Closer to Taiwan operators duty differential between Chinese solar manufacturers win

Polaris solar PV net news: North American market, future growth is good and for solar manufacturers has been contested. Recent anti-dumping decisions at stake on both sides of the ebb and flow of the solar industry in the North American market, manufacturers achieved a strong position as a follow-up after the decision point. Global market research institutions TrendForce its Green can career at EnergyTrend Research Manager Xu Jiazheng said, due to this anti-dumping tax Taiwan and China of gap is unlikely to, so future China component manufacturers used China business battery proportions will gradually improve, and Taiwan battery manufacturers fear will lost from China of orders, short-term partial empty viewed, as United States industry who in local of products price competitiveness is expected to with of upgrade, and Korea, and Japan, and Malaysia, industry who is expected to sat received fisherman of Lee.

From the tax analysis that this key industry at between 26.33% and 58.87%, combined with previously announced countervailing decisions, a combination of rates falling between 29.3% to 82.38%. Trina mainly based on North American market achieved significant advantages in the tax, the combined tax rate 29.3% is better than the other competitors such as Yingli (47.27%), Suntech (49.24%), ATP (82.38%) and so on. Xu Jiazheng said, 2012 years double anti-judgment determines of related products does not contains in this times judgment within, so China industry who can in two times judgment in the select on itself favourable of conditions for applications, is China industry who can used home battery let products cost down minimum, and used 2012 of double anti-tax for declared, estimates future China component manufacturers used home or China battery of proportions will sharply picked up. While others combined tax rate in 191.93% of Chinese industry, as key markets was not in North America, so the level of taxation is not much influence.

Taiwan manufacturers ceased to be a trade entrepot trade of China’s major relay stations

Xu Jiazheng further stated that in 2012 China-us dual-judgment laid down, Taiwan, another effect of the battery industry to benefit from China’s performance grew, Chinese manufacturers have used this loophole to continue to maintain its low prices in North America, and this fact is likely to be caused by Taiwan businesses in the judgment of the anti-dumping tax rate than expected mainly due. From the cost analysis, plus the anti-dumping duty, Taiwan component costs of imports will rise to US$0.75-0.865/watt and battery costs rose to US$0.445-0.565/watt against United States local components market, efficient products retain only part of the competition.

It is worth mentioning that, in this decision for the United States in a third related products does not have any restrictive condition, Taiwan firms overseas will determine the layout of the key medium-and long-term development. Motech now in Japan and North America production base for China and Crystal have just completed European component layout; eversol and Japan joint venture component plants a head start e-Solar;, along with Yu ready Mexico established components production line, in response to huge business opportunities in the North American market.

This week, the spot market price

Under the influence of slowing demand, the industry has faced pressure on the stock, the market price continues to slide. High efficiency multicrystalline silicon wafer prices have supported but are falling to US$0.952/piece, or 0.1%; standard polysilicon prices fell 0.54% to US$0.928/piece; 0.51% drop in price movements synchronized single crystal silicon wafers, fell to US$1.177/piece. In terms of battery, market transactions are still not active, business inventory pressure, offer relatively more active, Taiwan battery prices continue to decline to US$0.345/watt, or 1.48%; in parts of China, while pressures in domestic and export markets, prices fell 1.18% to US$0.334/watt.

Original title: closer to Taiwan operators duty differential between Chinese solar manufacturers win

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