Distributed and circulated the new draft wilderness ground off greenhouse power price

Polaris solar PV net news: news from multiple sources that, in order to promote the development of distributed PV, a document associated with this notice (the draft) was recently issued to some domestic companies, but the draft is not yet open to the public. Notice the core content is similar to previous rumors: includes distributed projects such as the waste land, fish ponds, and recommended that the Executive of the local benchmark price of photovoltaic power station (the ground station) policy. In addition, the draft also suggested that the hope that financial institutions may grant a distributed project rates, relevant local governments can cooperate with and come up with real solutions.

In distributed projects such as agricultural greenhouse

Reporters know, this draft refer to: part of the waste land and barren hills and agricultural greenhouses, beaches and other areas, building a distributed project, at 35,000 volts and below capacity voltage connected to the grid project (not to exceed 20 megawatts), perform local PV benchmark price policy.

“The fact is that in the country issued the draft at the same time, we have seen our company a copy of the detailed rules for the implementation of the headquarters area. “An photovoltaic company officials told reporters, on the ground, the waste land (and barren hills, greenhouses etc) still in the 6 MW limit, rather than the opinions of 20 megawatts of that figure.

The rule of the Province began may be related to national definitions of distributed PV.

The so-called “distributed”, that is located near the users, installed small energy mainly for personal use and use by the user of renewable energy generation facilities or have a power output of energy cascading utilization system, under the grid voltage levels to the 10,000 volts and below. In addition to on-grid voltage requirements, national grid company for distributed PV power generation projects to provide grid services requirements, a single dot total installed capacity up to 6 MW of PV power generation projects.

“Even implementation of 6 MW size, is good to us. Greenhouses, ponds of these projects were previously classified in the centralized, size is usually less than 2 MW, prior to that it’s hard to grant. Now place policy expanded the scale of such projects to 6 megawatts, include distributed, you can scroll through the approval, likely to be approved was much wider. Moreover, declarations can also be either or. We understand the alternatives, is exactly this type of project is to declare the distributed electricity prices plus subsidies (State and local subsidies) mode, or choose a benchmark price policy of the ground station. Which price is high, we can declare which. “The senior said.

The source also told reporters that more detailed, sheds or areas adjacent to spontaneously use ponds project, then pricing calculations is: spontaneous private Internet plus allowance. According to the company’s estimates, best spontaneous use of subsidies in the country at 1.29 dollars per kilowatt hour. “Therefore, the aforesaid new measures, once implemented, most spontaneous use ponds, greenhouses, will gain the greatest benefit. ”

However, hang Yu Ding Wenlei, Executive Director of solar energy to other understanding of the new policy. He said that waste land and beaches and other such items into the local benchmark pricing policy, can be seen as the Government hopes to expand the definition of distributed projects, and increased revenue for all parties. Like a fish shed, beaches, deserted land areas, spontaneous use of small, basically a ground station, and implementation of surface plant benchmark pricing policies, than the original distributed electric energy price policy with higher returns.

Financial support is difficult to achieve a consensus

In this draft, support back to the banks. The draft proposal, hoping to provide distributed project favorable loan interest rates and extending loan maturities, which are also investors and owners have been calling for. Other comments also suggested that encourages local governments to set up public guarantees for photovoltaic funds to guarantee loans of PV power generation projects in the region, encouraging the use of finance leasing offers leasing services, and can explore the PV industry investments.

However, a number of top PV companies have said, compared to the preceding projects such as fish ponds in the for distributing this content, financial support for policy implementation much more difficult.

Many domestic companies distributed projects, unlikely to be six months or 1 year of operation—output statistics in the Bank, has led banks to trust, Bank loan problems coupled with early solar company accident happens and the Bank’s own risk control factors such as strict, distributed funding virtually no progress so far this year. Apart from Solarfun electronics and other companies wanting to pay for themselves or in combination with grid three production companies outside investment, promoting a distributed project, and other distributed the project’s financing, which is struggling. CDB’s attitude is better than the other banks, but this feature of small amount of distributed projects, but also aroused sufficient interest to CDB.

Original title: distributed and circulated the new draft wilderness ground off greenhouse power price

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