China electricity in Japan PV business

Polaris solar PV net news: Japan media, renewable energy giant Chinese solar energy group, China will enter Japan’s large scale photovoltaic power station market. Planned for 2015 in Japan a new photovoltaic power stations, and use high efficiency photovoltaic panels imported from China. Who think that higher power purchase price in the global level of Japan has a great deal of investment value.

Chinese power enterprises, with thermal power generation is the main business of Shanghai electric power in Japan operates the photovoltaic power station. Renewable energy business experienced Han is expected to enter Japan market will promote the market scale expansion of photovoltaic equipment.

Related business by Hina Hina group solar energy Asia (based in Hong Kong). The company will work with Japan enterprises, starting from the year construction of photovoltaic power stations. Then gradually increase the power station, and strive in 2015 with a total of 10,000-kilowatt of capacity. Plans to invest first 3 billion yen, will be followed by further increasing investment.

As China’s renewable energy giants, who not only have the 6 million-kilowatt hydro-electric power capacity in China, also operates wind turbines and photovoltaic power stations. 2013 who have acquired the United States MiaSole thin-film photovoltaic manufacturers, also on new photovoltaic power station in Qinghai province, plans to launch in 14 years.

In Japan the construction of power plants in China will be used in the production of highly efficient thin-film photovoltaic panels, the Panel also will be for sale in the future.

According to the analysis, in 2013, Japan accounted for more than 20% of the global PV market size over renewable power Germany ranks.

In the context of European photovoltaic power generation speed for slow, power purchasing price higher Japan has received more and more attention. Foreign-funded enterprises, Australia’s large investment firms, Macquarie Group and United States General Electric (GE) is also planned in Japan carry out large scale photovoltaic power station business.

Original title: China electricity in Japan PV business

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