Analysis on distributed PV market development prospect in Guangdong

Polaris solar PV net news: the resource condition of solar PV development in Guangdong Province

Lack of primary energy resources in Guangdong Province, coal, oil, mainly rely on external or imported. According to the information provided by Guangdong Provincial Bureau of energy, and solar energy resources are abundant in Guangdong Province, annual radiation around 2,200 hours, total annual radiation of 4200-5800 MJ/square metre, the equivalent of a year of radiation’s ability to land in the province reached about 30 billion tons of standard coal.

In accordance with the development priorities of the country layout, main development of distributed PV in Guangdong Province. Guangdong Province, distributed PV focus areas are industrial parks of various types within the factory roof. Resources from the roof, Guangdong Province, there are plenty of available conditions. By the end of 2013, Guangdong Province has various types of workers (AF) nearly 200 industry Park, about 40,000 industrial enterprises above designated size, roof of the new building area of more than 80 million square meters per year in the province. Basis, the province currently construction of photovoltaic power generation installed capacity up to 8 million-kilowatt per cent. At present, the State has approved Guangzhou conghua, Sanshui, Foshan and Shenzhen before the sea three national distributed photovoltaic power generation demonstration area.

Present distributed PV industry in Guangdong Province

Distributed solar power system in Guangdong province for nearly 5 years construction has continued to expand. Back in 2004, Shenzhen has built Asia’s largest installed capacity of 1 MW grid-connected rooftop PV system. Though started earlier, but compared with other provinces, distributed construction of photovoltaic power generation in Guangdong Province higher notability than the other provinces, and enthusiastic atmosphere than other provinces, mainly caused by transmission companies and local media has kept a low profile. OFweek industry research center, by the end of 2013, distributed grid-connected PV cumulative capacity of 300MW, Guangdong Province, 9.7% of the total national market share, and tied for second in Hunan province.

Shenzhen Airport solar power project

In May 2014, the solar theme park started construction in Guangdong Province and the industry community and residential photovoltaic pilot project construction. Future industrial park in Sanshui, Foshan, residential, commercial service facilities, such as affordable housing and Neighborhood Center building, distributed PV facilities build photovoltaic building integration project. Meanwhile, the existing “three old” reconstruction project, building residents own combined with the application of distributed PV II residence, popularize the use of clean energy. Industrial Park, Foshan Sanshui has begun to explore the development of urbanization and the integration of photovoltaic applications model, sought to build the largest solar community in the province.

Policies to promote PV industry development in Guangdong Province

Since the second half of 2013, our country continues to introduce photovoltaic industry policies, has led the domestic PV market picks up, photovoltaic industry, Guangdong Province, is not far behind, under the guidance of State policies, March 5, 2014 introduction the Office of the Guangdong provincial people’s Government of the opinions on promoting the healthy development of the photovoltaic industry (hereinafter referred to as the opinion) to promote the development of PV industry in Guangdong Province. Highlight the opinion, accelerating PV applications. Vigorously carry out large-scale demonstrations, promoting stable load, continuous roof resource transfer of economic and technological development zones, high-tech development zones, industrial parks, logistics parks and other types of construction scale of distributed PV power application and demonstration of the industrial park area, Sanshui, Foshan, will focus on industrial park, Guangzhou conghua Pearl industrial park, Shenzhen qianhai zone of modern service industry in Shenzhen-Hong Kong cooperation in national distributed photovoltaic power generation demonstration project. In addition, Guangdong Province, Guangdong Province, relevant departments are organizing the preparation of the PV power application development “Twelve-Five” plan.

The beginning of 2014, Foshan City, Guangdong Province, Foshan City, issued the Declaration on the promotion of solar power generation business application delivery (hereinafter referred to as the implementation). In the opinion of Foshan plans put forward by the end of 2014 to build photovoltaic power installed capacity of 400 MW in the city, Shunde district completed construction of 90 MW of which calls for tasks, Shunde has now finished ahead of schedule. Gradually implemented distributed policies such as national, provincial and municipal, distributed PV power station, Guangdong Province, will usher in a new round of development.

Analysis on distributed PV market development prospect in Guangdong

Roof of Guangdong Province has a large number of industrial plants have long been inactive, if fully exploited, growth in domestic demand for the development of PV industry in Guangdong Province, brought a new dawn. Enacted by the General Office of the people’s Government of Guangdong Province, Guangdong Province, on the promotion of the healthy development of the photovoltaic industry views on proposed expanding distributed PV applications. Planned by 2015, the province’s total PV installed capacity to meet 1GW,2020 year of 4GW. Pan Research Center Senior Analyst believes that roughly 10/Watt calculated by 2015 photovoltaic market will reach 10 billion yuan in Guangdong Province, in 2020 will reach 40 billion yuan. Under the guidance of State policies, Guangdong photovoltaic market developments at the same time, will also drive the whole of Guangdong economic advance, distributed PV installed capacity market of Guangdong Province are limitless.

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