In 2014, “China’s top 500” top of the PV business inventory (map)

Polaris solar PV net news: on July 14, 2014, Fortune magazine publishes an enterprises in China’s top 500 list. According to the ranking this year, the scale of China’s top 500 threshold reached 82. RMB 300 million, total revenues reached 28.9 trillion yuan, continues to account for more than half of GDP, grew 10.4% compared to last year. Sinopec, PetroChina, China construction won the first three positions, another Mall 36 new companies listed for the first time.

With the “global top 500”, “China top 500” fresh list of enterprises, China once again set off the “top 500” craze. And for photovoltaic industry, this list also highlights full.

In the field of photovoltaic manufacturing, GCL maintains industry first, whole No. 247 locations. And with the relatively warmer in the PV industry, although the 2013 fell out of the top 500 list of Suntech, LDK LDK, renesola, has yet to return the list, but those “leftover” rankings are a little raise. Trina solar is increased by 46, from 2013 No. 406 of 452 soar this year. In addition, several other PV manufacturing enterprise in the field of design, such as Tong Wei, CSR Zhuzhou, Thai companies still maintain good rankings. Words don’t say much, let OFweek network inventory with 2014 photovoltaic solar photovoltaic companies shortlisted for the top 500 Chinese the details now!

No.247 GCL-poly drop 13 Golden Concord (Group) Holdings Limited is a focus on clean energy and new energy for the main business of the specialized energy group, China’s largest non-State-owned green power holding company, the world’s largest maker of photovoltaic materials. Group major business power, PV, renewable energy, natural gas and green living real estate five industrial sectors, a total of 3, including GCL-poly energy Holdings Limited holding stakes in listed companies.

No.247 GCL down 13 places

GCL solar Golden Concord (Group) Holdings Limited was founded in March 2006, is one of the world’s leading supplier of polysilicon, Silicon. In July 2006, the building was the first in Xuzhou GCL solar polycrystalline silicon production base for the production of solar grade silicon, in September 2007 and produced its first batch of polycrystalline silicon. Xuzhou, construction started in August 2007, the second phase of the project, and started commercial production in July 2008. In December 2007, started preparations for the construction of the third phase of polycrystalline silicon production base in Xuzhou. Corporate planning has already begun for polysilicon production base in xilinhot, Inner Mongolia, and to commence in October 2008. GCL solar polycrystalline silicon production base of mature technologies, using a modified Siemens process polysilicon production. Using Siemens technology can reduce the risk of the production process, but the company will also continue to improve technology to lower the cost of production, including the use of chlorine hydride of Silicon tetrachloride (Silicon produced as a by-product in the process of restoring) recycled Silicon used to produce trichlorosilane, and the establishment of facilities for the production of trichlorosilane. Starting from the second part of Xuzhou, the company can produce both solar and electronic grade poly silicon. September 16, 2011 with Taiwan Foxconn technology group jointly established Datong’s new energy industry, Fuji Kang Xiexin group and Datong in Shanxi province to jointly invest 90 billion yuan to build a 300MW photovoltaic power plant, creating vertically integrated photovoltaic power generation project.

In the manufacture of silicon wafers, GCL actively creating stereoscopic wafer business development models through long-term cooperation agreement signed with the equipment suppliers, involved in wafer produced excipient of large-scale production as well as ingots and chips production equipment transformation of innovation so as to enhance the overall competitiveness of PV materials business.

No.345 Yingli up 3

Yingli Green energy holding company limited is a global leader in solar energy company, is also one of the world’s largest vertically integrated photovoltaic manufacturers. Headquartered in Baoding, China, and with more than more than 10 branches and offices throughout the world, covering more than 40 countries around the world, employs over 6,000 people.

Yingli group, founded in 1987, 1999 national “annual output of 3 MW polycrystalline silicon solar panel and application demonstration projects” fills the blank State cannot be commercialized the production of polycrystalline silicon solar cells. In June 2007, in the United States listed on the NYSE. In 2012, the Group module shipments up to 2300 MW, ranking first in the world.

By October 2013, Yingli 1176 total domestic patent applications, patents total: 777. Based on publicly available data shows that Yingli in the number of domestic patent applications and authorization number has surpassed other peer companies, ranked first in the industry.

In terms of branding, Yingli also always meticulous and spare no effort. For example, in late January 2013, Yingli, based on the world’s first solar and China’s first corporate identity, joined the World Wildlife Fund’s “carbon pioneers” project, which is also fighting for the Yingli won a green card in overseas markets.

Most noteworthy is that in 2014, as Brazil World Cup only Chinese sponsors, Yingli Green Energy’s advertising “China’s Yingli, PV household” Chinese characters, such as alternate on the course, was very conspicuous, and shocked the world. Of course, sports marketing, Yingli’s performance contribution should not be underestimated.

No.406 Trina up 46

Trina, Trina solar limited (TSL), is a professional manufacturer engaged in the production of crystalline silicon solar modules. Trina solar mass production of several types of single crystal and polycrystalline PV modules, products ranging in power output from 165W to 230W.

In December 1997, Mr Gao solar PV industry in China with several researchers at the start of Trina solar limited was established. In October 1999, successfully passed ISO9002 certification, and in the same year, Trina solar established its own research and Development Center. In August 2000, Trina solar successfully built China’s first solar architecture, and by virtue of that, the vaulted China PV industry leader. In early 2005, Trina solar to build a components manufacturing plant. Shortly thereafter, in August 2005, Trina begins upstream, to produce the first silicon rods in February 2006, began to manufacture silicon wafers.

In December 2006, Trina solar on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE)-listed, and in June 2007 the successful introduction of capital. January 20, 2009, the company received the Ministry of science and technology documents, and lead in State Key Laboratory of construction enterprises in SkyTeam, and lab named: “State Key Laboratory of photovoltaic technology”. It was first adopted by the Ministry of science and technology in the official documents of the State Key Laboratory of photovoltaic technology development. 2010 Trina solar shipments to 1GW, 6.5% global market share in current year sales of $ 1.86 billion, an increase of 119.8%, stable and become one of the top ten shipments.

April 2014, Trina declared that its monocrystalline silicon PV modules (60 tablets 156mmx156mm monocrystalline cells) power output of p-type single crystal silicon components are created new world records. The results via a third party TUVRheiland (Rhine) certification body test, peak output power as high as 326.3 w, shows that efficient mass-production PERC monocrystalline silicon components reach the world advanced level. The Trina solar research and development of HoneyUltra Silicon high performance components, owns full independent intellectual property rights. As a new HoneyUltra component products, integrates a number of independent research and development of advanced battery back passivation for low resistance, anti-reflection technology of components, and component technology.

No.432 Artes up 23

CSI solar (CanadianSolarInc.), is a Canada PV companies registered. Company aims to convert solar energy into electricity, photovoltaic product development, manufacturing, sales and after-sales service. Since 2001, CSI solar has set up three wholly-owned enterprises in China: CSI solar PV electronic (Changshu) limited, CSI solar PV technology (Suzhou) limited, CSI solar photovoltaic (Suzhou) co., Ltd. CSI solar manufacturing clients worldwide have been widely used in residential, commercial, industrial and other applications of PV products and application of solar power products, and also to the company’s professional brand for the automotive industry, the communications industry niche markets such as solar photovoltaic products to provide solutions, CSI solar OEM processing as the world’s leading manufacturers of solar photovoltaic. CSI solar Solar AG (CanadianSolarInc.) on November 9, 2006 in the United States NASDAQ market.

Artes not only has the first through CNAS approval of enterprise PV lab – solar PV module test center, as well as solar cells at the provincial level engineering technology research center was established. 2011 launch of ELPS efficient solar cells, monocrystalline solar cell conversion efficiency to 19.8% (polycrystalline solar cell 19%); r CommercialAC component design, was the world’s first commercial three-phase AC system components.

No.301 BYD

Company is mainly engaged in the secondary rechargeable batteries, mobile phone parts and assembly operations, as well as a traditional fuel vehicles and new energy vehicles, motor vehicle business, while leveraging its own technological advantages and actively develop new products in the fields of energy-related business. BYD is one of the world’s leading secondary rechargeable battery manufacturers, major clients including Nokia, Samsung, Motorola, Huawei, ZTE and other mobile phone leader, such as Bosch, TTI global, power tools and other portable electronic equipment manufacturers.

BYD issued “430” BYD has double glass component is the world’s most competitive suppliers of mobile phone parts and assembly operations, one of the major clients including Nokia, Samsung, Motorola, Huawei, ZTE and other mobile phone leader. Vertical integration can provide customers with one-stop services, designs and manufactures casing, keyboard, flexible circuit boards, LCD module, camera, charger, cell phone parts, and provides design and Assembly services, but does not produce its own brand of mobile phones. BYD in 2003 through the acquisition of the former XI ‘ an in qinchuan automobile limited liability company engaged in automobile business is the sales ranking of the top ten fastest-growing manufacturer in the car manufacturers, in China’s auto industry association released its 2010 car manufacturers sales ranked 6th in the rankings, and non-joint-venture car manufacturing enterprises among the 1th.

With the warming of PV industry, BYD 2013 earnings losses have narrowed. Riding the East wind of the World Cup, also renewed confidence in BYD in PV.

BYD issued “430” double glass components

No.315 Tong Wei

Tongwei group is double on agriculture, new energy industry, and in the chemical industry, food, construction and real estate industry in the rapid development of large private science and technology enterprise, national key leading enterprises of agricultural industrialization. Group now has throughout country and the Southeast Asia area of more than 110 over points, and subsidiary, employees over 20,000 people, which pass Granville shares listed company years feed capacity near 9 million tons, is global maximum of aquatic feed production enterprise and the main of animal feed production enterprise, Department Sichuan first annual sales income had tens of billions of dollars of agricultural listed company, is China agricultural, and forest, and Shepherd, and fishing plate sales scale maximum of agricultural listed company is one of, aquatic feed national market share has reached 25%, For 22 consecutive years ranked first in the country.

Adhering to the steady and rapid development pace, tongwei group sales revenue of 46.1 billion yuan in 2013. Currently, pass Granville are adhering to “to life more better” of enterprise vision and “pursuit excellence, dedication social” of enterprise purposes, pass Granville are firm development agricultural main, and to feed industrial for core, full extends and perfect aquatic and the animal industry chain, build set varieties improved, and development, and farming technology research and promotion, and food processing, and sales, and brand build and service for one of world level health security food supplier. Meanwhile, is accelerating the layout and development of new energy industries, the polysilicon industry as the core, actively expand and improve from polycrystalline silicon, monocrystalline silicon, silicon chip production to solar module, solar PV and solar thermal integration in product development, popularization and application of a complete industrial chain, is committed to creating a world-class solar PV manufacturers and clean energy companies in the world. Because of this, future 3-5, tongwei group sales will reach 600.1 trillion yuan.

No.373 zhengtai electrical appliance

Zhejiang zhengtai electric appliance company limited was founded in August 1997, is a core holding company chint group, is also low voltage electrical industry production and sales volume of China’s largest enterprises. Companies specializing in power distribution electrical apparatus and power control apparatus, terminal apparatus, electric and power electronics more than more than 100 series, more than 10,000 kinds of specifications, such as research and development, production and sale of low-voltage electrical products. Company was awarded the national quality management award, the first quality award, the first mayor of Wenzhou City of Zhejiang Provincial Government quality award and was successfully listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange on January 21, 2010, becoming China’s first a-share listed companies in low voltage electrical industry.

Companies always adhere to independent innovation, research and development of a series of proprietary intellectual property rights, reached the international advanced level of low-voltage electrical products. Has undertaken a national “85”, “95” and “ten five” and other key scientific and technological projects, holds hundreds of patents at home and abroad. So far the company has developed more than more than more than 100 series, more than 200 radical Thai intellectual property products, three series of intelligent air circuit breaker – communications, electronic overload relays, modular intelligent moulded case circuit breaker included in the national torch plan project of the Department of science and technology. Company’s products are sold worldwide in more than 90 countries and regions, and for electricity, power, petrochemical, manufacturing, real estate, construction and other industries provide users with an efficient and convenient electrical products and technical services. Companies on national counterparts in the lead through the ISO9001 quality management system certification, ISO14001 environmental management system certification, OHSAS18001 occupational health and safety management system certification, and adopted International Electrotechnical Institute (IEC) CB and the United States UL, and Finland FL, and Belgium CEBEC and the Netherlands KEMA and the Germany VDE certification.

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