PV “policy market” opportunities

Polaris solar PV net news: due to the roof to find financing, low yields, and many other issues, as well as relevant departments without corresponding policies or policy reasons for not landing, leading to difficulties with distributed project progress can be described as the first half of this year. This “ambitious” in stark contrast to the annual installed capacity planning.

However, a point of view, which is also a great potential market opportunities. Rather said that current photovoltaic industry, is giving birth to a similar “balance treasure” were the same market opportunity.

Successfully balances the treasure, from the trade monopoly of the market demand. The reason to PV is also applicable, if there is business to solve the ills of the industry, will also have a huge market opportunity.

Specifically, these market opportunities, may appear in the docking platform roofing resources, through financial innovation to solve difficulties in financing, the development of PV power station financial attributes and so on.

In roof resources aspects, is appeared roof are hard to find, a is stems from information not symmetric, has roof resources does not necessarily has investment capacity or investment wishes, and has investment intent of and not has roof resources, both how achieved resources docking, undoubtedly is a reality of problem; II is stems from PV station itself on roof resources of special requirements, that requirements roof and electricity per household has enough of acquired period.

In General, resources on the roof, corresponding to the direction of the current relatively easy to achieve is to build resources and docking platform.

Financing problems, there may be with the emergence of some electricity protection of insurance, so that this problem has been alleviated. But the final resolution of this issue, still rely on to develop the financial attributes of the photovoltaic plant itself.

Report finds that PV financial property is growing in the future, relying on the defining characteristics of higher return rates and earnings, with securitization Foundation will stimulate innovation in business models and financing models, including chips, Internet banking, financial leasing, with trusts, offshore, such as low-cost funds/fund cooperation, various types of companies can find the financing.

And various financing models in the second half of this year to break through, or would constitute a catalyst to well distributed.

Based on this, the PV industry as a whole, is it time to change your thought patterns, and should rely more on innovation of new technologies, new business models, rather than counting on “policy” to solve all kinds of problems in the industry.

“Policy market” crack pass

For industry, the most practical solution is to increase the technical and business model innovation, in order to solve these problems more quickly.

The PV industry in China, with a-share have a similar place, compromise is a “policy market”.

This distributed in photovoltaic power station development, reflected a glance.

Due to roof to find financing, low yields, and many other issues, as well as the relevant departments have no corresponding policy or policy reasons for not landing, leading to difficulties with distributed project progress can be described as the first half of this year, with the “ambitious” in stark contrast to the annual installed capacity planning.

However, closer inspection, although associated with the policy is far from perfect, but greater reflects the entire photovoltaic industry currently has a State, that most companies can only passively rely on policies to solve the industry’s problems, and lack of initiative by some new technologies, new business thinking to willingness and ability to address these issues.

Distributed in photovoltaic promotion of existing major problems, for example, problems such as docking, roofing resources financing, can, by introducing new technologies, new business models to cope, such as through the use of new technologies such as the Internet, the above problems are solved step by step hope, not only through policies that “Huashan a way.”

Enters a new area, and the market will face a lot of uncertainty. However, it also can avoid the rush to the grueling competition.

The development of photovoltaic industry, it’s time to change your thought patterns. Should rely more on innovation, instead of counting on “policy” to solve all kinds of problems in the industry.

“Policy market” under embarrassment

In mid-June by the National Energy Board on the construction of photovoltaic power generation and industrial development forum, there is a detail worth noting, when the deployment task in the second half of this year, one of the first is to follow through on 10 million-kilowatt growth target this year, stick to photovoltaic product quality standards, adhere to reduce the cost of photovoltaic power generation.

This Conference gives the annual growth target is 10 million-kilowatt, not previously known in the industry 14 million-kilowatt. In this regard, insiders explained to 3GW 4GW distributed photovoltaic installations this year is to complete the task, plus 6GW of terrestrial photovoltaic capacity target full year to complete the total installed capacity of the target at about 10GW.

Meanwhile, at the Forum, National Energy Board requirements, departments should step up the co-ordination and strengthening PV development planning and management, actively promoting the policy ground.

This reflects China’s PV industry problems besetting sins of a, that is too heavily on policy and systematicness, completeness of policy has very high demands.

This policy as “harsh” requirement, or will have a negative impact on the healthy development of the industry as a whole. For every policy, especially the Chinese policy, either in terms of policy system, perfection of some of the pitfalls and the lack of, or may have encountered great discounts at implementation, leading to its ultimate effects you might expect large deviations in the implementation. Direct consequence of this is, which rely too heavily on policies to make investment decisions of enterprises will face even greater uncertainty.

“Technical thought” essay

First half of the year, “distributed” power plant development, no doubt to the industry as a whole had a warning, policy and is not a panacea, to its reliability remain skeptical.

To solve the problem of China PV industry at present, wish to learn development experience from other industries, such as the use of new technologies, new business models, and so on.

From current distributed several problems encountered by the majority will be solved by this line of thinking.

Resources on the roof, you can build the corresponding Internet platform to achieve docking surfaces, expanded resources to expand the market for trading opportunities, reduce transaction costs, and other purposes.

For the financing, you can use the Internet to build appropriate trading platform, a resources securitization be solved step by step.

Similarly, the difficult problem of grid-connected, the most fundamental reason is unstable due to the photovoltaic and intermittent characteristic, which determines its power grid is very friendly. To put it into a grid-friendly power, then technically you should think about how to harmonic generation as much as possible.

In the view of some in the industry, problems in distributed, largely because of institutional mechanisms. But the change is a slow process of institutional mechanisms. Therefore, for industry, the most practical solution is to increase the technical and business model innovation, in order to solve these problems more quickly.

Opportunities for latecomers

Stimulated by the industry upturn, photovoltaic industry is renewed investment interest from all walks of life. However, judging from available information, most of the investment was not new, and still continues the industry’s inherent business model.

Both from competition from markets, photovoltaic industry greater opportunities, should be in the field have not been exploited, like around the troubled power plant investment financing resources, incorporation, roof and docking, and several challenges the business opportunities arising from it.

Of course, leave the familiar patterns into new areas and markets will face a lot of uncertainty, but it also could avoid the intense competition.

For existing enterprises in the industry, have access to and should go into a new area, is currently the leading enterprises in the industry. Both in terms of available resources, to which the healthy development of the industry as a whole can also bring benefits, their access to these new areas, it has incomparable advantages.

Meanwhile, it is establishing its industries depend on great opportunity to establish its position.

Public information display, had some good signs there. For example, insurance companies have been coming out for PV power plant operation period of insurance on photovoltaic power plant generating capacity to make guarantees. If such a risk can be successfully applied to distributed projects, will help remove concerns of the project, and to some extent facilitate the resolution of PV plants financing.

Hang Yu a 140kw distributed solar technology company located in Beijing’s financial Street project, the project is the first person to buy this insurance. Ding Wenlei, Executive Director of the company said that the basis of this insurance are qualified based on research reports issued by electric power Design Institute of light. Under the insurance contract, if electricity did not meet reporting an evaluation Agency of 90% of the year is expected to generate electricity, the insurer is liable for the additional costs will be based on compensation of 3 Yuan per kilowatt per day (April 1 to September 30) and 5 (from October 1 to March 31), limits for 73,000 yuan. Some 1700 Yuan premium for material losses and extra expense insurance 555 Yuan.

Distributed power plant policy or fine-tuning, focusing on the expansion of distributed PV definition, spontaneous use of desalination and power concept, establish direct business model based around the user.

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