Jiayuguan city, the PV industry survey: reinvented “the path of the Sun”

Polaris solar PV net news: Jiayuguan, a city, city, municipal, for iron and steel enterprises. Under the influence of the international economic environment, the steel market continues to worsen. Jiuquan steel’s sustainable? Jiuquan steel transformation? The JIU steel group and Jiayuguan city, municipal government, are faced with a depth test. Support to Jiuquan steel product generation at the same time, develop a diversified industry. Gobi stopped Sun without shelter as the steel city big source of advantage. From then on, the PV industry become another Jiayuguan steel industry outside of “sunshine.”

Resource industries

Photovoltaic power generation is the most mature renewable energy technologies, and security of an industry, photovoltaic industry is also supported by cutting-edge technology industries, broad prospects for development. Some people said it was a “sunshine.” Gobi without shelter blocking the Sun is a huge advantage of resources, more suitable than the development of photovoltaic industry. Jiayuguan Municipal Government to fully grasp this advantage, nurtured PV industry as a preferred industry.

Jiayuguan city, Gansu province, is one of the most abundant solar energy resources, solar resource distribution of the genus kind of area, long hours of sunshine and high transparency of the atmosphere and sunny. Hours of annual sunshine total of 3,316 hours, average solar radiation is 6129 MJ/m², abundant solar energy photovoltaic industry provides excellent conditions for Jiayuguan city development.

“Guarded Jiuquan steel’s day can have, but if you rely solely on Jiuquan steel, one day we risk falling into the provincial final. Must be in support of Jiuquan steel’s development at the same time, a broader perspective of their own advantages, to foster new industrial clusters. “Media interview from Jiayuguan City Committee Secretary Zheng Yajun said with deep feeling.

Jiayuguan Municipal Government to fully grasp this advantage, nurtured PV industry as a preferred industry. Region is a desert wasteland, open terrain, flat terrain, land-rich, has the basic strengths of the construction of large-scale photovoltaic power generation base. West, please hang the Jiayuguan pass city along the North Bank, planning with a total area of about 162 square kilometers and build photovoltaic industrial park in the West. Which can be developed in about 120 square kilometers. While taking a proactive, staring with the city higher correlation of large enterprises and groups, highlight the investment by business, campus, investment promotion, industrial chains, large investment projects. At present, represented by Li Tenghui, 12 companies have settled, early photoelectric projects completed, approved and under construction total over 1000 MW of installed capacity.

Jiayuguan City Board Deputy Secretary, and Mayor Liu Peng accept reporter interview Shi said, Jiayuguan city around build “metallurgical-cycle economic-equipment manufacturing” and “PV power-electrolytic aluminum-aluminum products processing” two article qianyiji industry chain, construction Ka East equipment manufacturing, and Ka North cycle economic, and Ka West PV industry, and wine steel district aluminum industry 4 a tens of billions of dollars Yuan Park, vigorously implementation advantage led industry extends, and strategy industries incremental, and industrial park expansion upgrade “three big action”, promoting industrial economic transformation across development.

Forcing mechanisms to promote industrial

“Jiayuguan city, development of new energy production, especially after the development of photovoltaic industry is a former model, there are others yapping. How to make businesses come, stay, in addition to our sincere desire, then leave no stone unturned to businesses are thinking, enterprise solutions, and business needs is our top priority, to do the city good service. “Jiayuguan city, Deputy Secretary, Mayor Liu Peng and photovoltaic power generation business when you talk honestly.

For ensure Park project according to progress requirements quality and quantity of fast landing implementation, we on has made “flagging” of enterprise, pour row time node, timely supervision, on rectification Hou still cannot starts of project, timely on “flagging” for adjustment, pour forced Enterprise accelerated construction progress; on has included plans within PV power project, simplified program, first built Hou batch, and side built variable batch, pour forced project approval progress. PV industry fast development powerfully propelled the development of new energy equipment manufacturing, jisco group heavy industries in the West, Shen energy equipment manufacturing company and a number of projects completed and put into production new energy equipment manufacturing industry backbone enterprises, already have made in wind turbine towers bracket spindle, rotor, stator bracket and photovoltaic power generation, such as wind power and solar power equipment production capacity.

In order to do service work, Jiayuguan city has set up the PV industry leadership and working groups coordinate the PV industry development, formulate related policies and measures, and coordinate the PV industry development planning for industry planning and citywide are connected, promote the healthy development of the industry.

While actively striving for national PV power station construction, Gansu province and corresponding preferential policies and incentives. Formulated with regard to policies and measures to accelerate the development of photovoltaic industry, PV projects in the implementation of one-stop service, imposed on major project “super special, one thing one debate”. New PV industry projects land, water, electricity, gas and other preferential policies. In accordance with existing national provisions implementing tax policies. Beijing guoneng, Deputy General Manager of wind-energy technology development Mr du said, Jiayuguan City policy relaxed environment, we chose to develop here, decision making is quite correct.

Eliminate driving industry

In 2014, the PV industry in Gansu began a large-scale construction of wind power a different development path, and focus more on in-place to dissolve, to ease the new energy grid transmission problems.

Electricity, needed to dissolve, Jiayuguan foster PV industry on the one hand, on the other hand aiming high energy industry. Jiayuguan city is a heavy industrial city, load the industrial, dominated by Nonferrous Smelting and other high energy industry prominence. In recent years, the Jiayu pass strategy as an opportunity to promote strong industrial city, take the initiative to undertake the transfer of advanced technology of modern high energy industry, active layout development of modern high energy and recycling economy.

Jiayuguan city in attracting tutorial, first to enter wide Silver Aluminum, phase is the Jiayuguan abundant power resources, both sides communicate fully, investigated on the basis of consensus, came here from Guangxi. With Dongxing and wide silver cable company in the same chain, also for the same reasons chose to Jiayuguan. It is understood that the cable company headquartered in Beijing, the French Jiayuguan, eyes to the domestic market for the first time. At present, the Groove in the world’s largest, single family maximum, current intensity and the maximum production capacity of 900,000 tons of special aluminum alloy production line powered operation. The landing of these projects, is also favored because PV provides sufficient energy.

With wine steel company 2×45 million tons electrolytic aluminum, and macro electric 1 million tons Ferroalloy, big friends company 250,000 tons Ferroalloy, wide silver aluminum industry 1 million tons aluminum material processing, Beijing cable pass 1.5 million tons pre culture anode project, a high contains can project built voted shipped, city power consumption yearly increased, 2013 society electricity volume 15.6 billion-kilowatt Shi, peeling off can enterprise electricity volume accounted for to 80% above, annual growth up 30%, ranked province third.

Is expected to future 3-5 years, with wine steel (Group) company electrolytic aluminum industry and the Industrial Park High contains can project, and cycle economic project implementation, Jiayuguan city undertake East transfer industry and merchants introduction funding efforts of constantly increased, regional within added load and the power needs growth quickly, is expected to society electricity volume annually will increased 305 billion kWh, will for new energy local elimination na created conditions, will promoting new energy local elimination na and resources depth conversion combines, PV industry and peeling off can industry synchronization development.

Original title: Jiayuguan photovoltaic industry survey: reinvented “the path of the Sun”

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