Individual photovoltaic power generation per kilowatt-hour in Shanghai will receive a subsidy of 0.82 Yuan 7 years cost recovery

Polaris solar PV net news: in our own private photovoltaic roof built power plants in Shanghai surnamed Chen was informed that a long overdue good news: Shanghai PV subsidy policy was finally released, photovoltaic power generation per kilowatt-hour benefits 0.4 Yuan.

This heralds a future State subsidies and local subsidies add up can receive 0.82 Yuan per kilowatt subsidy receipts, photovoltaic power plants cost recovery period will be shortened from the original forecast of 10 years to 7 years.

“Shanghai local PV subsidy policy ground, let us individual photovoltaic power users to see hope, true environmental and economic benefits of the ‘ bumper ‘. “Chen said with satisfaction.

According to the new edition of the Shanghai special funds to support renewable energy and new energy development policy (hereinafter measures), photovoltaic and wind turbine two kinds of new energy projects will receive a 5-year award under the electricity. Distributed PV of “kilowatt subsidy” amount is 0.25 Yuan/kWh for industrial and commercial users, individual users 0.4 Yuan/kWh.

The cost recovery period reduced to 7 years

This reporter learned that, in Shanghai where PV subsidy policy, before the publication of users who have installed private photovoltaic can income derived from electricity sales revenue and State subsidies, were 0.39 Yuan and 0.42 Yuan/degree/degree.

Back in 2006, Shanghai University of electric power Zhao Chunjiang, a retired teacher in his more than 30 square meters of 22 pieces of polycrystalline silicon photovoltaic panels installed on the roof, installed capacity of 3000 Watts, which can produce 3000 degrees per year. Zhao Chunjiang told reporters that he had installed a private photovoltaic power generation, is purely for scientific research needs, when States do not have the relevant subsidy, excess electricity can only waste, very unfortunately. In 2012, after you install a bi-directional meter in the electricity sector, excess electricity can be sold to the State of your hair, excess has been “useful”.

Said Zhao Chunjiang, sells electric heating subsidies last year probably took about 2000 RMB in total. According to the new local subsidies in Shanghai, Zhao Chunjiang gave reporters an account: at an annual capacity of 3000 calculation, State subsidies and local subsidies add up 0.82 Yuan per kilowatt-hour available subsidies, a time allowance will get close to 2500 dollars.

“3,000 families a year under normal conditions is used up, and generally spend about 1000 degrees, the remaining 2000 at 0.39 Yuan per unit price to sell to the national grid can yield 780 Yuan, which added up to an annual total of around 3200 Yuan, and achieve self-sufficiency in their own electricity, saving electricity. “Zhao Chunjiang said, if we go at the initial stage invested cost 30,000 yuan terms, cost can be recovered in about 7 years, 10 years shorter than the original a lot. In General, the life of photovoltaic panels in the 25 years or so, remove the maintenance cost of the photovoltaic panels, can recoup their investment and then “wait for earnings.”

Install private photovoltaic power generation will be more road clearance

Reporters learned from the South company, Shanghai Electric, South company, currently within the number of users who have installed private photovoltaic power station is 23. In accordance with the relevant provisions of Shanghai citizens to apply for a personal PV can take ownership and material such as confirmation of community of owners ‘ committees agree to install power outlets you can fill in the application form of company, hopefully, the entire process takes about 1 month.

“To make people feel the most important of which is the Committee on residential property owners agreed to install confirmation, for photovoltaic panels can only be installed on the roof, most of the roofs of the houses are common, so to obtain the consent of owners ‘ Committee. Then, for example whether there is enough space to install the roof, if the user across a building higher than this building, photovoltaic panels under the Sun will shine, have the potential to cause residents across from light pollution. “South electric power company officials, told reporters.

In addition to external environment allows in addition to also have knowledge in this regard to the user’s requirements. “The electricity company responsible for the grid, while upfront purchase of photovoltaic panels, installation and other users to resolve, which is technology-oriented products, most users who are using private photovoltaic power generation is now an industry. “South electric power, company officials said.

It is learnt that, in order to facilitate members of the public try to photovoltaic power generation, South company, specifically for PV customers opened a special “green channel”, a special reception, hand inspection and special settlement services, and phone reference platform.

Policy active photovoltaic market

Recently one on the PV industry forum in Shanghai, Shanghai new energy industry Association Chairman Zhu Yuanhao said with the PV subsidy policy “the East wind blows” over the past several years to feel oppressed, the solar industry is ushering in the warm spring.

Zhu Yuanhao said the “East wind”, referring to the recent promulgation of a series of policies. Core is a national of one of the most spontaneous use of rooftop PV will be provided per kilowatt-hour 0.42 Yuan in subsidies and, in principle, to last for 20 years.

For the past two years, the country launched nearly 30 PV industry support policies. The biggest change was the “installed capacity subsidies” to “electricity subsidies”, at the same time, domestic PV market development emphasis from “large ground power station” to “roof distributed power plants.”

Earlier this year, according to the National Energy Board issued annual new construction plans for photovoltaic power generation, in 2014, the Shanghai newly 200,000-kilowatt of distributed solar power projects. Zhu Yuanhao said that this year, Shanghai’s new rooftop PV installed capacity to 200 megawatts of completed tasks, the figure exceeded the previous full solar power generation capacity and to promote PV industry is unprecedented.

According to preliminary estimates, Shanghai currently has about 200 million square meters of roof resources by 2020, if the 10% roof power stations have been built in existing buildings, combined with new buildings, rooftop photovoltaic, Shanghai’s total installed capacity will reach 3 million-kilowatt, attract investment of 30 billion yuan.

The first photovoltaic plant design software online

With Shanghai’s PV industry entered a phase of rapid development, China’s first photovoltaic plant design software–PV Po has also formally launched in Shanghai. This particular subsection from Amoy, Shanghai branch network technologies research and development software, can help members of the public in private before the photovoltaic power station installation estimated configuration required to install grid-connected PV systems and equipment, as well as the estimation of annual maximum capacity in their area, intends to install a private photovoltaic power stations provide public assistance.

According to reports, the photovoltaic treasure family designed to help home users without any experience calculating its roof-mounted photovoltaic systems, key equipment selection and estimated future earnings to match. In addition, also has distributed power station design, ground station module applications such as design, return on investment calculations.

It is learnt that the PV treasure on the line, will significantly reduce communication costs and design costs, indirect aim to reduce system cost.

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