Didn’t get the PV is the Ministry a “green card” or due to lack of reporting experience

Polaris solar PV net news: a few days ago, the Ministry on its website announcements, the nation’s second instalment in accordance with the list of the PV manufacturing industry standard conditions of enterprises, Taizhou Zhejiang baoli, new energy successfully selected, Taizhou city, this is the second year, Taizhou since Suo Ri, third selected enterprises in Taizhou city. It is understood that the PV industry obtained through standardized conditions, will become government export tax rebates, credit support, etc …

Taizhou city, Zhejiang baoli new energy for new energy industry backbone enterprises, covering components, batteries, and all sectors of the industry chain. From 2012 to 2013, production has increased by 30%, Zhao Dong, General Manager of the company believes that good corporate growth an important factor may be chosen.

Policy tilt for the shortlist of the enterprise is undoubtedly positive. “The company’s export-oriented Assembly, if you are able to get tax rebate policy support, then the margin will increase, we will have more confidence in expanding investment, product innovation, and so on. “Zhao dongwan said.

It is reported that fails to meet the conditions of the PV manufacturing industry codes PV companies and projects, the product shall not be eligible for export tax rebates, domestic support policy support. The inclusion threshold is relatively high in more than two months, the Ministry for national 74 to be second in line with the PV manufacturing industry enterprises to carry out an expert review of the specification conditions, online publicity and on-site sampling and other work, and eventually a total of 52 enterprises selected, Zhejiang enterprises accounted for 8, elimination rate reached 29.73%. PV manufacturers ‘ production capacity, production, enterprise-scale, production safety, environmental protection facilities, have all become an important factor in assessing.

Zhao Dong thought, the Ministry established the “threshold” is significant for the photovoltaic industry, “photovoltaic industry in previous years through strong Government support, has been characterized by overcapacity. For the industry to be a survival of the fittest, booster size photovoltaic business development, guide small businesses through mergers and reorganizations. Some enterprises will not enjoy political support cannot reach, combined with high cost factors, increased difficulties in production and management of possibilities existed for it have even been forced to close. ”

However, industry sources said, with no access to companies on the list are not necessarily bad, and lack of experience are likely to be declared. In future, the Ministry will also continue to develop industry standard audits, but receives “certification” of the PV industry will be very limited. Municipal Committee through a letter said, will continue to strengthen communication and reporting services and guidance on soliciting more PV enterprises in our city through the audit.

Original title: didn’t get the PV is the Ministry a “green card” or due to lack of reporting experience

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