35.7% in January-May of our photovoltaic products exports to Japan

Polaris solar PV net news: China solar cell development trend of export diversification, export to European shares decline, have changed from above at around 20% against 80%, and Japan export ratio continued to improve, 2014-1 ~ May, exports to Japan have latched on to 35.7% proportion of China’s total exports.

2014 1 May my components to Japan export units: million dollars

Data source: General Administration of customs CPIA2014.6

Japan PV feed-in tariff

Under the influence of 2011 Fukushima, Japan began to vigorously develop renewable energy (mainly photovoltaic), with effect from July 1, 2012 to start fixed feed-in tariff policy, greater than 10KW 40 Yen/kWh of PV electricity price subsidies for 20 years; less than 10KW of 42 Yen/kWh of PV electricity price subsidies for 10 years thereafter electricity price adjustment once a year.

Japan PV installed capacity

In on-grid price spurred Japan PV market is developing rapidly. Under Japan’s MITI disclosure data before starting the fixed feed-in tariff policy, Japan PV cumulative installed capacity is approximately 5.6GW, roofing (residential) PV system is about 4700MW, the ground station (non-residential) approximately 900MW. As from July 1, 2012 launch feed-in tariff policy, July 1, 2012 to March 2013, Japan PV installed capacity reached 1.67GW, including roof systems ~ 969MW, the ground system is about 704MW. End of April 2013 to March 2014, Japan PV installed capacity reached 7042MW, including roof systems ~ 1307MW, the ground system is about 5735MW.

Japan PV market trends

In Japan during the implementation of feed-in tariff policy, that is, from July 2012, until the end of March 2014, Japan already through accreditation of photovoltaic capacity reached 65.7GW, including roof project has reached 2688MW, project 63038MW. Installation only 8715MW implemented, namely 57GW projects reserve, has great potential for future development.

Japan solar energy Association report released in December 2013, 2014-2030 Japan predict the PV installed capacity market. Report finds that 2030 Japan PV cumulative installed capacity of 102GW. After 2015, the scale more than 1MW of power generation system and the annual import volume of distributed system will tend to decrease. MW installed capacity decreased mainly because of the class system is expected to purchase price will decrease, grid control, reduction of land suitable for the construction of MW-class PV plants and other reasons. 2014 Japan PV installed capacity will reach a peak at ~ 7.8GW, PV installed capacity will gradually decrease thereafter, in 2019 fell to the bottom, and then rising again, but rush is generally flat with the 2014.

Our PV products for Japan exports

2014 1 May for Japan exports reached US $ 2.01 billion, exports of 2.8GW, with the biggest exports for March, to $ 560 million, rose 78%, mainly by the Japan photovoltaic feed-in tariff changes (Japan photovoltaic feed-in tariff adjustment generally about April 1 of each year), while April and May’s exports remained stable, at about $ 360 million.

Photovoltaic products involving exports to Japan was about 200, exports the largest Canadian solar, about 213 million dollars, followed by the ja and Kyocera, were $ 212 million, respectively, and $ 206 million (Kyocera of Japan Kyocera components plant in Tianjin in China). China’s exports to Japan’s top 10 biggest PV manufacturers about 1.387 billion dollars in exports, 69% per cent of total exports to Japan.

According to global main advisory institutions and the Japan JPEA Association of forecast data, 2014 Japan PV market added installed volume about for 8GW around, again according to JPEA each quarter statistics of experience data, Japan PV market in the imports volume and since production proportions about for 1.3:1, and 1 ~ May only China on day export volume on has reached 2.8GW, which projections 1 ~ May put to Japan PV market of PV component has reached 5GW. Therefore expected PV module product export to Japan next volume growth will be slower.

Original title: 35.7% in January-May of our photovoltaic products exports to Japan

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