June polysilicon processing trade imports surge to avoid “double reverse” overwhelmingly dominant

Polaris solar PV net news: in June for processing trade imported polysilicon remain absolutely dominates, still account for as much as 80.1%! June by processing trade way imports polysilicon than May imports total even high out 10.3%, which from United States imports polysilicon 1936 tons, chain growth 64.8%, removed is not “double anti-” range within of 150 tons semiconductor with polysilicon through general trade way imports outside, other 1786 tons all through processing trade way avoid “double anti-” tax, eventually led June single months total imports volume surge to 9566 tons, chain sharply increased 37.7%.

According to the latest customs statistics show: June 2014 9566 tons polysilicon imports, sharply increased 37.7% per cent, a record monthly imports record over the years. 7662 tons of polysilicon by way of processing trade imports, in the proportion of total imports in June alone reached 80.1%! Still over 80% of polycrystalline silicon is by way of processing trade imports and monthly through the processing trade imports total imports in May compared with poly silicon 10.3% more volume. While South Korea and Europe polysilicon through Taiwan by way of processing trade entrepot 736 tons entering the domestic polysilicon, 7.7% per cent of total imports. Processing trade and transit of Taiwan has become avoiding a “double reverse” two major ways to tax, this trade-off, take turns driving up imports of polysilicon.

1 – June imported 45932 tons, an increase of 17.4%. Through processing trade imports 34068 tons, accounting for 74.2% of the total aggregate import. By Taiwan imports of entrepot trade of 4765 tons, 10.4% per cent of total imports. Import prices: June monthly imports averaged 22.26 dollars/kg, slipped slightly to 0.49% per cent, import price of US $ 21.78 per kg in the first half, up 18.5%.

Original title: June polysilicon sharp surge in imports for processing trade to avoid “double reverse” overwhelmingly dominant

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