Google opens $ 1 million to find a laptop size inverter

Polaris solar PV net news: Google Internet giant and increasingly active in clean technology participants (Google) is a narrow “ordinary” solar inverters to a laptop computer the size of a proposal to provide a $ 1 million reward.

And the Institute of electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), Google is inviting to its “small box” application for challenge, it said, it might be a power supply of “radical change”.

The challenge set up by Google, aimed at narrowing the kW DC-AC inverter specifications – “specifications for a picnic cooler size” – to the small laptop size, about current specification of one-tenth.

Google and the IEEE published a specification document stated that the proposed inverter detailed standards that must be met. Including the conversion efficiency of at least 95%, and the ability to maintain a temperature not exceeding 60 degrees Celsius, so that all portions of the box can touch. In short, the inverter must not be more than 40 cubic inches.

The competition was launched in a blog post, Google said, the challenge will render many design barriers.

The post said: “whoever is successful, will help to change the future of electricity. A smaller inverters can be helpful to create low-cost micro-grids to remote areas of the world. Or allow you to power through your electric car batteries, keep the Lantern. Or promote the progress we never even thought of. ”

First application deadline is July 22, 2015.

Original title: Google opens $ 1 million to find a laptop size inverter

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