Heraeus sizing localization strategies affect the geometry?

Polaris solar PV net news: SNEC in May the show, Heraeus-photovoltaic division trumpeted its positive metallization pastes will be produced in China, saying such a measure would improve sales, technical support and localization so far back silver paste production. In July, announced that it is putting all its solar cell metallization paste transfer of research and development activities to the United States, aimed at next-generation products to market faster.

Heraeus is expected over the next three years, China will have the world PV installations of 25% and 60% of the solar cell manufacturing, China is a very important market in the global PV market.

Heraeus a global photovoltaic business manager Li Haide Andreas Liebheit says, “for Heraeus, and put the positive paste of localization of production the Heraeus focus more on the Chinese market is an important decision. The decision not only represents our commitment to the Chinese market is huge, but also increase the flexibility of production to meet customer’s special requirements. After we receive your purchase order, delivery time can be significantly shortened to two days. We will also increase our local technicians, provides our partners with a better professional and technical services. ”

In addition to shortening the delivery time and cost also has a certain amount of space, it is only observation can be expected to, but deeper effect of thought-provoking, such as localization of positive conductive paste for Heraeus, the effect on its competitors, the industry.

“Heraeus is a very powerful enterprises, but in the field of solar energy has not yet run into an ideal stage, its market share is not stable enough, despite the rapid growth in recent years, but before the Tiger after a Wolf, his leadership is still not very strong, he needed some breakthroughs. “A senior battery Enterprise evaluation.

Heraeus Shanghai Technical Center

What it means for Heraeus

Taiwan Shuo Wo localization of production in Suzhou, Wujiang has its own factories, not singled out because he is a Chinese Taiwan companies, is made of silver and silver back on behalf of the enterprise. But for Shuo Wo, national reputation, for its technological prowess and business challenges, the key raw material silver supplies were also affected.

There is a materials company Ferro Ferro, also in Suzhou factory to produce slurry but back AG, photovoltaic pastes are now already into their folds by Heraeus, fruition in the Heraeus technology platform.

Localization is essential operations on the development of marketing and sales, if not handled properly, could be driving rapid growth in product sales, and that’s why a lot of foreign companies choose the localization of production. Heraeus is concerned, this may be a breakthrough, but it may also be tested.

Nationalization of domestic rear aluminum paste production of photovoltaic cells have been completely positive silver paste was a blue sea has yet to break through, many materials are eyeing, everyone is wondering how to breakthrough technology, Fortress level in China is obvious.

Case lot of foreign-funded enterprises in China to implement localization of production, but for the existence of secret and technical threshold of positive silver paste, Enterprise determined in local production also requires courage, will undoubtedly uncover the veil mean production, local talent team, there are different degrees of tests of intellectual property.

When asked why China’s domestic production, AndreasLiebheit said: “We hope to have closer contacts and cooperation with the client. Silver paste characteristics based on precious metals, prices as prices fluctuate and change, if we have a shorter trading processes, reduces customer risk, is also a customized according to customer’s demand, we can better meet. While reducing costs, China has raised the import tariffs of paste from 3% to 6.5%, silver prices have also been on the rise, local production can reduce costs. ”

Heraeus-photovoltaic business are paying attention, focused on for crystalline silicon solar cells with conductive paste products. Heraeus in the headquarters is located in Minhang district, Shanghai, China, photovoltaic business unit is an integral part of their company’s total business sector after Heraeus pulp production base in the United States and Singapore. Silver before being localized, localization of production of silver for its back earlier, and started local production in Shanghai in March 2009, as brands only.

For now, its silver of localization of production plants in China is likely to set up in Shanghai, the plans are already in the process, pending government approvals, will begin construction of the factory, according to their plan, starting in July the samples, and mass production by the end of. This is 2013 Heraeus to increase investment to China after Shanghai PV laboratory market, another important action.

Silver paste factory in Shanghai with cost considerations, part of the equipment from Heraeus will transfer production abroad, for them, more is personnel costs. In order to better implement this strategy, Heraeus throughout the PV Unit’s management has made certain adjustments, starting with the AndreasLiebheit will be in China, ride in Shanghai region of China jumps up a stall, in addition, the technicians have increased the localization of construction.

Is silver paste production capacity also devised a plan, according to General Manager of Heraeus-photovoltaic materials Division of China Gao Changlu revealed, initially will not be too big, in the fourth quarter, reaching about 5 tons per month, until next year is expected to increase to 15 tons/month.

What it means for competitors

This action of Heraeus, views held by the industry, have a customer is good, some competitors have questioned, also have counterparts on the sidelines.

“Home is just a pulp process, there is a certain price per kg of space. “A domestic pulp manufacturing enterprise management to express his point of view, he stated that it could evade high taxes, reducing costs, taking into account intellectual property rights, including little.

But according to Heraeus technicians, which involves technological requirements, such as grinding, is a very important process, one of many companies in this process, because they do not know how to control, leading to bad batches stability.

This two years, domestic out many domestic are silver company, common of features is scale is unlikely to has must technology, launched has several are silver products, respectively in each big battery factory shuttle test products, has one or two home production of positive silver pulp in customer of battery line competition in the, effect good, but actual using to must volume level Shi, products of performance appeared has problem, stability cannot reached requirements and some stalled.

Among them, the paste composition is the key, which requires long-term technology accumulation and experience, Heraeus’s involvement, will have a certain impact for this group of companies.

Later will be affected on the other hand are neck and neck, the two rivals, Heraeus photovoltaic business unit technology Vice President Zhang Weiming said: “now, customers are looking for product differentiation, also put forward a different requirement for material suppliers, which requires companies with strong research and development capability to support localization are better able to meet the individual requirements of customers. This time we also added two new positive silver paste, after appropriate optimization for customer production processes, two types of paste can provide excellent performance. Next year we will launch a new product, will also leave the two routes. ”

It is understood that Heraeus SOL9620 series and SOL9621 series, is the latest conventional and front of ultra-shallow doping launching-junction solar cell metallization pastes.

Pulp suppliers need to maintain technical exchanges with the battery manufacturer, also need to be able to offer us battery technology materials solutions that match will gain more market voice, as now more sought after by battery manufacturer in the industry and research direction of PERC battery which Heraeus not only catching, DuPont, Samsung also.

One of Heraeus customers, Li Tenghui in battery production line Executive said, the company temporarily without too much impact but had expected he expected Heraeus action there will be a process of localization, depends on the stability of homemade products.

It is learnt that, in order to promote localization, Heraeus now started setting of a timetable for line battery manufacturer domestic supplies are silver.

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