BYD intends to build solar plant in São Paulo (map)

Polaris solar PV net news: Chinese manufacturer BYD recently selected Brazil Sao Paulo new manufacturing campus, including a solar-panel factory.

Located in Campinas, the new Park is expected to create about 450 jobs, which will include the construction of solar panels and energy storage systems. Is expected to start in 2015, the plant will also manufacture comes with battery electric buses.

Two factories will be built in the same Park, covering an area of 30,000 square meters, and another 20,000 square meters, will have both a solar research and Development Center focused on solar, smart grid and LED.

BYD Chairman Wang chuanfu, founder, said: “our dream is to build solar panels and energy storage system, to help the region achieve its zero-emissions targets. ”

He added: “BYD choice because of its spirit of innovation of the city of Campinas, and its goal of building a cleaner society. ”

Campinas JonasDonizette says BYD “with sustainable urban transport planning, operations in key areas for the future of the city. ”

Due to drought restrictions Brazil’s main source of energy: hydropower, the country faces high electricity prices, solar energy is currently in high demand. Hope this year of two energy auctions to get large-scale solar projects.

Original title: BYD intends building in São Paulo solar factory

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