Complementary new year more than 10 million kilowatts of Yue Kwong, Changshu, Jiangsu

Polaris solar PV net news: Changshu city, Jiangsu Province shajiabang uses of space construction of photovoltaic power stations on the pond, fishing light to concentrate on the economic and environmental benefits.

Motor vehicle into shajiabang modern fishery industrial park, Changshu city core area, unfolded in front of rows of solar panels. And past PV is different, these solar panels is fixed above the pond by tens of thousands of posts.

Sha Jia bang town, Changshu city, according to the environmental protection office director Li introduction, “Yue Kwong mutual complements” innovative “energy generation, can breed on” resource utilization patterns, photovoltaic power generation consumes large quantities of land and built on the pond, is less cultivated land, to preserve the original land use, more suitable for less land, more surface area of Changshu.

Next to the fish pond, the reporter found that there are two “little houses”. “This is inverse variable device and boost transformer, solar Board by 21 block composition a series, each group series access DC Confluence box, DC Confluence box Confluence Hou access inverse variable device of DC side, inverse variable Hou output three-phase Exchange electric, through cable connection to local boost transformer of low voltage side boost sent to control floor switch station, last through 10,000 v conveying line sent to substation. “Li Tenghui solar company staff told reporters.

It is understood that “Yue Kwong mutual complements” Li Tenghui solar company investment in power projects are in construction, with a total investment of 120 million Yuan. Sha Jia bang, this project takes full advantage of natural conditions of special aquatic products breeding breeding base through scientific aquaculture facility structure, reasonable layout of solar modules in the breeding room space, so as to build up into a grid-connected photovoltaic power stations.

Whole plant covers an area of about more than 300 acres, consists of more than more than 41,700 polycrystalline silicon solar panel, total installed capacity up to 9.8 megawatts. “The pond above the PV modules mounted on farming of the fishermen, because farming is some crabs and fishes Franch, coupled with optimized design of PV modules, can reach the fishing light complement each other. , “Li said.

September 2013 “Yue Kwong mutual complements” project a good ecological benefits produced by grid-connected electricity generation. Year 10.4 million kilowatts of photovoltaic power station, electricity prices coupled with new energy subsidies per kilowatt-hour 1.25 dollars. 10 million kWh of electricity generating capacity, the economic benefit is more than 13 million Yuan.

Original title: Changshu, Jiangsu Yue Kwong complementary new year power of more than 10 million

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