China, the European Union and the United States opened talks to end the solar trade disputes

Polaris solar PV net news: China, the European Union and the United States a few days ago to open negotiations, it could see an end to regional and national government trade tariffs among the 14 strong groups.

The environment Protocol (EnvironmentalGoodsAgreement), covering 54 products, including solar cells and modules. Negotiations will initially focus on tariff elimination.

The Group also includes Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan and Singapore, and Australia and Korea will agree to participate. The Group weeks 2nd Geneva formally announced at a news conference, talks began in earnest on Wednesday.

European Union Trade Commissioner Karel ˙ de &˙ Gucht (KarelDeGucht) said: “over the years, the EU has been at the forefront of protecting the environment and combating climate change. ”

“Trade policy can actively contribute to this initiative is a classic example of the global objective of sustainable development, namely, to promote access to clean energy services, and rapid urbanization. ”

De ˙ Gucht said: “it is equally important for developed and developing countries, we want more WTO (World Trade Organization) members to join our ambitious efforts. “He added that” green trade also means that, for the EU and us in which advanced green technology companies that are world leaders in green jobs and green growth. ”

Participating countries covering most of the photovoltaic industry major trade disputes, India is involved in a high profile dispute the only absentees.

United States Trade Representative Michael ˙ froman (MichaelFroman) said: “the Obama administration is pursuing a trade policy, which reflects our core values, as well as for United States exporters of unlocking new economic opportunities and family–particularly when it is fostering United States manufacturing exports of environmental goods. Through the Elimination of tariffs on technology, we all need to protect our environment, we can make environmental goods cheaper, and more convenient for everyone, to our environmental protection and trade policy objectives to make substantial progress. ”

Sustainable Energy Coalition (SETIAlliance) welcomed news of the talks

General Manager PeterC.Brun SETIAlliance said in an interview: “enabling trade measures are very destructive, typical high tariffs remained on the market for about five years. This is a very violent, means. ”

“(The process) is the logic behind keeping tension in the industry, have increased in many of WTO trade defence and anti-dumping cases and dispute, has reached a high level. This is not what we need. This will make great contribution to reduce tension. ”

Brun said: “the ambition to move fairly quickly to produce results by the end of next year. “Paris UN climate change Summit and the WTO ministerial meetings twice a year in 2015, to provide additional subsidies.

Original title: China, the European Union and the United States opened talks to end the solar trade disputes

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