PV entry released by the Ministry of enterprises will receive priority support

Polaris solar PV net news: Ministry Web site on June 30 second batch of a total of 52 in accordance with conditions of the PV manufacturing industry codes list includes hareon, sanan optoelectronics, interest in science and technology, Jun Xin technology, rising in the East, sunflower, eging longi stakes WINS, 12 a-share companies and its subsidiaries. Late last year the Ministry announced the first 134 photovoltaic manufacturing enterprise access list, qualified enterprises number has now reached 186.

According to journalist incomplete statistics, the list of 52 companies in the 25 enterprises specializing in photovoltaic modules development, 14-ingot and wafer manufacturers, 19 involved in photovoltaic cell production, and another 4 in polycrystalline silicon material production.

Industry experts point out that, since the inception of access system for photovoltaic manufacturing, domestic PV manufacturing industry gradually rational market competition, industry development bid farewell to the past State of disorder, especially some of the technology and scale of the enterprise was constantly benefit from, and bigger and stronger.

It is understood that entered the list of the Ministry of enterprise, the future is in solar manufacturing on new or renovation and expansion project, will to a certain extent to get priority support.

Market analysts noted that the current domestic PV industry concentration improves posture, also stabilised prices of manufacturing products in the field of situation. System policy administrative departments to implement access lists will help some technical advantages of photovoltaic companies get more policy support and rely on technological advances to reduce costs and expand market share.

Original title: photovoltaic entry released by the Ministry of enterprises will receive priority support

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