Aoyu Sun contract crude may join technology leakage-free three card

Polaris solar PV net news: Sun following the last Austrian to join technical services contract after the events and victims to call the small series.

According to Mr Xiao bian Zhang learned that Zhang was meant to join, study finished aoyu Sun products, negotiate properly with each other, but in the absence of any description under the “service contract”, take this description “franchisee” to succeed.

This time, unlike Mr Zhang and Kang Lee of the last, he signed for all of our products. Sunshine artisan small learned that Zhang signed for getting products and enter a technical service contract with Austrian sunshine showing before products are completely different.

Zhang said Austrian commitment expressed verbally by the Sun, is very simple. 2 days for product installation and debugging, I found totally unusable. PV panels is simply ineffective, even leakage of. Convert cabinet only lines, switch, controller. Just a piece of Tin, switches, controllers, agents price 698, 2 by machine switch is bad.

Solar Panel prices drop much, just start talking about price is $ 7 per watt, talks finish, 4 dollars a Watt, the other managers also face easier. Mr Zhang made it clear that he did not spend much words. Mr Zhang also showed that Austrian sunshine to their agents sine wave power inverters for the 1880 Yuan each, well above the market price.

All stamped with the Austrian sunshine four word watermark products without certificates, warranty card, installing and operating instructions. Only certificates, warranty card, installation instructions the inverter is not aoyu sunny name on the product. Asked why is there no three cards, they interpreted as products for DIY, so there is no three cards.

According to Zhang, said Austrian Sun looked at the data, 3000 Watt inverter power, himself a lot of the “franchisee” aoyu Sun customers, everyone thought the 3000 Watt is the power of photovoltaic panels.

“Baidu search for solar power, Austrian Sun is preferred, ads on the site are very attractive, China Central television reported. Spirit of trust to join, but this way is really chilling. “Mr Zhang says.

Original title: Austrian sunshine contract crude may join technology leakage-free three card

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