipped the world’s first. According to Yingli’s earnings, the company at the end of March 2014, all book borrowing totaled $ 2.4 billion, the average loan rate was 6.42%, its a quarter needed to pay the interest on the amount totals up to $ 41 million. Coupled with Yingli 2014 first-quarter operating income was $ 432 million, net loss of 55 million dollars, and the first quarter of 2014, only 200 million US dollars worth of cash equivalents, which serves to Yingli’s current financial situation is tight.

Yingli Green Energy announced on April 10, by the effect of weak demand in the Mainland of China, in the off-season Algeria influence of solar modules shipping schedule has been delayed, Q1 shipments of solar modules are probably reduced the season 30-34%, worse than the previous estimate of around quarter of minus 25%. Solar module shipments expected 2014 fiscal year should reach 4.0-4.2GW and 1th quarter of gross margin on estimates from 14-16% to 15.5-16.5%.

NO.6 renesola

Starts: 60%

Capacity: 1800MW

On May 29, renesola announced financial results for first quarter of 2014. Reported renesola strong revenue growth in the first quarter, but with a few losses. However, due to “insulation” in trade disputes, renesola is still full of confidence about the future, and announced plans to foray into the retail market. Reports claim that in the first quarter, renesola revenues grew 46%, to $ 415 million, in large part because sold to upmarket (with Japan) shipments have increased. However, an operating margin of-2.1%, and a net loss of $ 14.6 million, largely due to power outage maintenance facilities resulting in decline in polysilicon production.

Solar module shipments 521.1 MW last quarter was 505.3 MW; solar wafer and module shipments of 710 MW, 784.1 megawatts last quarter. Silicon wafer shipments decline, the total shipments rose only by 7.2%. In addition, the polysilicon production of the enterprise is only for 175MT, about one-tenth in the previous quarter.

Renesola has always stressed that its original equipment manufacturing (OEM) strategy, said the company will expand business in the context of lower capital spending, and under the trade frictions in the future and strive to provide customers with quality products and services. Renesola Chief Executive Li Xianshou noted that OEM strategy remains an important part of the global sales and distribution strategy. Closing date Q1 earnings, renesola overseas OEM capacity exceeding 1.1 GW. Renesola is expected in the second quarter, PV module shipments will fall slightly to 480-500 MW. 2014, shipments of components between 2.3-2.5 GW.

Starts a serious shortage of second and third tier companies

Photovoltaic industry industrial competitive situation has lasted for quite some time, and is generally a shortage of orders, capacity utilization is not high. And because component giant’s merger strategy, small business survival is not easy. Starts below the 30% of the law. Even a considerable part of the enterprise component production is at a standstill.

In capacity shut down businesses in the encyclopedia because of efforts to expand polysilicon business, gravity direction has changed. Daqo new energy after you complete the current expansion to 12000MT, due to increased demand as well as the first quarter of 2014 to achieve higher average sales prices per kg US $ 21.63 (ASP), while 18.67 dollars per kilogram last quarter, the company is planning to more than double polysilicon capacity to 25000MT. Put new energy aimed at worldwide launched a new generation of smart PV module product, the product’s breakthrough integrated MPPT intelligent technology, effectively reduce the loss of mismatch between PV modules to enhance the efficiency of photovoltaic systems, increased generating capacity of up to 20% compared with conventional PV modules.

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