LG rebuild solar business out of the thin-film solar cell market

Polaris solar PV net news: on both sides of industry to develop solar cells, beat South Korean factory wrangle, unwinding or reduce the operating range. Recently rumors Samsung SDI’s solar cell preparing to pack up, now the news that, LG decided to quit CIGS (Copper-Indium-Gallium-selenium) thin-film solar cell market, leaving only a crystalline silicon solar cell business.

Korean media report on 15th, restructuring of LG Group’s Solar business, decided to focus on LG Electronics of crystalline silicon solar cells, terminating LGInnotek CIGS thin-film solar cell research and development. LGInnotek has previously sharply reduces the size of CIGS thin-film solar cells, according to 80% research staff turnover, and donated 8 sets of CIGS thin-film solar cell production devices.

SamsungSDI is currently the only continuous development of Korea operators, but the company seems to have no plan to increase investment, originally first half of this year, ready to start the 200MWCIGS line, has yet to decide whether to continue to invest. Compared with Taiwan manufacturers actively, since the 3rd quarter of this year, TSMC’s annual production capacity will increase from 40MW of CIGS up to 120MW city, Hina (Hanergy) also broke ground to build a 600MW CIGS plant, both companies have scheduled the fastest mass production early next year.

Original title: LG rebuild solar business out of the thin-film solar cell market

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