Property right system of distributed PV risk and the duration envisaged

Polaris solar PV net news: in early 2014, distributed PV generation carrying the expectations of Government and civil society, set the 8GW goals this year. Based on the energy conservation and emission reduction, need to improve the environment, the local Government has also produced a lot of support and encouragement of distributed PV industry policy, making revenue raising his theory of photovoltaic power station, became the focus of the capital.

However, from the second quarter, although many investors, but the lukewarm response of financial sector, leading to a situation of distributed PV too highbrow.

Last August, the State issued a relatively perfect PV industry development policy, ground stations and distributed PV power station, there is a clear watershed. Ground power station flagging ticket, distributed PV target surplus that some provinces were awarded with the ground station indicator forced mix of distributed PV capacity-building measures.

As regards the financial support, ground station although there are obvious flaws, but relatively speaking, acceptance of the financial sector higher. For distributed solar power station, its inherent risk leads to discourage financial support for the duration.

Distributed earnings to be capital of the PV sector agree that the fundamental reason is the system design there is no solution to the asset vulnerability, that is plant survival face enormous risks. The main performance is as follows:

1. the transformation of

Due to the development of enterprises are often in a precarious state, dependent on corporate PV on the roof also makes it difficult to ensure that it is fully in a constant state. Installation of roof plant from the current form, modification of concrete roof probability is relatively low, and profiled because of restrictions on its design criteria, was transformed probability is very big. Reinstall the power station after the owners agreed to retrofit the roof, power station, in addition to the loss of one month’s electricity damage, completely guaranteed according to the original design and construction, as well as a potential risk.

2. Remove

Plant transformation the same way, because of the owner’s main business is not the roof PV power station, subject to the development of enterprises in the process of, rooftop owners according to their requirements to the development planning of the factory floor, and thus the possibility of building demolition. If the roof the owners insisted on dismantling plant, photovoltaic power plant owners in the absence of any legal protection of property rights, would be forced to dismantle photovoltaic power plant.

3. relocation

Is all the more difficult to accept, due to changes in government programs and the nature of the land, businesses likely will be moved, the transformation of the probability of occurrence in the course of urbanization in China will be very large. Of photovoltaic plant life to a grinding halt due to this reason, there is no explicit legal protection able to receive full compensation for its losses.

4. shut down

Due to the distributed in photovoltaic system design and electricity subsidies most of the hope that spontaneous, for personal use, it’s also distributed power plants is difficult to accurately calculate the return on investment for an important reason. If the enterprises to stop production, higher proportion of spontaneous use of the original plant design, larger losses. The biggest annual sales income of more than 30% less, it is impossible for investors and the financial community’s risk exposure.

Learning from foreign experience of development of photovoltaic power stations, distributed PV in the total installed capacity of more than 60%. This fully shows that distributed PV power will become the main forms of renewable energy applications. This current serious smog, the environment is an urgent need to reform China, will form a huge industry. We should grasp the nettle and, in the case of policies frequently introduce industry stagnated, reflect on loopholes in the system still exist to support the industry and to minimize the cost of reform be overcome on the basis of.

I after a lot of research, and on the present situation of the construction of distributed PV generation in China, put forward the idea of property rights system of distributed PV.

Construction of distributed PV on roof, its property laws protecting natural obstacles. Because the property belongs to the roof of the building owner, in accordance with the planning requirements, only with land titles building and industrial installations in order to have a complete set of property rights registration. Resulting distributed PV power plant is rootless duckweed, cannot obtain the real certificate of the property that can be protected. For these reasons, I propose the following policy recommendations to ensure future distributed PV both investor and the financial community, all under the guidance of the Government, reduce risk, enhance the surviving life of the power plant itself, relative to ensure power station returns of long-term reliability.

1. planning for the record

All distributed photovoltaic power plant was built on the roof after planning approval. Compared with these buildings has perfect construction procedures, PV power station through the planning after filing for property registration unable to handle the legal barriers exist. Based on the Government’s work program, land register is the basis for planning record, the vast majority of planning departments in the case of no alternative but to accept and handle. Therefore, the Government should clearly define, for distributed solar power station, as long as the lease contracts signed with the rooftop owners, planning for the record must be given, and the revocation of the plan must also be approved by the Planning Department.

2. the registration of property rights

In the planning on the basis of the record, PV power station a title registration system. After completing formalities, as well as the Government institutions designated by the Government after the power station, allows generation of photovoltaic power stations built in the case of a leasing contract, complete the registration of property rights, it is better to be able to issue a distributed PV power plant property rights registration certificate, owner and roof the owners are the same, or different subjects. After registration of photovoltaic power plants, property rights law in accordance with the corresponding legal provisions guarantee the owner’s interest as an investment asset register of the owners of legal instruments.

3. adequate compensation

After registration of photovoltaic power plant, in the face of urban renewal, land property changes to government action, the Government should remedy as the real property rights compensation. Owners if the roof is required for the development, renovation and demolition of these power stations, on the basis of mutual agreement, following planning approval or for the record, you can choose to re-in-situ construction of photovoltaic power plants, can also provide other roofs are original owners, in the same terms available to the station owners for reconstruction of photovoltaic power plant.

4. remote reconstruction

Relocation of Government requires an enterprise as a whole, companies are no longer surviving cases, government responsibility for urban planning make photovoltaic power plant dismantling and reconstruction of damage, may choose to provide other roof PV power station redevelopment. Such power plants while also ensuring that the original approval electrovalence at 20 time is valid.

5. shut down direct supply

In the present context encourages the spontaneous use of distributed PV power station, you must consider the risks to the enterprise at the production stage to reduce the PV. Judging from the characteristics of urban consumption in the eastern part, construction in urban or peri-urban distributed PV enterprises, the malls around is a distinct possibility of absorptive capacity. During the process of deepening reform of the grid that allows new energy in case of roof owners cannot eliminate all power, power system must allow to the users who agreed to accept around direct power.

The establishment of these systems, you might need to perfect many, but protection of distributed PV now equity is essential. I believe that this policy is in place, will greatly reduce the financial risks of distributed PV power station, so as to lay a good foundation for new energy development cause. (Author Yang President of investments, LLP)

Original title: property right system of distributed PV risk and the duration envisaged

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