IHS expects Brazil PV project reserves have reached 6.1GW

Polaris solar PV net news: market research firm IHS predicted, will be held in October 2014 Brazil electricity authority (ANEEL) reserve capacity auctions will become a catalyst for further growth in the photovoltaic market in the country.

PV capacity installed in the ANEEL has yet to announce the auction numbers, but IHS said, which is expected to provide about 500MW, price has a strong competitive advantage, should promote 2018 annual PV installations of 1023MW, installed by 2013 167MW significantly increased.

IHS said its expected 20-year power purchase agreement price ceilings will be set at about 250 reais per megawatt hour (per megawatt hour $ 112).

IHS senior analyst Josephine • solar demand Berg (JosefinBerg), “said bidding will be fierce competition. We expect bid prices will drop to below per megawatt hour to 200 reais (per megawatt hour $ 89.9), in line with earlier Brazil auction bid, Brazil solar can’t compete with wind energy. ”

Brazil project reserves

According to the IHS, it is expected that Brazil PV project reserves have reached 6.1GW, mainly due to new capacity auction scheduled for September 2014. However, as previously the General auction pricing beats PV in wind energy projects.

However, IHS said, citing CPFL, is said to be the largest PV project reserves close to 600MW held by non-government public sector, October auction reserve capacity are expected to involve local public and independent power producers (IPP) to benefit.

International project developers, GDFSuez, Enel, has only 3.5MW and 15MW respectively to win the project.

Rumours also surfaced, Brazil authorities should introduce local production quota as part of a strategy which allows photovoltaic installation to improve, despite the establishment of small photovoltaic module manufacturer in the country of a very limited number.

Original title: IHS improve Brazil PV market expectations

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