New energy network scheduling-undefined field station equipment appraisal

Polaris solar PV net news: recently, the National Energy Board issued joint circular of the State administration for industry and Commerce official wind farms and grid-connected PV power plant scheduling agreements and purchase electricity for sale model in order to meet the needs of renewable energy developments. At this point, announced in December 2003 that the network scheduling Protocol (demonstration text) put an end to wind farms and photovoltaic power plant “part period”, and along with the issuance of the new model, new energy fields also have their own code of network scheduling.

“New energy policies, forms, equipment characteristics, as well as generate power from grid management and commissioning thermal power differs, with thermal power of that model text does not apply to the incorporation of new energy and purchasing and selling, there must be suitable for the development of new energy deals. New version of the model, stations monitoring, prediction and control equipment and other relevant State regulations and industry standards involved, compared to industry standards, it is a legal text, is more binding. “China electric power Research Institute renewable energy Liu Chun, Deputy Director of the Institute, said in an interview.

Added a number of devices running contents

Although China as represented by the wind turbine and solar PV installed capacity of renewable energy continues to increase each year, but the new grid-connected energy rate remains low, and become important industry issues.

Beginning in 2011, the country has issued a series of norms and standards for wind power, photovoltaics, to progressively improve the problems of new energy grid.

Wind power, for example, the State has issued interim measures for the administration of the wind power prediction and the large grid-connected wind farm design technical specifications 18 key technologies such as wind power industry standards, as well as the technical regulations for wind farm into power system.

And the new of demonstration text of announced from grid scheduling agreement terminology explained, and grid conditions, and scheduling run, and following electric protection and the security automatically device, and scheduling automation, aspects of requirements, clear has wind farm, and PV station and grid party of responsibilities and obligations, has legal effectiveness, for maintenance wind power field, and PV station and grid enterprise of lawful rights and interests of, promoting power system security quality economic run. Conducive to further regulate the utilities and wind power, photovoltaic power company’s grid dispatching behavior, improve energy structure adjustment. Thus, national grid-connected renewable energy emphasis is evident.

In addition, the new version of the model, and added a number of equipment operation testing content. Liu Chun in carefully read has the demonstration text Hou, on China power reported reporter said, to wind power field grid scheduling agreement (demonstration text) (GF-2014-0516) for cases, which “wind farm has installation measuring wind Tower, configuration wind real-time forecast system and by points bit scheduling institutions requirements accurate upload wind speed, and wind, and temperatures, and pressure, meteorological data; equipped with wind electric power forecast system, forecast range and precision meet assessment requirements. “Real-time forecast system in past of standard in the no clear proposed, and equipped with wind electric power forecast system, forecast range and precision meet assessment requirements, previously wind electric power forecast system all of industry standard, including wind electric forecast system function specification, and wind electric grid of national standards GB/T19963,, requirements configuration wind electric power forecast system, but no proposed on forecast precision assessment of requirements.

As another example, reactive power regulation capabilities of wind turbine meet voltage regulation and reactive compensation equipment needs and type selection of reactive power compensation equipment in accordance with the relevant standards and responsiveness (factory result should be verified), and network protection control strategies are needed to meet the assessment requirements.

This would run multiple devices included in the scope of examination, is not only good for the stable operation of the wind turbine monitoring after a new energy grid to ensure network security. In addition, is the new energy grid-connected operation control system and support system quality and reliability of the assessment, in order to promote equipment manufacturers to improve quality and efficiency.

Increased supervision network scheduling

“A new model for grid automation system has put forward higher requirements, what on-grid connected how to coordinate scheduling requires network interaction with the new energy power generation. But still not in effect. Network scheduling grid requests in this regard, start small, no regulatory mechanism, now along with the development new energy grid, grid will increase the monitoring of network scheduling requirements. Issuance of the new model, for grid-connected renewable energy implementation and monitoring more standard. “Beijing Dong Runhuan Technology Corp network scheduling product Director Zhou Yunwei said.

At present, the blackouts and other problems facing the desert wind, abandoned light, between the power company and the new energy power generation enterprises often is public and that the public is justified, both sides. China’s massive investment in new energy and power to dissolve contradictions between the lag has caused safety concerns to the power, also brought a new energy issues such as operational inefficiencies. The introduction of the new network scheduling agreements text, to regulate the incorporation of new energy sources such as wind power management, improving network capacity of new energy sources such as wind power.

In addition, because new energy such as wind power, solar power access standards to improve and lead to device manufacturers to enhance the related indicators for monitoring operation of equipment in order to meet the requirements of the new energy grid. Most companies believe that this is a plus for the company. Signing of the agreement will phase out outdated technology small business, regulate competition in the industry.

Lin boqiang, Director of the Centre for energy economic research at Xiamen University, said: “new model make the grid more standardized, grid-connected renewable energy plays a catalytic role in reduction of incorporation has been part of the problem, companies have already committed, the Government has been working to solve the problem of grid-connected.

But the incorporation issue was not simply pull the line up, also the local market capacity, timeliness of transmission outside the wind-rich areas, the road is smooth, and so on. New energy instability, there are technical and scheduling issues, simply through regulation to solve the problem more difficult, touching on some operational problems, the new energy grid to be used after, which impact on the power grid will also need power grid and power generation companies to solve step by step. ”

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