A deep explanation of the notice of promoting the construction of photovoltaic power plant in Henan province (626),

Polaris solar PV net news: recently, the Henan provincial development and Reform Commission issued the notice on promoting the construction of PV plants to 18 prefecture-level city in Henan province, after a reporter read found this article highlights the following several points:

, Construction of photovoltaic power plant in Henan province will not be restricted by indicators of the National Energy Board, the favourable conditions will stimulate development of PV projects in Henan province.

Reporter visited has over PV company, most company think: this policy must degree Shang can upgrade Henan province of construction speed, but all PV General think this policy for to Henan province investment PV project exists all worries, first, National Energy Council only to out has Henan province 750 MW of construction indicators, in national remaining each province to construction PV project scramble indicators very fierce, Henan introduced such a policy for PV industry and PV enterprise is nothing more than is a good. But in practice lead to power without control means that the Henan provincial development and Reform Commission will no longer distribute targeted to individual solar company, Henan provincial electric power company could not promote the assessment of projects and project management. Reporter visited has Henan province power company, as July 15 Henan province power company opportunities no on 2014 of PV project for a system access programme of review, all PV project stop not Qian, detailed asked situation found, Henan Province development modified Board and province power company in project indicators problem produced differences, province power company only admitted national issued of 750 MW of indicators and province NDRC is out paper said not by national indicators of control, both currently in further consultations in the, Neihuang County, by reporter visited a home photovoltaic companies one of the project leaders said that in August of this year if the provincial development and Reform Commission and the provincial electric power company did not coordinate the PV projects throughout the province, many projects will be in vain, the photovoltaic project in Henan province will be difficult to achieve.

Second, in order to accelerate the construction of distributed power generation project in Henan province, the provincial development and reform issued a mandatory requirement, in all cities need to follow when applying for the record and distributed ground station is 2:1 through the building.

For such bundled construction policy, reporters learned that policies in some cities was not possible because some prefecture-level cities do not have sophisticated roof construction of surface plant and no suitable land. Record of the Henan provincial development and Reform Commission Web site reporter detailed statistics of the most favored development of terrestrial photovoltaic power plant, distributed file and building are not so good, however, if in accordance with the ratio of many cities will not be able to follow 2:1 matched for construction. Many construction power plant photovoltaic companies worry that other companies do distributed power station to finish will be a drag on its own power plant construction companies to complete the ground because files that exceed the proportion of the project does not enjoy State subsidies.

Third, the documents make it clear who first grid-connected state indicators, this policy came out in the practical problems encountered in the process because the provincial electric power company does not accept no items within the index range access program assessment. Unable to advance in the actual construction projects.

Four, defined in the file 2013-2014 and make early flagging of projects in priority this year construction plan.

Henan PV-photovoltaic project developed entirely with the Henan provincial policies, some companies in high spirits to incarnate for project development project in Henan province struggled as many solar companies have been waiting and waiting.

Original title: deep explanation of the notice of promoting the construction of photovoltaic power plant in Henan province (626),

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