Chinese solar panel energy is higher than the European

Polaris solar PV net news: recently, the United States Northwestern University and Argonne National Laboratory published an article in the journal SolarEnergy pointed out that overall carbon footprint and energy consumption of solar panel manufacturing in China than in Europe.

The study use of life-cycle analysis as a system evaluation method of comparison between Chinese and European solar panel manufacturing industry’s energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, ranging from mining silicon to manufacture solar panels, but did not include the energy costs of solar panels delivered to its final destination.

Assume the use of silicon-based solar panels installed on the sunny southern Europe area, Chinese-made solar panels need to spend 20%~30% to generate enough energy to offset the energy consumed by manufacturing solar panels, and whose carbon footprint is twice times in Europe.

Researchers believe that the biggest problem is that fewer environmental and energy efficiency standards for factories in China, and more than electricity from coal and other non-renewable sources. Although solar panel manufacturing from Europe to China economically may be an attractive option, but from the perspective of life cycle energy consumption and the environment, which in fact sustainability lower.

But with China to strengthen environmental supervision, the gap is expected to narrow. Study also compares the different types of silicon-based solar panel: monocrystalline silicon solar panels to capture solar energy is better than other types, but the energy recovery time is also the longest, because its manufacturing more energy. Polysilicon panels next, followed by silicon solar panels, energy recovery the shortest, but also less effective.

In order to encourage sustainable production, made in different regions are based on differences in carbon footprint and energy efficiency, and present a balanced model of carbon tariffs for international trade in Silicon PV modules.

Original title: Chinese solar panel energy is higher than the European

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