6 million building-integrated PV project of Hohhot, a quarter into the device

Polaris solar PV net news: the afternoon of June 28, reporters came to the building and garden community interviews in Hohhot. Hasn’t come to the cell door, reporters were built and Greenville area attracted by the vast solar panels installed on the roof. It is understood that the built in Hohhot and solar panels on the roof garden community, there are two uses, in part to generate electricity, in part to provide residents with hot water. Solar contractor in charge of the project told reporters that, in 2011, this community has invested 6 million building 300-kilowatt, building integrated photovoltaic projects, monthly power generation to 30,000 degrees. However, after the completion of the project, the district’s photovoltaic power generation system ever officially running.

In September 2011, and Greenville area PV power generation projects have been testing out two months, due to the storage device is not installed, built and Greenville area output of electricity, in addition to community residents, but all the flea power is introduced into the grid, worth about 20,000 dollars. But community is a one-way list, building and Greenville area was transferred to the electricity grid has been recorded as a positive value, into electricity. Made a two-month electricity, building and garden construction of solar energy has not only failed to get electricity price compensation to remove residents for personal use, they have lost more than 20,000 yuan of tariffs. No way, building and Greenville area PV power generation projects can only stop running.

Now, building and garden community solar power project is not running. The official said, and photovoltaic equipment life span is 25, according to the building and garden community investment standard, 15, is expected to cost recovery, but the table has not changed, so building and garden solar equipment can only be idle. If the electricity price in accordance with national standards, building and Greenville area PV devices monthly losses of more than 30,000 yuan, device to stop not only caused losses, but will also affect the service life of the equipment.

In May 2013, apply for network building and Greenville area. Specified power supply Bureau in Hohhot Hohhot design networks for electric power survey and Design Institute responsible for the district. According to Hohhot city electric power survey and Design Institute of design, build and Greenville area if PV is to network, you need to install low-voltage switchgear, electrical transformers, three-phase energy meter, power detector, backflow protection devices, engineering plus design fees are also subject to 840,000 yuan. “Electricity from the backflow protection devices are installed, we can’t go online, such as low-voltage switchgear, electrical energy measuring device this device is that we take, and are consistent with national standards, no need to re-install, increase the input of more than 800,000 dollars, we can not accept, so has not been able to sign the contract, does not sign the PV into offline. “Building and Greenville area PV power project manager, told reporters.

In September 2013, wulanchabu Mongolian investment completed 130-kilowatt photovoltaic power generation project in primary schools. After the completion of the project to provide primary installation of photovoltaic power generation enterprises in privately without approval for the primary bi-directional meter is installed into the grid electricity generation. Because the primary consumption of small monthly charge is greater than consumption, so the meter number is zero. Therefore there has been no electricity, this year, the power to secretly connected to the grid in wulanchabu city immediately by asking wulanchabu Mongolian primary schools reform, and requirements for installing civilian one-way tables.

“These days, the power for primary schools to install one-way tables, one-way tables are installed, makes power generation has also become a positive, which means that electricity in accordance with the amount to pay. Now all we can do is deactivate photovoltaic power generation. “For Mongolian primary schools to install photovoltaic equipment, wulanchabu city employees, told reporters.

Reporters check out the 2009 to 2013 schedule of BIPV demonstration projects financial assistance fund liquidation found that from 2009 to 2011, subsidy building and has built the total PV installed capacity of 35478.12 kilowatts, 2012 financial subsidies are under construction and have built total PV installed capacity of 115124.62 kilowatts, subsidies amount to hundreds of millions of dollars. 2013 financial subsidy photovoltaic project funding reaches more than 80 million Yuan. Projects already completed, except for a few public building solar power generation using bi-directional table grid electric generation, nearly all other deactivated and approval procedures are always difficult to handle. Interview with reporter learned that, because the approval process difficult and readiness of some business units, public buildings construction of photovoltaic power generation project, decided against the idea.

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