China and Crystal in August, Wang and Xu’s second-quarter earnings will be well worth

Polaris solar PV net news: China and Crystal solar wafer plant planned for August to merge monocrystalline solar cells Xu Hong. China and Crystal General Manager Xu Xiulan said, Wang Xu July order full, effect is not subject to us anti-dumping investigation on Taiwan, and will be paid in August of profit recognized, became China’s solar energy business with a small golden rooster.

Xu Xiulan said Wang Xu has not been announced first-half earnings, but can determine the net interest rate in the first half will lead the Taiwan solar cell factory in Crown, for China and Crystal bring considerable profits to pump in the 2nd quarter. China and Crystal make Sun photovoltaic, further 100% Xu Hong stake, both parties enter August 1 merged, became the Crystal plant in Yilan.

Xu Xiulan emphasized that Xu Wang 8 inch main products P-Type single electric solar conversion efficiency exceeds 20%, over 17.6% of polycrystalline and cheaper than N-Type batteries, orders and profits lead the Taiwan battery factory in Crown point.

Original title: China and Crystal in August merged Asahi pool of second-quarter earnings will be well worth

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