Illegal structures? Residents to install PV systems have been property block

Polaris solar PV net news: electricity is too expensive, short supply? Never mind, can make their own power, how can “sell” to the national grid. Last year reported that a resident of seven treasures using photovoltaic power generation, rich examples of electricity sold to the grid. But in recent days, who lives in the town of Pudong Lady reflected to reporters, she bought a photovoltaic device, but when installed, was against the property, saying it was “illegal structures”. It is understood that the photovoltaic system is advocated the promotion of the Government and the power sector in recent years, have embarrassed why the installation? Journalist launched a survey.

Photovoltaic installation stuck

Live stand in West Road, hangtou town, Pudong, “thousand islands OASIS Garden” Lady told reporters that her home is a detached house, electricity expense, to four thousand or five thousand dollars a month on average, a year tariffs of 560,000 yuan. Recently, she purchased a hatco (Shanghai) co a 28-kilowatt PV installation of new energy technologies, the price nearly 300,000 yuan. She prepared her own electricity themselves, when installed property has come forward to block, saying it was illegally built.

Contacted manufacturer Hite (Shanghai) new energy technologies Ltd, the installation staff Joe teacher told reporters, this is a use of solar photovoltaic effect of semiconductor materials, direct conversion of sunlight into radiant energy to electrical energy of a new generation system, energy saving and environmental protection, will not pollute the air and water. With energy to burn, and grid-connected to the national grid. In early July, when they come, first material shipped into the community, after negotiations, material coming out, but then when on the roof again met the property block. At that time, the two families the community had installed a photovoltaic system. “Why did the two families can hold? “” Can not install cannot install. The two families, we are going to sue them. “Scathing about the property management company.

Changing appearance property requests

Contacted property company on the management of the thousand islands OASIS garden, official tour told reporters, the Shanghai residential property management Ordinance expressly prohibits “damaged houses bearing structure and damaged building face.” Regulations, Realty Management Enterprise shall, guidance and oversight of the decoration of residential activities, found to be in breach of the above provisions, should be discouraged to stop, and urge rectification; refuse to correct, shall promptly inform the owners ‘ Committee and reported to the relevant administrative departments in accordance with law.

Property management company for the first time to report back to the local urban management Department. But city is coming back, it is difficult to define what is contrary to ride. This reporter learned that, photovoltaic power is the Government and the power companies have advocated the promotion of, and on play, national development and Reform Commission has issued notification of price leverage to promote healthy development of the photovoltaic industry, and so on.

Women laying 25-kilowatt photovoltaic power generation equipment, roof topography is irregular, is not enough, in the garden, “borrow” one place, ready to put up a shelf, Pu panels, up above. Shelf has put up the frame, covers an area of about 40 square metres, 3 metres high. But, unfortunately, was stopped again!

Regulatory blind spot missing rules

Reporters and administrative law enforcement Bureau for urban administration of Pudong detachment hangtou contacted Squadron, staff indicated that they had two doors. “Such a case had never been encountered before, current regulations of this thing was a blind spot, the lack of rules for the operation. ”

This reporter learned that, installing solar panels on their roofs appressed walls a roof and the demolition of illegal buildings, Shanghai City regulations apply only to disturb public security, public health, urban transport, and cityscape of the demolition of illegal buildings. In addition, also failed to mention that is an offence under other legislation. As to whether the garden occupied scaffolding allows? Urban Management Department believes that villa owners over access to Garden only with no equity and therefore is not allowed to take up.

Currently, wishing her PV installations remains the “half-baked”. She checked with the factory personnel called for: “photovoltaic device commonly used as solar water heaters, and illegal structures are not the same thing. Promotion of environmental protection and energy saving, please give solar power a bit lenient. ”

Original title: photovoltaic installations are “illegal structures”?

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