Cgnpc Delhi 50MW solar thermal power plant started

Polaris solar PV net news: July 1, cgnpc Delhi 50MW trough solar thermal power generation demonstration project in the location of their sites, solar Industrial Park West of delingha, Qinghai province exports held a groundbreaking ceremony, which marked China’s first commercial solar thermal power plant to 50MW formally began. Flat construction approach began construction on the same day, subsequent critical equipment bidding and construction work of the project will be carried out gradually.

Solar-thermal power generation projects and past many lively but ultimately confirmed as a “formality” ceremony is different, cgnpc Delhi opening ceremony of 50MW power station is very low profile, many important people were not invited to the ceremony. But the project is still the first by leveling the leveling construction official entry of commercial solar thermal power station construction, it can be said to be China’s first large-scale commercial solar thermal power plant really began to build.

Cgnpc Delhi 50MW trough solar thermal power stations will be built in the West of delingha, Qinghai province exports planned installed capacity of 100MW, a 50MW, covers an area of 2.46 square kilometers, DNI 1976kWh/square metres on the ground … years. Its design uses 192 ET-3 circuit, aperture area of 620,000 square meters, with 7 hours of dual tanks of molten salt thermal storage system, the annual utilization hours of 4,500 hours, annual output of 225 million, uses a certain amount of natural gas as an auxiliary energy source.

Cgnpc Delhi 50MW trough solar thermal power plants estimates a total investment of 1,938,380,000 yuan, 20% of own capital gold, 47% of US $ 150 million for interest rate not higher than 3% ADB loan and 33% come from commercial bank loans. ADB loan of US $ 150 million this year, a formal agreement has been formally signed on February 14, which also makes it the first official signed a soft loan agreement of solar-thermal power generation projects.

In terms of project cost and cost, 70.46% per cent of the investment projects for equipment procurement, totaled some 1,324,850,000 dollars and 117.73 million Yuan investment in the installation, 6.26%, 202.36 million yuan of construction investment, accounted for more than 10.76%. Estimated annual operation and maintenance costs of 48.07 million Yuan. The largest proportion of the cost of purchasing equipments for collector system, accounted for more than 57%, 11% per cent of heat transfer systems, thermal storage systems accounted for more than 20%, 8% per cent of conventional island systems, other systems accounted for more than 4%. China Guangdong Nuclear solar General Manager Han Qinghao has said the project will most likely use homemade equipment, is expected to achieve a localization rate of 71%.

In terms of economy of power plant technology, the project is expected up to 218.3 million kWh, purchased at 1.35 Yuan per kWh of electricity price calculation, project internal rate of return of capital can be reached 10%. And if the price limit at 1.15 yuan per kWh is expected to require additional subsidies 328.26 million Yuan investment, if the price limit of 1.0 Yuan per kWh is expected to require additional subsidies 582.37 million Yuan investment. 150 million dollars in ADB loans supported by not more than 3%, the project economically feasible point in electricity price limits for 1.25 Yuan, Han Qinghao has previously said the project’s break-even price of 1.25 dollars.

In the case of photo-thermal model pricing is not yet clear, and China Guangdong Nuclear solar energy it attests to its domestic solar thermal power generation industry prospects continue to look good, the model tariff and other relevant supporting policy of confidence. The project’s official start will also to some extent forced formal landing of the demonstration project and demonstration of electricity pricing policy. Solar thermal power generation market in China is expected to usher in a significant turn later this year.

Original title: cgnpc Delhi 50MW solar thermal power plant started

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