Push digital information technology and photovoltaic technology, integration and innovation to accelerate our country from photovoltaic power to solar power

Polaris solar PV net news: first, the beginning of China PV industry international competitiveness

In 2013, the global photovoltaic market growth 24%, reaching 38.7 gigawatts. China’s solar power firm, component lasts more than 50% per cent of market share in recent years. In the world’s top solar module suppliers, seven corporate headquarters or a large manufacture operations centers located in China, Yingli Green energy to 3.25 gigawatts of photovoltaic module shipments on top. Meanwhile, as another important product of the photovoltaic industry, PV inverter 2013 Chinese shipments also reached a record of 13GW, occupies about one-third.

State Council in July 2013 to make the several opinions of the State Council on promoting the healthy development of the photovoltaic industry’s decision points out the PV industry in China is 7 strategic emerging industries, one of the few internationally competitive industries of strategic importance, with particular emphasis on scientific and technological innovation, through innovation to promote the sustained and healthy development of the photovoltaic industry as a whole.

Second, from the PV manufacturing to photovoltaic applications power

China’s manufacturing on a large scale, but have been relatively modest in size. Solving the on-grid price policy in 2011, Qinghai province and subsequently spread throughout the country by 2013 is further adjusted in accordance with three types of benchmark pricing for different Internet resources area, which directly contributed to the fast-rising domestic photovoltaic power stations the size of the ground in 2013, when its capacity is 12GW, ranked first in the world. In 2014 the State not only has a lot of ground station, planning for distributed power ratio is more than a ground station, and connect to various related policies, development of the photovoltaic industry provides a much broader market. Believe the near future cumulative installed capacity in China will become the world’s first, from manufacturing towards power.

Third, speed up technology integration and innovation, from solar power to solar power

With the rising of national PV installed capacity, rapid increase in the stock of power stations, is expected by 2015 over 35GW of installed capacity. Up to now, many large companies are operating photovoltaic plants already exceeds GW level, distributed in different parts of the country and even the world, with multiple manufacturers, various types of modules, inverters, etc. So, how the station can continue to guarantee the achievement of the expected output, achieving stable and reliable operation and easy maintenance easy maintenance is becoming increasingly important.

Photovoltaic power plant is a long-term investment in more than 25 years, only achieve design goals throughout the entire life cycle of generation and maintenance in order to protect the interests of owners, provide investors with confidence. To ensure electricity, try to avoid short-barrel effect, use fine management of multiple MPPT and tracking technology and each group can be strings or modules, inverters and other components using high speed network transmission of information to the monitoring center, and cloud computing technologies, such as remote maintenance. To achieve those needs to the latest information technology and photovoltaic power generation technology for cross-boundary integration and technological innovation.

Party and State leaders have proposed the implementation of innovation-driven strategies and attaches great importance to technological innovation in the energy sector. June 13, CPC Central Committee General Secretary, and President XI presided over held of central financial led group sixth times Conference in the on promoted energy production and consumption revolution, from consumption, and supply, and technology, and system, 4 a aspects of revolution and the strengthened international cooperation, proposed 5 points requirements, which mentioned has energy revolution, proposed has respectively promoted technology innovation, and industry innovation, and commercial mode innovation, and with other field high-tech close combines, put energy technology and associated industry foster into led China industry upgrade of new growth.

Innovation, is to break the existing trade barriers, break technical barrier to break the original pattern of interests, truly in accordance with the development needs of the system and planning from the top overall solutions and design, technology integration in many different fields of application, which is an important strategic direction for our development in the future. Solar and other green energy over the past decade has been rapid development of unconventional, wisdom, the Internet and other information technologies over the past few decades at Moore’s speed rapid development of fusion of both green and wisdom are solve future energy problems relies on the major direction, which is also a new global energy revolution, the technology revolution, the new trend of the third industrial revolution. Wisdom is the future of large ground grid-connected power station, also distributed system also includes a number of off-grid system in the construction of an important and indispensable technical direction. Through this technology, to better allow us to improve electricity generation, improved security, stability, and improve the quality of power supply and better use of solar energy and other alternative energy’s role in the electric power system as a whole.

Digital information, communication and Internet technology, China has achieved an international leader in some, especially companies such as Huawei already have deep accumulation in this regard, Huawei has launched smart PV solutions, industry’s first digital information technology, Internet technology and photovoltaic technologies. Smart PV station Fusion has latest of chip, and software, and wireless communications technology, and cloud computing, technology, from system angle achieved also of land, and also of Sun, and also of component can issued more of power, if can upgrade electricity 5%, on means with internal investment proceeds rate (IRR) improve 2%-3%, like from 10% improve to 12%, on investment proceeds of upgrade is very considerable of, on firm investors confidence and promoting industry sustainable development is often value of; while, also achieved component , Inverter and other information for multimedia real-time monitoring and intelligent remote monitoring and maintenance system, or even implement unified monitoring and operation and maintenance of photovoltaic power station in the world, the sustained power output guarantee, and reduce operation and maintenance costs are very helpful.

Combines green and wisdom of smart PV represents the future direction, is also an important foundation for the smart grid. We also call upon the company as the world’s leading ICT vendors, once in the photovoltaic field, using cross-border advantage and PV industry excellent enterprise with wide open cooperation to strengthen collaborative innovation to help more enterprises to launch smart energy solutions, and promoting faster and better development of national PV industry to upgrade the proportion of renewable energy in our energy use. Expanding the share of renewable energy to address major environmental issues such as smog and climate change challenges, and contribute to the healthy and sustainable development of the industry.

Vigorously development smart PV station, and and other can renewable energy, and storage can, combines, as water light complementary, even and other industry combines, as agricultural light complementary, and fishing light complementary,, maximum using all can with resources power, maximum protection ecological even repair ecological, eventually power national of PV industry health continued development, for we national of ecological civilization construction made more big of contribution. Not too distant future, and everywhere is the wisdom of clean green energy, Director of blue sky and white clouds, green hills and blue waters. China will also benefit from solar power to solar power.

Original title: push digital information technology and photovoltaic technology, integration and innovation, accelerating from photovoltaic power to solar power

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