Japan cancels some solar power plant certification to speed up industry outsourcing investment partners

Polaris solar PV net news: Japan Sankei province on June 17 announced the cancellation of 144 total 290MW plant equipment certification, and another 288 pieces 1950MW certified in case an extension until the end of August, once the related certification procedures could not be completed within the time limit, which will cancel the unit authentication. New energy business unit owned by global market research firm TrendForce EnergyTrend Research Manager Xu Jiazheng said, under the pressure of these administrative procedures, recent Japan market heat outward looking for investment partners there is an accelerating trend.

Recent Japan power plant investors actively search out partners or selling related certification primarily because some Japan power plant owners do not have sufficient financial resources to meet the deadline to complete the relevant administrative procedures. Xu Jiazheng pointed out that fixed-price systems certification currently for sale (FIT) more JPY36/kWh and control other markets, Japan power plant rate of return remained at a relatively high, coupled with relatively stable political and economic environment, making Japan solar energy power plant market has become the world’s leading investment attracted by China, Taiwan and Europe and the entrance of institutional investors.

Meanwhile, though the Japan marketing return on investment is better, but in practice there are many details to note, one of the most common problems is the actual grant amount does not match the amount of investment appraisal. According to Japan’s Sankei province, solar power plant outside investor, apart from the need to obtain government certification, and execution of a power with the power companies contracts of sale order to complete electricity purchase agreement (PPA) processes, and the ultimate FIT when the price is above the contract price may be. Because of some investors ignore this reconfirmation, remuneration rate does not match the expected situation and investment disputes.

This week, the spot market

Under the influence of slowing demand, the industry has faced pressure on the stock, customer-specific price continues to slide, polycrystalline silicon chip prices falling 0.41% to US$0.976/piece and silicon chip prices fell 0.17% to US$1.192/piece; the battery is limited by United States countervailing circumstances unknown, along with European demand has not been obviously appeared and the market transaction is not active, the price came to US$0.361/watt, or 0.28% and finally in terms of components And China’s second-tier operators offer again, further loosening in the overall trend, prices this week came to the US$0.582/watt, or 1.02%.

Original title: Japan cancels some solar power plant certification to speed up industry outsourcing investment partners

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