Polycrystalline silicon producer REC Silicon sales

Polaris solar PV net news: producers of polysilicon, RECSilicon reports, due to demand for granular polysilicon in a fluidized bed reactor and raise prices at 4%, second-quarter revenue of $ 126.8 million, $ 113.3 million last quarter.

The company reported second-quarter operating profit of $ 24.6 million, while last quarter’s loss of $ 49.7 million. Improve the performance of the Silicon sector earnings before interest and tax (EBITDA) of $ 33.1 million.

With sales growth of 2% and poly silicon production for the quarter increased by 10% to 4,375MT.

Fluidized bed reactor for polysilicon cash costs continue to be SilaneIII for factory shutdown and increasing the impact of the review, reported second-quarter US $ 14.30 per kilogram.

RECSilicon Silicon also benefited from increased gas sales, silane prices actually increased for the quarter 5%.

RECSilicon CEO of ToreTorvund says: “strong second-quarter earnings before interest and taxes to prove market silane gas demand for granular polysilicon and strengthened. During the quarter, we have successfully completed SilaneIII a five-year review of the plan. Although the work stoppage led to 2014, higher costs in the first half, but we had it planned outage, and will be operating at full capacity for the remainder of the year. ”


RECSilicon said that because the factory did not plan maintenance work, it expects third-quarter production of polysilicon is about 5,000MT. Company pointed out that its expected 2014 polysilicon production than it had expected, about 800MT 18,600MT.

Due to higher utilization rates and no work stoppage, fluidized bed reactor expected the third quarter cash costs fell to $ 11.20 per kilogram of polysilicon.

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