Hong-Wei: be careful of PV in PX tragedy

Polaris solar PV net news: “a fellow asked me, said he was at meetings, it was suggested that solar energy is a high energy-consuming and highly polluting, throughout the life cycle, has more power than power generation, solar energy work? And at the time no one can answer this question. “When it comes to domestic misunderstanding of PV, Xu Honghua China renewable energy society has for example.

Why polysilicon said pollution?

Comprehensive energy consumption levels drop significantly, almost half imported from abroad

Environmental issues relating to photovoltaic power generation, has always been a point of contention in the industry, leading to this claim is at the base of raw materials polysilicon.

It is said that PV is the zero pollution, zero emissions, but upstream of the photovoltaic industry, polycrystalline silicon manufacturing and production are highly polluting and high energy-consuming. In a Word, because polysilicon production process is not environmentally friendly, and photovoltaic industries are not green industry.

China poly silicon industry development to date, Siemens, the technology has developed to the fourth generation of modified method. Pollution that is targeted to first generation improved Siemens process views, now has been exaggerated.

In addition, with the production of technical innovation, improving the management level of 2013 comprehensive energy consumption of domestic polysilicon level has decreased from 2009 200kwh~300kwh/kg 130kwh~150kwh/kg, restore the electricity consumption decreased from 120kwh/kg to 60kwh/kg, the declines over 50%, carbon footprint has been reduced.

Meanwhile, according to the 2013 annual report of PV solar grade polysilicon industry shows that 2013 1 in November, China’s import of polysilicon amounted to 72,000 tons in 2013 and the domestic polysilicon production was 82,000 tons, China’s solar industry polysilicon used by nearly half of the imports.

If the polysilicon production is really “high-pollution, high-energy-consuming” industry, why would foreign polysilicon manufacturers continue to insist not to let go and have expanded capacity?

Misconception is that because the publicity is not in place

PV PX to avoid embarrassment

In fact, both industry and in the financial sector, introduction of photovoltaic business, 80% ‘s time is spent on explaining misconceptions about PV. Without exception, must go through: denial of negative opinions, development of positive knowledge, describes the process of photovoltaic business, a constant.

PV meetings in China every year, at which the industry excited mob, they moved by myself, but unfortunately rarely lay there, basically in “play their own” State.

Areas to organise such meetings should be more inviting financial, environmental monitoring and other related personnel participation, only they understand, and they will be meaning out of the PV industry are the best publicity.

Shortly before world public opinion survey Center investigate public attitudes on the PX project, describes the PX project has a significant effect on the national economy. Is the PX project of pollution control, market demand is growing, huge economic value, including Singapore so small, attaches great importance to environmental protection, nation in expanding capacity; while local opposition day, Xiamen, Kunming, Ningbo, and repeated, serious public events occur.

Investigations pointed out that for cognitive PX, 24.6% of respondents indicating awareness, 25.8% understand the people and 21.9% is heard, really don’t know, 27.7% do not know. But in reality, the public through means such as walks, protests, the PX project repeated miscarriages.

Thus, due to inadequate publicity and an epidemic of ignorance, photovoltaic industry woes not only brought one, is made must pay attention to the time.

At present, the PV industry in China is not an entirely market-oriented industries, Government support remains indispensable: publicity, publicity; publicity angle, angle adjustment, there are more forms of propaganda to increase the photovoltaic industry, such as PV enterprises regularly publishes corporate social responsibility report, such as competent authorities entrust a third party research institutes regularly issue PV industry blue book.

Meanwhile, with PV and solar utility coming of the era of mass consumption, the best advocacy is to make the public feel the PV bring benefits. Just like Apple’s iPhone and today’s markets, obtained not only by advertising, relying instead on good customer experience and reputation comes from.

Original title: Red Wei: be careful of PV in PX tragedy

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