PV industry: mergers and optimize production capacity

Polaris solar PV net news: excess capacity is the structural surplus

CPIA data display in 2013, cells and modules in China link capacity reached 41GW and 42GW yield 25GW and 27.4GW respectively, capacity utilization is only 61% and 65%.

“Seen from the numbers, production capacity is larger than the domestic market demand, but it is actually a structural surplus. “The Chinese Photovoltaic Industry Association Deputy Secretary-General Wang Shijiang told reporters of the China electronics news.

On one hand, from the perspective of global PV industry development trends, PV industry in China, with perfect supporting industries with comparative advantages such as economies of scale, will become the global PV module manufacturing bases. If the solar module capacity of domestic and global demand than probably in balance of supply and demand, and even inadequate.

The other hand, my major solar module capacity utilization were higher, or insufficient capacity of some enterprises, need to seek third-party Foundry. Such as Yingli capacity is 2.45GW, but shipments reached 3.2GW Trina 2.4GW capacity, shipment volume is up to 2.5GW. While some small solar module business because in terms of size, technology, brands and less competitive enterprises, capacity utilization is grossly inadequate, some enterprises have gradually been large corporate mergers.

Therefore, the component PV module overcapacity should be providing structural surplus, namely low capacity (for example, some SMEs) excess, and not enough high-end capacity (demand for large enterprises in the Foundry). “Judging from the photovoltaic market developments, demand is steadily increasing, even if the excess is excess capacity also changes. From a global perspective, in the context of manufacturing sector to move closer to China, China’s capacity corresponds to the global market demand, supply and demand is not so tense. “Wang Shijiang emphasized,” so there is a supply and demand problem should be dialectically module. ”

M optimization of memory capacity

To further strengthen and perfect the PV manufacturing industry management, promote orderly conditions for the effective implementation of the PV manufacturing industry to promote PV industrial structural adjustment and upgrading, Ministry of industry and information technology, launched in October last year the PV manufacturing industry standards notice of interim measures for the Administration, and June 23 announcement on December 30 last year and this year was in line with the PV manufacturing industry specification list of the conditions of the two groups of enterprises.

“Mergers are effective ways to optimize memory capacity can significantly accelerate the exit of backward production capacity. “Sadie said Jiang hua, a researcher at a think-tank in an interview,” guided by the policies of, merger and reorganization of enterprises will increasingly strong, there have been more than major mergers. ”

Currently, domestic merger and reorganization of enterprises there are several types: one is the superior enterprises in acquiring smaller companies. Sitech group close to merger the Eagle’s nest group, access to the solar cell production capacity of 500MW; TRW merger its OEM factory Dong Yun PV obtained almost 400MW of solar module capacity.

Second, by means of capital operation, inventory of high quality companies. Changzhou shunfeng photovoltaic PV $ 3 billion acquisition of Suntech, Suntech brand continues to grow and develop, while shareholder LDK LDK, its silicon wafer businesses to expand. It is worth mentioning that, so buy Suntech’s specific programme is based on an average reimbursement ratio of around 31%, Wuxi Suntech use a total of $ 3 billion to pay off as much as $ 9.4 billion in loans.

Third, downstream on mergers and acquisitions, through industrial chain. Tongwei group 870 million yuan in Sichuan mergers has arisen now solar cell factory in Hefei, through the polysilicon to the solar module segment. At present, the integration of tongwei group still operating in Sichuan xinguang Silicon poly silicon and tianwei new energy solar module business. In addition, rising to 550 million dollar acquisition of Jiangsu in the East, Wick material limited 100% equity into PV PV modules supporting materials EVA film business.

Four is the global mergers and acquisitions. Hina has acquired the United States and Germany’s CIGS plant, in obtaining advanced technology also led to the globalization of production. Zhejiang zhengtai group Germany veteran crystalline silicon solar company Conergy to avoid EU double reverse. Sanan optoelectronics company CPV battery manufacturer-PV bought Israel ZenithSolar all assets of the company, including its intellectual property, inventory and equipment, have earned their cogeneration based on CPV technology products.

Wu is through mergers and acquisitions or cooperation in layout optimization of global production capacity. Renesola company by way of investment and mergers and acquisitions, and layout has a number of production plants all over the world, in order to avoid potential trade barriers. Some businesses and other enterprises in the area of cooperation to build a solid system of Foundry.

Six government-led mergers. Qinghai province, through policy support and guidance, and promoting enterprises around the upper reaches of the Yellow River in the province, such as utilities, Asia silicon for merger and reorganization of enterprises, and encourage enterprises to hold together for warmth, and improved ability to withstand market risks.

“Because of their different starting point, so the means of merger and reorganization of enterprises and also have their own characteristics. “Hua Jiang said,” but no matter how the process and momentum of the disorderly development of PV industry in China has been significantly curbed. Mergers at the same time, domestic companies are stepping up internal reform efforts, some backward production capacity gradually began to withdraw. ”

Expert view

Jinglong Group Chairman Jin Baofang

Integrated Photovoltaic Industry vigorously

Photovoltaic market order to ensure the recovery and ensure healthy development of the photovoltaic industry, might as well in four aspects: one is to speed up adjustment of industrial structure, continue to promote consolidation in the industry. Seriously implementation PV manufacturing industry specification conditions, according to market law, active guide industry merger restructuring, firmly advance PV industry eliminated behind capacity, encourages PV industry leading using independent intellectual property and brand advantage, through merger restructuring and the industry chain production collaboration supporting, and raw materials common procurement, and capacity match, measures, accelerated foster a output scale, and technology and the equipment advanced of industry backbone enterprise, included national industry leading promoting plans and enjoy related offers policy, Tilt steer resources to regulate conditions of enterprises. Second, the norms of the photovoltaic industry management, resolutely eliminate backward products. Improve product standards and product testing and certification system, does not pass the environmental impact assessment, no independent research institutes, technology centres, or there is no high-tech enterprise qualification, inadequate funding for research and development and process improvement, attenuation and water consumption, energy consumption and other indexes do not meet the requirements of the business, must be carried out under the national policy of mergers and reorganizations. Strengthen supervision, technology standards are not allowed to resume production without loans, no certified products are allowed to enter the market. Third, expand the market and opens the door to photovoltaic applications. On the domestic market, accelerate the promotion of the use of PV, PV product included in the “energy-saving products, waste management project” support to promote PV product into millions of households. Support PV business innovation international trade and production cooperation in overseas to promote PV enterprises international development to ensure China’s photovoltaic products to enter the international market, said the spokeswoman. Four PV enterprises should strengthen self-discipline, according to standardized and orderly development. PV enterprises bigger and stronger, so fine, speeding up the technical innovation, improve product quality, improve photoelectric conversion efficiency, reduce cost, enhance the product after-sales service, strengthen and enhance core competitiveness.

Polysilicon industry technology innovation Strategic Alliance Secretary General Lu Jin

New round of polysilicon expansion storage worries

Asia Pacific PV markets such as Japan and the United States the appearance of imbalance to some extent alleviate the global PV market, prices stabilised, the industry experienced the last 6 consecutive quarters of losses, the backbone of most profit. As domestic capacity planning, price and subsidy funds has promulgated a policy such as and improve and accelerate the expansion of the domestic market, 2014 construction of photovoltaic power generation is expected to increase 20%, 14GW.

However, the market picks up and prices rebound boosted the pace of business expansion. Both at home and abroad has set off new rounds of polysilicon expansion trend, manufacturers have been raising the capacity objectives. The pace of overseas expansion is accelerating at the same time, domestic coal resources in Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang, and other regions rich million tons/year and even the new 50,000-ton project plan has been released. Domestic polysilicon prices after a short rally is expected in 2014, will be in a certain range, prices are rising much faster. Current balance of supply and demand in the market is still fragile, if the blind expansion of competing expansion, combined with the influx of polysilicon products overseas, possibly and excess capacity. Therefore, enterprises should be aware of potential excess capacity crisis, blind expansion of the polysilicon industry may lead to remain vigilant and duplicated construction and structural adjustments as soon as possible, control the volume, and the importance of technological upgrading, speed up technological progress in order to achieve healthy and sustainable development of the whole industry.

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