Heraeus: PV silver market “private custom” experts

Polaris solar PV net news: ensure battery or stable condition, select the silver products are cost-effective, attractive for the solar cell maker, while the appearance of Heraeus, in addition to form a line of silver Enterprise competition, have helped to fill the needs of enterprises in this regard.

It is understood that 2011-2014, Heraeus has introduced the pulp product, product performance and 0.15% annual increase, each year will be the conversion efficiency of the battery 0.2%.

Heraeus-photovoltaic business unit Global General Manager Andreas Liebheit told Xinhua in an interview, “said Heraeus has been leading position in the innovation and development of solar cell metallization paste, the company not only develop products faster, the main thing is we are able to tailor the products according to customer needs. ”

In May 2014, 2014, held 20-22nd on SNEC PV power Expo Shanghai, Heraeus-photovoltaic Division showcased two new conventional and front of ultra-shallow doping launching-junction solar cell metallization paste–SOL9620 and SOL9621 series.

According to Andreas Liebheit introduction, SOL9620 series and SOL9621 series battery maker of silicon solar cell efficiency can be raised to the industry-leading level. Confirmed by customers, compared with commercially available best positive paste, using these new sizes of light launch Crystal (90-100 ω/sq) absolute conversion rate increases of 0.05%-0.2%. Ultra-light fired crystal glass, the effect is better, paste can render their best performance. In addition, the SOL9620 series and SOL9621 series sizes can make excellent contact with the light emitter junction silicon wafer. The SOL9620 series are designed for very light emitter junction (ULDE) effect, launching junction doping concentration on the surface below the 1×1020/cm3 shows good contact skills and SOL9621 series on LDE technology can show very good results, it provides the user with a flexible process Windows can reduce the production cost. Both for regular and Super shallow launching-junction solar cell size is based on the different needs of different customers, aimed at upgrading efficiency the battery can provide ongoing support.

It is reported that, since the beginning of 2013 Heraeus acquisition Ferro PV pulp business, Heraeus metallization paste successfully develop groundbreaking technologies to improve the efficiency of crystalline silicon solar cells, while the SOL9620 series and SOL9621 series sizing is based on the innovative technology to develop new products.

On February 6, 2013, Heraeus (Heraeus) and Ferro (Ferro) signed a merger agreement after the agreement is signed, solar cell maker, can be ordered from Heraeus Ferro company Solar pastes, and flow of all relevant core product the production, sale and technical service of all Heraeus was responsible for. Heraeus, through this merger from Ferro resources, including solar cell metal paste, such as intellectual property rights and core talent, after the merger of the Ferro company Solar pastes departments and business will cease to exist.

According to statistics, as at Heraeus acquired Ferro slurry before business, Heraeus electric pulp market share as high as 38%, Fluke 9%, two sides merged to Heraeus shares increased to 47% move aimed at consolidating the Heraeus electro-pulp business leadership and related intellectual property rights, open market share with DuPont 37%.

“In 2013, we acquired Ferro PV pulp Division, which makes us increased research and development capabilities and intellectual property rights. We constantly improve their ability to provide customers with design and application for all kinds of batteries the new metallization pastes. “Andreas Liebheit said. (Editorial Yuan Huizhen)

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