Qingdao jimo city, established the first “solar village” (photo)

Polaris solar PV net news: recently learned from the Pu Dong Qu, jimo, jimo, Shandong’s first “solar village” was formally completed. All the villagers from the village of electricity is solar-powered, villagers home’s solar-power generation equipment installed and electricity are free, subsidized by the Government. The “solar village” of power generation equipment, except for villagers daily free use of the extra part is sold to the national grid, all income derived from installation and maintenance.

Miniature village for free environmental protection

Jimo Pu Dong Liang Jia village center community is a small village with only 71 homes over more than 300 villagers. Away from downtown, but there is no shortage of modern figure in the village, road side stands a row of brand-new street lamps overhead with solar panels, each household was also laid on the roof of the solar panels, is also used to generate electricity.

It is understood that the 71 families in the village now has installed solar panels, generating electricity for the villagers ‘ daily life use, lies in the installation of these solar installations and the use of power is all free of charge. Ordinary staff members of the Center community, told reporters that Liang’s village is one of them and a company of environmental conservation projects, subsidized by the Government, is responsible for installation and maintenance, while the villagers have free access to its results.

More than a year to produce more than 100,000 degrees

“The project is to commence in June this year, had just finished a few days ago, now liangjia village, all the villagers were using free green electricity. “Fitting company official said, installed a total of 74 families at this stage of the project, in addition to 71 households in liangjia village, adjacent to the village of bei Wang Zhuang also temporarily installed 3, annual total output of 103,660 degrees. Designed for direct incorporation in the user side of the project, more than Internet access. 4 250W poly-silicon components are installed per household, per household average daily power generation 4 degrees, annual output of average degree of 1460.

“The electricity that is used now, directly benefiting, power in solar power during the day, directly to villagers already installed free of charge, electricity generation can fully meet the villagers demand for electricity during the day, every household can save hundreds of dollars of electricity and sell surplus electricity will be connected to the national grid. “The official said, the enterprise investment, Government subsidies, a total investment of 1 million Yuan, villagers free of charge, generated proceeds business.

Household appliances energy inexhaustible

“Always want to use air conditioning, unless special guest hot or open, now it is different, you need to open when you open, now I opened home air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines and are useful for a lifetime supply of electricity. I found that even on cloudy days, solar panels producing electricity, but power output than the Sun is. After I install the solar panels, each household to make their own power, even if I also don’t have to worry about rationing by the power company. “Villagers in liangjia village, Mr Leung said.

In addition, some residents of the village also introduce solar power installations into greenhouses planted, canopy shell solar panels, growing crops, an equivalent of self-sufficiency to the big canopy installed the “air conditioning”.

Original title: Qingdao established the first “solar village”

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