Focusing photovoltaic plant unknown secret

Polaris solar PV net news: this honour to those who fought in the rivers and Lakes of PV’s children pay tribute to, and any similarity to the story, is a coincidence.

In 2010, Lake rumor of a glamorous dragon appeared in the Western region, it was like a beautiful teenage girl, rumors had the privilege to witness its beauty and obtaining the favor of people overnight. Although the prurient interest in the rivers and Lakes on the rumors, but doubtful.

So the old saying goes: “Fu Hu ming, without, however, three blind Tiger”. 2012 BC, this rumor is not only the capital five consortiums and four small Giants to answer, and members of the various rivers and lakes, belief systems are intended to find this beautiful Dragon, or worse still, a bloody slaughter, just to catch a glimpse of the beauty and the richest in the world.

The secret behind the power plant investment boom

Business today Rob Lake is more like a crazy capital, Business Pack hoping to find a winning surprise “Dragon Sword.” Jack Ma, including business tycoons will to “balance treasure” this new weapon shocked the political arena, and what lies behind it is Ma unique precise business model. In other words, the starting point of any industry which found the right business model, thereby dominating the business arena. Business Pack “business model” this Dragon Sword in droves, but few people can comprehend its essence.

Today, photovoltaic power station to emerge a crazy investment spree, it’s hidden behind a commercial secret, that is power-split-listed and cash out.

It is well known that listed prerequisites are to be reflected on the financial statements 3 years ‘ earnings, but investment income without considering the 25-year warranty on power cycle, but most crucial 5-7, this 5-7 policy of subsidies and tax rebates of the gold cycle, as long as there are no force majeure factors, can show within 3 years of a perfect financial statements. In layman’s view, such high quality assets would attract venture capital, securities dealers, insurance, banks and other financial institutions are aggressively sought after and intervention in financial institutions to “pull together” pushed under the stock market, eventually the trader who makes more money a few hand cramps.

However, after the listing, roof rights or caused houses to collapse, tariff issues, capacity and other problems would have been irrelevant to investors.

This is the secret behind the madness and logic.

2014 PV market started slow why

By 2014, the team snapped up shares against the roof, along with accompanying problems financing difficulties, power station construction is to start slowly. So why PV 2014 years starts slowly?

First of all, in 2013, the actual installed capacity of nearly 12GW, which hit 120 billion Fund. Power plant is completed, investment property owners failed to successfully sold an item, it is conceivable that so large a sum of money will be unable to withdrawal, causing investor this year no follow-up funding.

Secondly, when I hydropower station opened to private capital, and private power station was built the first power companies high prices which this mode of indemnification in PV popularization and large-scale applications in many fields, coupled with the support of generous subsidies, bank loans, became in the year 2013 domestic photovoltaic power stations crashing one of the reasons for the rise. However, now there is a “quantity” has changed, as the “highlighted” effect, coupled with efforts to fight corruption vigorously promoting SOEs from private hands to offer PV passion hit, making slow speed of power plant construction.

Private equity joined PV fight wars

PV schools of major rivers and Lakes between the story continues, in 2014, the rivers and Lakes of the Pack after the co-Favorites, in addition to the five clubs and four lesser nobles continued to fight outside, remaining civil political arena had blood drained, cataclysm, which also contributed to the first half of 2014 PV rivers and lakes where calm reason … … However, it’s just a moment of quiet before the storm.

Today, entered the field of PV power plant fight a force to be reckoned with in capital strength–private-equity firms or funds.

First half of 2014, as banks tighten lending, utility investors financing channels are stuck. At this point, can through various channels to obtain low interest loan fund and securities businesses were perfect complements to the vacancy. High-interest lending, short cycle, income protection, plus power stations have long been bullish on the field, this investment is expected to create a demand for funds and industrial entities in perfect resonance.

Understanding power fundamentals behind the logic of the market

Right now, China PV market fundamentals are all promising, both from a policy perspective, or from energy saving and emission reduction, boosting domestic demand and adjusting the energy structure point of view, market fundamentals are so perfect that mass market trends in the development of photovoltaic power generation has been formed.

On the premise of fundamentals are so perfect, how market participants would act?

This we must first understand the market constituted by the who. I am bold to be divided as follows: national development and Reform Commission, utility investors, power plant operators, EPC contractors, suppliers of materials and equipment, local merchants, traders, the Bank/Fund/VC and foreign capital, such as hedge funds.

Therefore, if you want to such as General strategist Zhuge Liang, a prophet, it probably needs to be empathy, for example, how will the national development and Reform Commission of top design? Power station how investors see the market? Power plant operator and EPC contractors to market what opinion? …… Perhaps understanding this market logic behind, you will be able to dominate the photovoltaic hiding is over.

Original title: the overwhelming focus of the PV and Dragon Sabre PV untold secrets

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