Polaris solar PV NET weekly Hots collection (6.27-7.3)

Polaris solar PV net news: market review

1. “name cards” photovoltaic subsidy loophole “disaster areas”

Audit storm struck again.

Recently at the 12th session of the Standing Committee of the national people’s Congress Nineth meeting, auditor Liu Jiayi audit report is clearly in the hands of the previous years, “long version”, the extra space is used in the “name”.

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2. PV complex of China building material samples–large non-energy new energy development in Central

New energy industry has never been lack of participants. After an ebb tide after the consolidation of the industry, and can stay there are not many companies, it is itself non-energy field is very rare, China building materials may be regarded as one of the most typical one.

As domestic new energy, the oldest players in the field, in the field of wind power after the success, the new increase in the energy complex is more. Especially solar added concern, more than wind and stand watch against their own PV industry is closely related to “BIPV” (building integrated photovoltaic) market space.

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3.85 households declare the photovoltaic power station in Wuhan, Hubei is preparing subsidies

From now on, the State administration of taxation “distributed PV without invoicing” new deal implemented, family photovoltaic promotion “last mile” to crack. Insiders predicted that household PV development will usher in spring.

In an interview with photovoltaic generation family enterprises and individuals have expressed, at present, the national solar policy is in place. Journalist yesterday learned from the Hubei provincial development and Reform Commission, PV subsidy policy has not yet been introduced in Hubei Province, but is actively pursuing and brewing.

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4. distributed PV worries: bad money drives out good money?

Distributed PV is still fragile, we need to work together to educate the market, but also to be encouraged to do things, otherwise the market would have rotted in the chaotic market.

According to the new edition of the Shanghai special funds to support renewable energy and new energy development regulations, distributed PV in the State-subsidized 0.42 Yuan per kWh, for 20 years, based on Shanghai, local government subsidies for industrial and commercial users of 0.25 Yuan per kWh, individuals, users of 0.40 Yuan per kWh, the term is 5 years.

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5. ten serial analysis of PV industry in China: PV trade

Any industry, if not a huge flows of goods in the trading system as an industry, the development of this industry is bound to be unstable, photovoltaic industry is no exception.

Development of PV industry in China trade has experienced a very unique process. Typically, an industrial development begins with trade and trade after you reach a certain size, began to set up a manufacturing facility for production and industry. But different from traditional industry, the development of PV industry in China was started with small system installation. Today’s big PV companies, in more than 10 years ago, all have hills rides a yak to Tibet or yurts sell small PV systems experience.

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Comment article

1. distributed PV network why so difficult?

It is understood that the built in Hohhot and solar panels on the roof garden community, there are two uses, in part to generate electricity, in part to provide residents with hot water. Solar contractor in charge of the project told reporters that, in 2011, this community has invested 6 million building 300-kilowatt, building integrated photovoltaic projects, monthly power generation to 30,000 degrees. However, after the completion of the project, the district’s photovoltaic power generation system ever officially running.

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2. the PV industry in the next 5 years can survive a few giant

As a Solar Silicon material production, one of the leading enterprises in the field of processing equipment, IPO raised Dragon photoelectric 909 million Yuan has been the market’s hot, December 25, 2009, listed the day’s closing price of 26.99 dollars, later share price rose all the way to 38.49 dollars. However, with the photovoltaic industry to go downwards, the company’s share price continued to decline, its controlling shareholder, in trouble, the company was the media repeatedly questioned the violation.

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3. future distributed PV potential enormous room for growth

To promote the development of distributed PV, the State since last year introduced a series of supportive policies, national energy work Conference held on January 14, 2014, the National Energy Board had been finalized in 2014 the domestic photovoltaic power stations installed 14GW. Which distributed PV accounted for more than 60%, to 8GW. Distributed PV looks set to thrive, but the reality is that the current distributed PV generation still exist such as return on investment cycle, financing constraints, in particular financing difficulties, is considered to be currently the most urgent problems to be solved, Mr Feng Hui, senior analyst of the Research Center on this topic for you to analysis of one by one.

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4. solar power’s financial woes and policy recommendations

Both Government and businesses should grasp the nettle and, overcome all kinds of difficulties, and gradually perfect policies support level, gradually improving and upgrading of industrial quality, photovoltaic power generation on a bright road.

Although all related government agencies and enterprises for the PV industry support, but after nearly 10 years of industrial unrest, the relevant agencies to the PV industry’s thoughts and perceptions of risk and more mature. And financial sectors as many industry experts blame PV installed capacity objective to achieve the maximum goal.

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When 5.CIGS can really pick up China’s “atmosphere”?

Industry research center senior analyst Feng Hui that, in the current silicon technology is still dominated by large domestic environments, based on thin-film technology, there are not many market-leading professional forums and specific areas of CIGS, is very rare, it is true reflection of the situation in the country currently CIGS technology. Industry Conference is a microcosm of the Forum, but can reflect the direction of this technology are the focus of the market.

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Enterprise version

1.161 companies shortlisted for the Ministry of first and second instalment of PV “access” list (table)

According to State on promoting PV industry health development of several views of requirements, according to PV manufacturing industry specification conditions and the PV manufacturing industry specification bulletin management provisional approach, by Enterprise declared, and provincial industrial and information competent sector verification recommended, and expert review, and online publicity and the site sampling, Ministry announced has meet PV manufacturing industry specification conditions of first batch and the second batch enterprise list. Up to now, a total of 161 PV companies list.

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2. the Changzhou shunfeng photovoltaic PV 100 billion credit will be revealed as “sixth-largest electricity providers”

Recently, some media reports, the Changzhou shunfeng photovoltaic PV it is possible to obtain the State Development Bank (hereinafter: State CDB) provide 100 billion yuan of credit support.

In this regard, shunfeng photovoltaic PV meeting today in a response to said Bank 100 billion yuan of credit does have, however, is identified as a State Bank or other Bank, does not reveal.

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3. Yingli will sponsor the World Cup losing 3-years in the industry, or at least spend 500 million

Sponsored World Cup as the first and currently the only one by one Chinese company Yingli how business is carried out of the World Cup? Sponsor the World Cup go through what process? Take geometry? Sponsor the World Cup can bring to enterprises which work? Overall PV market is in the doldrums, Yingli for 3 consecutive years of loss-making context, Yingli, why do we still insist on sponsoring the World Cup?

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4. the inventory of the PV EVA film producers

PV industry chain including silicon, ingot or wafer, solar cells, solar modules and photovoltaic systems integration and operational links.

In the PV industry chain, EVA rubber membrane and dorsal plates are mainly used in PV module package link is the key to photovoltaic module materials. Plastic film, once the battery pack back plate beginning to yellow, crack, scrap battery failure, so even though EVA Rubber membranes are key factors that determine PV module product.

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5. expanding PV Eicon Technology millions buy flagging (map)

Stimulated by the photovoltaic industry as a whole warmed up, originally as an upstream of Eicon Technology manufacturing sector in recent years has been to extend the industrial chain, investing heavily in solar energy photovoltaic power plant.

Following the end of June has just announced plans to spend no more than 850 million building after Jinchuan, Gansu, photovoltaic power plant, Eicon Technology once again invested 10 million Yuan to buy a PV enterprises in Xinjiang. Through this transaction, Eicon Technology in the hands of flagging will add 60 megawatts of photovoltaic power station.

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Character articles

1. Miao Liansheng: no investment club football just like Ma tool

Miao Liansheng said, why the World Cup have one thing called hot die, largely because of the heart are not clean, imaginary things too much.

Regardless of the size of a company, brand, quality and innovation, teams have done well, which team is supported. Now a lot of people don’t pay attention to with team, employees look very pale, always a “you’re working, I give you the money, would you just do it, is willing to go” attitude. Long term, this attitude brings increased costs. Not only that, but instability, it is hard to ensure the stability of product quality.

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2. GCL-poly ice CTO’s technology is King is timeless

Industrial manufacturing, technology is King. Can be seen from many examples, not core technology in the production is pie in the sky. Throughout March the world’s top 500 enterprises, they are equipped with specialized research institutions, attaches great importance to technological research and development, continue to increase investment in technological innovation, increase their core competitiveness. According to statistics, their research and development expenditure as a proportion of total revenues to 5%~10%. Dancing in the wave of Chinese enterprises in the global competition, its capability and enhance their core competitiveness, are not two bottom lines.

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3. shehaifeng: PV financing where money gone?

For nearly two years, migrate the global PV market very significantly, the market took on a new pattern. China, Japan and the United States drive PV demand outside Europe increased rapidly. However, though emerging markets, financing problems but as the roadblock across the front.

When the shackles of vast PV market is in financial, we cannot help but ask: where have all the money gone? On June 27, and put new energy Managing Director shehaifeng in “third world PV industry Summit” gives the answer.

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4. Yin Jianping: solar thermal power generation built into the life of the dreamer

Solar thermal power generation industry in China after years of ups and downs, what force to sustain the industry matured? Who is quietly extends the industry’s roots which grow into towering trees are gradually have power? We cannot ignore these people, these forces, in the silence of this industry for several years, they kept a dream, never change.

The Jiangsu Sun Bao Xin Yin Jianping founded energy limited (hereinafter “Sun Bao”), in today’s Yin Jianping, it was seven years before this opportunity, so he threw himself into the solar-thermal power generation this industry has great potential, but hopefully this will get in his way, “destiny” year of entrepreneurship most legendary passages.

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