China exports United States PV module fully blocked

Polaris solar PV net news: last month after the release of countervailing duties, on July 25, the United States Commerce Department’s photovoltaic products to China early anti-dumping calculations, identified from the Chinese mainland and Taiwan import crystalline silicon photovoltaic product dumping, which imposed the highest anti-dumping tariffs reached 165.04%.

The Commerce Department issued a statement, the US side initially determined crystalline silicon photovoltaic product dumping from China, which in mainland China, the dumping margin is 26.33% to 165.04%, Taiwan products a dumping margin of 27.59% to 44.18%. Based on the preliminary results, the Commerce Department will notify the Customs and border protection authorities collect cash deposit from related products producers and exporters.

After the release of anti-dumping duties, according to estimates, the “double reverse” the lowest tax rate of merger is Trina, 29.3%; Yingli Green energy, solar, hanwha is 47.27%; Suntech is 49.24%; other enterprise without responding to 191%. Coverage includes all of mainland China and Taiwan-made components and cells. If this rate of implementation of the final award, Chinese exports to the United States of PV modules will be blocked.

According to us trade relief procedures, and the Commerce Department anti-dumping final awards will be made in December this year, United States International Trade Commission make final will be in January next year. If they make a positive decision, finds crystalline silicon photovoltaic products imported from China to the United States caused material injury to the domestic industry or threat, United States Customs will levy anti-dumping duties. And this is the United States second on China’s exports to the United States of photovoltaic products for “double reverse” investigation.

In November 2011, the United States of Chinese photovoltaic cell start “double reverse” investigation, and decided in December 2012 29.18% to 254.66% of the anti-dumping duties and countervailing duties, higher rates make it harder for Chinese companies to the United States exports in the domestic photovoltaic products.

China’s Ministry of Commerce official says, the US PV products to China again this year to launch “double reverse” investigation, aimed at comprehensive and strict restrictions on Chinese exports to the United States of crystalline silicon photovoltaic products. China once again urges the US side to abide by the law and rules, objectively and impartially handled investigations into the case, against the abuse of trade remedy measures.

However, the World Trade Organization (WTO) on July 15 in two with the United States in a trade dispute between China and India’s ruling, saying the United States from imposing customs duties on Chinese steel products and solar panels improperly requesting United States Government must abide by the rules of international trade. China will also “double reverse” continued talks with the United States, to redress this conduct harmful to the interests of both sides.

Original title: China PV exports United States fully blocked, the negative impact will not be too big

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