China Top10 PV inverter suppliers and their product market dynamic inventory

Polaris solar PV net news: as we all know, PV inverter solar power generation system is the most critical component, whose main function is to collect a variable DC voltage input into AC sine wave output without interference, which can be used for the device, and can also be fed back to the power grid, which directly affect the efficiency of PV system performance as a whole. Inverter is an essential core component not only converts the direct current to alternating current, and is one of the determinants of power generating capacity, accounting for power plant with a total investment of 5%-7%.

Therefore, the inverter PV system performance for improved efficiency and reliability, improve service life and reducing cost of the system is essential.

Shanghai Fengxian 10KW, grid-connected PV power station construction from 2003 until now, PV inverter PV industry has gone through ten years. As spare part, inverter industry has been shrouded in the upstream component, under the shining of the polysilicon industry, however, was born ten years Sun supply, TBEA, CSR even Huawei group of Star enterprise. According to open 2013 data shows that Asian PV inverter suppliers expense to European rivals, continued to increase market share, China and Japan from 2011 12% global income, rose to 35% per cent of the inverter and v to occupy three seats before.

Judging from the market, with the domestic PV market wide open, inverter market is also facing stiffer competition, together with photovoltaic industry itself continues to develop and enhance technology inverter manufacturers of technological research and development, production also will have a higher power requirement. In order to “big machine small machine wars” of the PV inverter market occupies a seat, it is best to meet PV industry needs.

The PV inverter market back in 2013, according to the 2014 PV inverter market report said inverter sales last year, China’s rapid growth has seen rapid growth in revenues from $ 400 million in 2012, to $ 800 million, an increase of more than 100%, domestic enterprises occupy the top the list.

Here are inverter supplier, China Top10, as well as its appreciation of the latest developments, products.

NO.1 Sun power (Sungrow)

Description: Sun Power Corporation is a company focused on renewable energy such as solar and wind power product research and development, production, sales and services of national key high-tech enterprise. Main products are solar inverters, wind power converters, power the system, and provides project consulting, design and technical support services. Is China’s biggest maker of PV inverters, a leading wind energy converter manufacturers, as well as new energy sector there are very few master several core technology businesses. In November 2011, Sun power supplies listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, became the renewable power industry, China’s first listed company.

Sun power since its inception in 1997, always take the technical innovation as the power source for enterprise development, focusing on investment in research and development and personnel training. Products have been successfully applied to the Olympic bird’s nest in Beijing, the Shanghai World Expo, Dunhuang 20MW concession photovoltaic power plant, the national “Golden Sun” project, large photovoltaic power plant in Western China, the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway to Shanghai HongQiao station, Inner Mongolia tongliao wind farm project, the national “song Dian DAO Xiang” project, the southern Xinjiang railway, the Qinghai-Tibet Railway and many other major photovoltaic and wind power projects.

Market trends: companies actively exploring international market, products are now available through TÜV, CE, ETL, and Enel-GUIDA, AS4777, CEC, and “Golden Sun” and a number of international certification, have been sold to Italy, and France, and Belgium, and Germany, and Australia, and Canada, and Korea and other countries.

After stabilizing in the inverter market sunshine PV power low profile layout or in non-power generation group will become the largest operator of photovoltaic. Since last year, leaders have quietly this inverter layout more than 2GW of installed capacity of photovoltaic power plant. Sun power for many years ranked first in the PV inverter market in China, up to now, the cumulative application of the company’s products in the global market has exceeded the 8GW.

Product news: May 21, 2014, sunlight power supply power string inverters SG60KTL new releases, the latest 60kW photovoltaic grid-connected inverter, the company says its maximum conversion efficiency of more than 99%, rated output power 60kWp single power, is the world’s most powerful string inverter.

Shanghai, China, on May 21, after publishing the world’s most efficient commercial inverters SG60KTL, Sun power on June 4, Germany Munich IntersolarEurope2014 exhibition, once again issued a series of new string inverter, to global markets to promote the latest residential photovoltaic system solutions. The release of the new range of KTL-S and KTL-D, is designed for household PV market of small power single-phase string inverters, power output 2.5kW to 5kW, include both dual and single MPPT MPPT options can be applied to a variety of residential roofing. The series of maximum conversion efficiency of 98%; the whole machine weighs only 9Kg, but one easy installation handling; inverter comes with WiFi function, even if the family has no network or via smart phones and other mobile terminal with easy data interaction and inverter.

NO.2 TBEA Xinjiang SunOasis (TBEA Sunoasis)

Company profile: tebian electric company limited is the first listed company in transformer industry in China, is China’s largest aluminum foil material base and large solar photovoltaic system integrator. TBEA Xinjiang SunOasis company specializing in solar photovoltaic products and systems integration technologies, relying on independent innovation and the superior resources of Xinjiang, has formed the coal, electric power, polycrystalline silicon, wafers, modules, and systems integration services for the integration of the inverter’s competitive advantage.

TBEA has been founded, a total of more than 3,000 building off-and on-grid PV power station, with a total installed capacity ranks first in the country, only the 2011 total installed capacity of 240MW. When the annual clean energy generation 300 million-kilowatt, the equivalent of 300,000 residents in cities and towns a year’s consumption of electricity, 282,900 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions a year.

Market trends: TBEA 2014 revenues 7.802 billion yuan in the first quarter, an increase of 48.61% to achieve net profit of 437 million Yuan, an increase of 30.69%. Recently learned, 2014 to build photovoltaic power plant capacity will exceed 2 million-kilowatt, Xinjiang, Xinjiang tebian access 300,000-kilowatt quota of domestic companies, are expected to benefit from the power station and the EPC business.

Product news: TBEA new energy in May of this year the eighth International Solar PV Conference (Shanghai) exhibition to launch its first independent research and manufacture of SVG. The SVG model is TSVG-2.0M-3.3kV, tebian electric company is specialized for PV systems the voltage fluctuations and Flash side issues and development, and manufacturing. The device can by dynamically adjusting reactive power size, improves the stability of photovoltaic power plant. Meanwhile, products using the most advanced control system architecture and control strategies to ensure stable and reliable operation of the system.

SVG is the new generation of reactive power compensation devices after SVC. Tebian electric company for frequent load changes such as wind-power generation, iron and steel, railway applications, will follow in 3.3kV-35kV’s ‘ SVG product to meet customer needs.

NO.3 Emerson Network power (Emerson Network Power)

Company: Emerson Network power is Emerson (NYSE stock symbol: EMR) owned business branding, critical infrastructure for data centers, communication networks, medical and industrial facilities to provide protection and optimization. Emerson Network power, precision cooling, AC-DC power supplies and renewable infrastructure management, embedded computing and power, integrated racks and enclosures, power switching and controls, as well as connection to provide customers with a global leader in innovative solutions and professional technical and flexibility. All solutions on a global scale are local Emerson Network power service professionals to fully support.

Product information

PV grid-connected inverter

Emerson SSL series PV inverter uses a modular design concept, intelligent sleep technology, three level inverter technology and advanced dual-DSP digital control scheme using high power density and system integration design. Products with a high efficiency, full-power inverter power output within the range of high quality, wide input voltage range, high reliability and easy maintenance, and many other advantages. Inverters with transformer type and without transformer type configuration, respectively, suitable for medium and high voltage grid-connected systems and low-voltage grid-connected systems.

Prefabricated photovoltaic grid-connected inverter

Emerson SSO series sets of prefabricated Solar Inverter inverter systems, DC power distribution system, ventilation system, monitoring system and auxiliary power systems in one, providing a one-stop solution. Inverter Station fully into account harsh environment requirements, integration of science and engineering, with high environmental adaptability, high integration and high reliability.

NO.4 zhengtai (Chint)

Company profile: chint group is one of China’s private enterprises on behalf of the enterprise, one of the biggest manufacturers of low voltage electrical apparatus in the country, was founded in July 1984, has jurisdiction over 8 Professional, more than 2000 number of domestic sales offices and authorized distributors, and over more than 40 sales offices abroad. Group products covering high and low voltage electrical equipment, power transmission and distribution equipment, instrumentation, industrial automation, building systems and automotive electrical appliances, photovoltaic cells and components industries, products sell well in more than 90 countries and regions in the world.

Market trends: chint inverter resonated in the North American market, domestic astronergy solar help the digestive capacity. During the two sessions this year, Nan cunhui, Chairman of zhengtai Group Corporation revealed that the company’s acquisition of Germany established a components factory owned by renowned solar company Conergy.

According to reports, this acquisition for asset acquisitions, price is less than EUR 6 million. Similar Chinese-made automatic production lines with all the plants and power facilities, investments of around 14 million euros. If it is a Germany-wide automation equipment, price of around 40% would be higher. This component is chint solar manufacturing for global important strategic considerations, mainly for the solar energy market of the European citizens.

Product news: June 30, chint power 500kW and 630kW-power photovoltaic grid-connected inverter through Germany medium voltage grid standard BDEW (TR3/TR4/TR8) certification. BDEW certification testing is Germany Association of energy and water economy in order to guarantee the stability of dispatching and controlling, on big boost on-grid inverters used in PV and the establishment of mandatory certification, which also contains the actual measurement and simulation analysis of test requirements, only fulfill all the conditions to be approved. Entering Germany utility necessary to the certification requirement is known for strict, standard. As of now, only a small number of inverters in the world manufacturers adopted the certification.

NO.5 kstar (KStar)

Company Introduction: Shenzhen Shi da science and technology company limited was established in 1993, is focused on the field of power electronics, products include UPS uninterruptible power supply, data center’s critical infrastructure (UPS, battery, precision power, precision air conditioner, network server racks, computer room power and environment monitoring), solar PV inverter, power inverter of the national torch plan key high-tech enterprise. Is a native of mainland China’s largest UPS research and production enterprise, high quality professional manufacturer of valve-controlled sealed lead-acid battery, key industry-leading data center infrastructure integration solution provider, new strength in the field of new energy power conversion products manufacturers. Covering Asia, Europe, North America, Africa, more than 80 countries and regions. December 7, 2010, the company was successfully listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange (stock code: 002518).

Market dynamic: in October 2010 by national Treasury, and Technology Department, and live built Department, and Energy Council four Department Board Joint Organization of “national gold Sun demonstration engineering and solar photoelectric building application demonstration engineering” tender in the, Crestec in 29 home main inverse variable device bid enterprise in the, to integrated score fourth name of excellent scores, became 8 home bid manufacturers is one of, success made national range pilot engineering of access qualification.

Currently distributed PV development has not yet been mass started, sales for distributed PV inverter, the staff member said, the company has started the layout, will use its own dealers and more than 30 offices across the country to conduct in-depth and careful development.


Company Introduction: CSR group mainly engaged in urban rail transit vehicles and railway rolling stock and related product design and manufacturing, rail transportation equipment industry in our country and industry influence in important industry positions. CSR group 27 enterprises, located in all 10 provinces, municipalities, and end of 2006 amounted to 32.3 billion yuan of assets, employs 90,000 people, and in 2006 achieved sales revenues of 27.1 billion yuan, holding firm China South locomotive company limited, holding CSR Xiangyang traction motors limited and other companies, mainly core assets have been injected into China’s southern railway company limited.

Product news: on July 30, 2013, the CSR Zhuzhou electric locomotive Research Institute Limited (referred to as CSR zelri) new PV inverters developed 500-kilowatt successfully installed grid-connected PV power station in Qinghai plateau. According to reports, the move suggests that PV products has the capability to meet the condition of large photovoltaic power plant complex grid access requirements, have the conditions for mass production.

The grid-connected power generation is done with original 500-kilowatt new 500-kilowatt inverter inverter compared to much lower overall costs, smaller 20%, higher conversion efficiency, longer service life, harmonics, adjustable voltage range, the active and reactive power, power phase-sequence adaptive, night-time key performance indicators such as SVG and reactive power compensation is superior to other products. The indicators fully meet the national grid and Golden Sun-Certified standards, overall performance reached the advanced level of similar foreign products.

CSR Zhuzhou, China has made “Golden Sun”, CE, and other various industry qualifications, has bid more than 19 provinces, more than 50 domestic photovoltaic projects, accumulated over 500 MW of installed capacity.

NO.7 billion new energy (Samil Power)

Company profile: mountain millions of new energy is the leading photovoltaic grid-connected inverter technology the internationalization of high-tech enterprise, specializing in solar energy photovoltaic grid-connected inverter product research and development, production, sales and after-sales service. Company is the world’s leading manufacturer of photovoltaic grid-connected inverter and grid-connected solar systems solutions of suppliers.

Mountain billion branch institutions throughout Beijing, and Suqian, and Wuxi, and Shenzhen, to, currently company has one area over 11000 square meters, accounted for to more than 50 over acres of automation products production base and test center; 2 a accounted for to more than 1000 over square meters, has Dr, and master led of development team composition of products development center, and 4 a oriented national and the global sales of products marketing Center, currently company in national has more than 600 more people, which various technology development personnel more than 200 more people.

Market trends: developments in the second half of this year, the company admitted that, for many PV companies, currently, staying alive is the first, especially for SMEs. Million new energy’s goal is to keep your business profitable. In this regard, the million new energy plan follows industry trends – the main push string inverter product. Thin profit of large inverters, plus payment payment issue, if all the financial costs into account, then business might make money.

Millions of new energy is recruiting a small systems integrator, and plans to recruit about 100. This year, millions of inverter of new energy in the domestic market sales goals and strive to achieve 800MW.

Product news: in April, millions of independent research and development of new energy sources power the machine SolarOcean500KW-315v passed the zero-voltage national grid through the certification, to millions of new energy to actively expand the domestic market, to create the domestic premium brand has laid an important foundation. So far, there have been several large power plant investors have demonstrated a great deal of interest.

NO.8 yihe new Energy Corp, Anhui (Anhui EHE)

Company profile: Yol in Anhui new energy technology company limited is a PV inverter and HV inverter product research and development, manufacturing, sales and service of high-tech enterprises. Company is committed to providing customers with energy-saving solutions and photovoltaic connection systems, PV inverter production scale in China is currently the largest and most complete product line of manufacturer and one of China’s well-known manufacturer of high-voltage frequency. Leading products of the company won the “high-tech product” title, the high voltage inverter to fill the gaps in Anhui Province in the field of high voltage energy-saving products. Companies are innovative pilot enterprise in Anhui Province, post-doctoral research station enterprise in Anhui Province, Anhui Province, “Twelve-Five plan” focused on supporting the industrialization of high-tech enterprises, Jiang Nan industrial zone, wanjiang city zone of billions of new energy and equipment manufacture industrial clusters “key enterprise”.

Yihe international integration using the global resource. Is one of China’s Ministry of education photovoltaic systems engineering research centre, and Hefei University of technology industrial base, hatch is national grid products and production bases, is the photovoltaic technology, CAs test base was Germany TUV Rheinland Group’s strategic partner, and in cooperation with several research institutions and enterprises in Europe and America. PV inverter has passed TUV, AS4777, DK5940, G83, CE and the Rocof, CGC, CQC certification and bulk products sold in Europe, Australia, Asia and other countries and regions.

Market trends: on December 27, 2013, dy and new energy 1MW PV inverter line was named “2012, the industrial sector industrial upgrade model line” and awarded medals. Earlier this year, Yi and new energy sources, such as 20 software enterprises won the “2013-key software enterprise of Anhui Province” title, the finalists this is dy and new energy following the Anhui Province, after the software company’s main income in the first half the top ten award.

Product news: April 2014, the company built 220kW plateau used PV water pumping system succeeds, marking the company’s research and development of high power pump inverter EHE-P355KH achieved initial results, with the market conditions.

NO.9 easy t company limited of Guangdong (Guangdong EAST Power)

Company profile: easy, Guangdong Power Company Limited was founded in 1989, long-term commitment to the UPS power supply, EPS power supply, power supply product research and development, production and sales, is the world’s leading suppliers of integrated power solutions, the company headquarters is located in the famous high-tech industrial park–Guangdong Dongguan Songshan Lake high-tech Park, is the rapid development of the power industry a powerful iconic groups enter the international market. Company holding Shenzhen Eastern power equipment company, Yangzhou East group limited, the power system technology easy, Ltd three subsidiary.

Companies adhere to the “technological innovation, independent research and development” as the concept of enterprise development to make a build a UPS power industry was the first “post-doctoral”, “Guangdong provincial Enterprise Technology Center” and “engineering and technology research and development center of Guangdong Province” and “engineering and technology research and Development Center in Dongguan”.

Market trends: first half of 2014 easy vested in the parent company’s net profit rose 10%-40%. Company releases first half of 2014 announcements, vested in the parent company made a net profit of about 7137.28-90.8381 million Yuan, an increase of 10%-40%. In early June, easy said when it accepted 13 institutions research, photovoltaic business for three years will have greater development in the future, the market capacity is still large, the company will hold the explosive growth of the photovoltaic industry, based on distributed power generation operations as a breakthrough and growth performance, with continued rapid growth.

On July 15, easy-release announcements, lujia town, Kunshan, Jiangsu Province, company and the Government to sign the investment agreement, lujia town, Kunshan, people’s Governments will fit in buying industrial land in the region, mainly in power quality control devices, new energy vehicle charging stations (piles), distributed generation systems and energy storage devices, data center integration of intelligent power supply, micro-grid control systems research and development, manufacturing and sales.

NO.10 Beijing Corona science and technology company limited (Beijing Corona)

Company Introduction: Beijing Corona science and technology company limited was established in 2001, is the accumulation of more than 30 years of scientific research at the Institute of Electrical Engineering Institute based on the formation of specialized high-tech wind turbines, photovoltaic power generation enterprises. At present, the company under the jurisdiction of two subsidiaries-Baoding huanuo Corona Automation Ltd and Tibet new energy development co, is a new force in the energy sector.

Company’s main business areas are divided into wind power and PV products and PV system design integration solution in three directions. Provides solar PV power system, and wind/light complementary power system of design, and installation, and debugging, and maintenance, service; while, development, and production and sales solar PV controller, and inverse variable device, and households with PV, and wind/light complementary power, solar power equipment and wind generator group control system, and wind generator Group Converter, and variable paddle from control system, and SCADA system, wind power control equipment; while can for wind field old unit provides main controlled, and variable paddle, and converter, parts of technical upgrade service.

Photovoltaic capacity–owns the largest concentration of high-voltage photovoltaic grid-connected inverter single dual-axis tracking systems and products. First with the high-voltage grid-connected solar power plant in China–Tibet’s yangbajing 100kWp photovoltaic power plant, first MW-class grid-connected PV power plant in China–Shenzhen garden Expo Park 1MWp on-grid PV power station, the first single largest grid-connected roof-mounted PV plants–three market, Yiwu international trade city, Zhejiang 1.295MWp grid-connected PV power stations are in company’s past performance.

Market trends: January 2014, after heated competition with 23 other bidders, Kono Albert solar technology limited company entered Shanghai in 2014-500KW inverter tenders Corona product sales and create a good start for 2014.

On May 13, as a global power and automation technology leader ABB Senior Vice President, global MortenWierod lead greater China business unit manager Zhang Lihua, Chen Wugao, Sales Director and sales director Li Xiaojun came to visit. In addition to technical aspects, both also on the national policies of the photovoltaic industry, discusses market trends and product trends. As an important strategic partner, ABB and Albert Kono upgrade the shared mission of the quality of products and product applications, will work together to contribute to the new energy industry.

Product news: May 20, 2014, SNEC eighth (2014) International photovoltaic and photovoltaic engineering exhibition and Forum, Kono great carrying power plant photovoltaic grid-connected inverter upgrade version of the flagship product KNGI1000-500HED and a new string type products and PV photovoltaic grid-connected inverter KNGI1000-20/28HEB a one-stop total solution Grand debut.

The KNGI1000-500HED products on the basis of original products has been updated and improved. More compact appearance, the overall weight is reduced by 100KG, making installation easier. Technically, there are three major improvements: 1, promoted from PWM to modulate for use in advanced DPWM, only from this improvement, efficiency of inverter based on the original by 0.4%. 2, dual-CPU host platforms for the first time, able to meet the strictest safety test standards. 3, contactors, sustain capacitor and fan fault detection, always protect the safe operation of the inverter.

This featured string inverter applications have obvious advantages: 1, string inverter network structure is simple, can be dispersed outside the nearest installation, flexible matching inverter according to terrain conditions, to take full advantage of the area, and increase return on investment. 2, simple devices, save investment. 3 inconsistent effects on electricity, reducing component and system-wide capacity is high. 4, no professional engineers, maintenance, equipment, modular, simple installation, and “fool” to maintain, and higher system reliability and years available rate, annual failure rate of less than 0.5%. 5, each inverter can achieve multiple string Intelligent detection, reduce the time of 80%, available for immediate sampling, discover the fault. 6, high protection rating, true IP65 protection and can be used under high temperature and high humidity, cold and dry, dust salt spray and other harsh natural environment.

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