Polaris solar PV NET weekly Hots collection (7.4-7.10)

Polaris solar PV net news: policy review

1. the Energy Council: will be around to train a team of 100MW or more photovoltaic industrial park

A few days ago, in order to speed up implementation of steady growth, promoting reform and restructuring of the State Council, Huimin health and related policies, further increase of distributed PV innovation efforts, National Energy Board decision has been based on distributed PV Application demonstration zone construction work cultivating a number of distributed PV demonstration area.

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2. Shanghai municipal development and Reform Commission issued 2014-distributed PV annual notification of new construction scale

The district (s) development and Reform Commission and the Shanghai Municipal electric power company:

According to the National Energy Board issued on 2014 PV annual notification of new construction scale, the statistical information and prepare work on strengthening PV project: notice of spirit, organized by the Shanghai investment consulting company expert review, 2014-the year new construction, distributed PV scale indicator breakdown structure and work-related requirements for notification are as follows:

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3. distributed and circulated the new draft wilderness ground off greenhouse power price

Journalists from several sources that, in order to promote the development of distributed PV, a document associated with this notice (the draft) was recently issued to some domestic companies, but the draft is not yet open to the public. Notice the core content is similar to previous rumors: includes distributed projects such as the waste land, fish ponds, and recommended that the Executive of the local benchmark price of photovoltaic power station (the ground station) policy.

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4. Energy Council will promote local to set up platforms for distributed business loans

—Within the associated PV PV listed companies in Hong Kong, held on a conference call, company executives told reporters, the National Energy Board is working hard to in many ways promotes the development of PV distributed projects. Measure is: will work with local governments to join forces to solve financing problems, as the local State-owned platforms for distributed project financing.

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Market review

120 million PV project private corporation “mixed emotions”

Launched 80 pilot projects from the State Department to social capital to more stable growth in the near future seek joined with private capital investment, area opened to private capital investment is growing. According to reporter to comb, and in June alone, more open to private capital projects will have over a trillion dollars.

Multiple open projects in the field, varying participation of private enterprise: some pros and cons of assets, how pricing, ability to understand the voice doubts some active layout, looks forward to a share.

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2. PV heading EVA film hard

Despite the country’s largest photovoltaic module EVA film company-Hangzhou first PV materials company limited (hereinafter “foster ‘s”) in mid-June past, upcoming a-share, but more than counterparts has not rejoiced: prices are falling, profit margins, inadequate technology research and development status of short-term domestic story has changed.

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3. serial analysis of PV industry undecies PV services

Photovoltaic industry generally understood belonging to secondary industries, however, PV also covers services and belongs to our country of the modern service industry, the main contents of which also belong to the category of producer services. This article and some discussion. Here, the author covered by photovoltaic industry or related to the service sector, known as PV services.

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4. foreign media: WTO on China and countervailing case 50 strokes

Foreign media say China July 7 failed to overthrow the United States a law against unfair trade subsidies, World Trade Organization (WTO) appellate body said, do not have access to enough information to support an appeal against a ruling by the WTO before.

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5. distributed report (iii): policy price advance in trade (chart)

Originally distributed subsidies for solar projects, subsidies for start-up subsidies 50%~70%, but as a result of prior subsidies, resulting in a reinforced, built prior to disassembly, introducing those small, hard to monitor, and so on.

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6.2014 analysis of photovoltaic industry development in China

PV industry in China under the influence of factors such as policy guidance and market-driven, the situation has improved, the market has steadily increased. In 2014, in case of further expansion in market demand, China PV industry continued to grow steadily, but remain under price pressure from oversupply.

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Comment article

1. Angela Merkel’s visit to China from Sino-German photovoltaic industry, “love kills”

Germany is China’s largest trade partner in Europe, and also an important source of capital and technology. In 2013, the Sino-German trade volume reached US $ 161.6 billion, was in 1972 when diplomatic ties between 580 times, for more than 30 years of China’s biggest European trading partner. Since 2009, bilateral trade has accounted for trade between China and 30% for 5 consecutive years, China’s exports to the EU of one-fourth going to Germany. And these figures for the German photovoltaic industry, even more historic.

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2. distributed photovoltaic industrial park will be repeated “great leap forward”

Recently, in order to speed up implementation of steady growth, promoting reform and restructuring of the State Council, Huimin health and related policies, further increase of distributed PV innovation efforts, National Energy Board decision on distributed PV demonstration area construction in cultivating a number of distributed distributed in photovoltaic power generation demonstration area based on photovoltaic power generation demonstration area.

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3. PV B2C services more important than price

Before the policy, PV bigwigs have begun domestic B2C market layout.

On March 15, Hebei Baoding Yingli opened an area of about 300 square meters of solar direct store, which is also the first solar power-themed store.

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4. energy subsidies, why not change the way of thinking

In the course of the development of different types of energy, often seen financial subsidies from the Government, their motivations for supporting the growth of clean and efficient energy, guide, energy saving and energy constituted a reasonable change, and, sometimes, in response to the price change, alleviate the pressure on low-income consumers. But long-term effects of energy subsidies is not always satisfactory, resulting in wasted effort, or even backfire.

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5.CIGS: the next great force for thin-film photovoltaic modules

Thin-film battery initially with its low cost became the focus of many people, and was once considered the crystalline silicon cells (mainstream PV technology) contenders. But in the last two years the development of thin film solar module has been in a downturn, many domestic and foreign companies has closed its film business. In mid-April this year, Fortune 500 DuPont solar announced it would end its amorphous silicon thin-film photovoltaic (solar energy) component business. This raises concerns on the development of thin film solar cells, where the road to the future development of thin film solar cell?

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Enterprise version

1.*ST Suri is negotiating with mysterious company Ni Kailu final destination uncertain

*ST Suri listed in losses three years in a row, stocks and bonds started terminating bankruptcy reorganization procedure, which is only less than four years from its successful IPO.

Chairman Ni Kailu is 58 years old, once the asset maneuvers and ingenuity now fall from the peak of the frenzy to raise billions of Yuan to the bottom, while banks, shareholders, debt, suppliers get stuck in the quagmire of *ST Suri, unable to withstand even the local authority, the Securities and Futures Commission, as well as listing sponsor institutions also suffer.

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2. downstream to embrace business capital high ATP power station next year

Facing the lower station “initial higher investment” constraints listed solar companies are embracing an important way for capital. Yesterday, reporters learned that jinko power station in preparation for the spin-off of the business, according to the company’s global brand Director Qian Jing’s introduction, or will have more action in the second half, and if all goes well, until early next year will be formally listed in the second half.

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3. Germany peg giant sued Yingli said Yingli owes $ 31.27 million debt to its bankruptcy

As the World Cup soccer tournament sponsors, Yingli solar energy at this stage appears almost daily on television in the world, Germany SiCProcessing company insolvency administrator Seagon inopportune timing, sued the Chinese solar giant.

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Character articles

1. Ding Wenlei: this life only distributed PV

Man about to catch up with “$literal” the last bus from Shandong young man, says a Word to a reporter: in this life, I would have only distributed PV

In May this year international photovoltaic exhibition, Ding Wenlei attention. These days, people at the fair when it comes to distributed PV will refer to Ding Wenlei, referred to by his head hang Yu solar energy science and Technology Limited (hereinafter “hang Yu solar energy”), and the micro-circle of friends, almost full screen is also media reports about him.

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