Han launched solar thin film solar power solutions for movable power station

Polaris solar PV net news: a few days ago, Chinese solar energy Group Limited’s announcement, suggested that the company name from “Chinese solar energy Group Limited (HanergySolarGroupLimited)” is changed to “Chinese films the generation Group Limited (HanergyThinFilmPowerGroupLimited)”.

Hina daimingfang solar Vice President and CEO said the renaming proposed, aimed at further transfer Group specializes in thin film solar power generation industry’s long-term vision, while fully reflect the company’s current and future business development. Companies are actively through research and development to further strengthen the effects of thin-film technology, to be used for a wider range of markets. Company has business progress in the different business market in the future, the company will focus on building integrated photovoltaics (BIPV), household electricity, automotive applications, soft roof four business areas to develop new markets, sustained profitability for the company.

Hina solar business cover film on the power generation industry, downstream of all aspects, including the upper reaches of the thin film solar power generating equipment production technology research and development, component, the entire line programs and films distributed power generation and film products and raw materials. Upstream focus on technology investment and research and development, expanding applications market and raw materials, development and application of both films with high conversion rate of Hina solar power generation technology widely to applications market development model.

Hina CIGS technology is recognized on the market today at the disposal of the most promising generation of thin film technology. Compared with polycrystalline silicon components, the technology has a good light transmittance, flexible, good low light effect, the temperature coefficient is smaller and so on, and light weight compared to traditional component, each component is only 4 kg, folds easy for transportation, so it can be widely used in mobile power plants, automobiles and other products for civilian use, is the leading technologies of the leading solar energy market of the future.

A few days ago, Chinese solar CIGS technology was presented to the media in Hong Kong in the civilian market–one of the representative portfolio of thin film solar power solutions for mobile power station. According to Chinese companies who have the Global Compact solar photovoltaic applications Group CEO Mr Zhou Jiesan introduced, using Chinese thin-film solar power generating technology solutions for mobile power station, more light weight than traditional crystalline silicon solar module, so in the earthquake, temporary power outages, no power supply in the case of outdoor environment, more easily and quickly by solar energy to meet temporary power needs. He was on hand to display a “quick-install power plant” products, all devices are installed in a 20-foot standard containers, easy to install, just half an hour you can install complete, under normal daylight conditions, offers 50-power per day to meet the lighting and other electrical requirements of 200 to 400 people.

In order to grasp the business opportunities and expanding market share, Chinese solar will continue to focus on the development of thin-film solar technology in the civilian market, including research into solar power roof, car battery chargers, backpack charging device and other products. Not long ago, Chinese solar energy has worked with include the FE (electric FIA Formula One World Championship), AMR (Aston Martin racing), numerous top international car contests, such as working with brands, application and promotion of film technology.

Original title: Hina launched solar thin film solar power solutions for movable power station

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