Ground domestic photovoltaic power station is newly installed base of support

Polaris solar PV net news: distributed solar PV is a long-term development direction, ground domestic photovoltaic power stations will remain for nearly two years a new institution into an important support. 2013 new installed capacity exceeds 12GW PV, of which more than 90% is a large terrestrial power station, at present, the cumulative grid PV ground-type power plant compared to about 84%. Encourage the taking into account of the power to dissolve national policies pushing for distributed, for the 2014 national PV capacity has developed “6+8” goal of distributed PV installed capacity target 8GW. But given the distributed business model, roofing resources, financing of fees as there are some unresolved issues, we believe that although distributed represents the direction of long-term development of the photovoltaic industry, but in the short term a couple of years to the time dimension, large above-ground power station will continue to be the basis for supporting domestic PV installed capacity growth and new.

Ground power station early very capital intensive nature of return on long term stability. Terrestrial photovoltaic power plant as an asset, features mainly in:, capital intensive, stage of development and construction investment; b, 20-25-year design life, without regard to attenuating circumstances to obtain a stable cash flows and returns. Essentially, PV power plants, hydropower plants, highways, is the same as for garbage power plant, water treatment and other investment projects, once through early intensive capital investment, asset investment operation, future predictable, long-term cash flows and is very stable return, belongs to the class of fixed-income properties, lower risk. But due to the power station has not yet fully met compared with conventional energy power, unit costs were significantly higher than the thermal power, so both the domestic market and in the foreign markets are based on Government subsidies and supports based on cash flow revenue model.

Plant assets structure is simple, involving numerous stakeholders. Ground station hardware structure simple, main by PV Board, and bracket, and cable, constitute, but station from development construction to late shipped dimension is involving Terminal interests related party: including Government (took land, and obtained project approved), and grid company (grid license), and Bank, financial institutions (construction and the operations period loan), and insurance company (station assets insurance), and lawyer firm, and accountants firm, technology assessment regulatory, intermediary institutions (do adjustable, and construction, and operations period service), and supplier (provides component, and bracket,), and Asset management company (outsourcing overseas power plant operation and maintenance).

Recommended technology, hareon, Eicon Technology, it is recommended that concerns China’s wind power. Lee technologies, hareon, Eicon Technology, as the leader of PV power plant developer, is expected to fully benefit from the domestic photovoltaic industry broke out of new installed capacity of high growth. Technology has completed a rights issue hareon issuance programme has been approved by the SFC, for hydropower development in the business of the two companies to provide funding. China wind power through cooperation with the Huadian Corporation, holding of project resources can be effectively realized, enhance the company’s value

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