Said PV “double reverse” after the initial award of those wonderful things

Polaris solar PV net news: “double reverse” investigation, refers to comes from one (or several) countries or regions of the same product at the same time anti-dumping and countervailing duty investigations. Since 2004, Canada to my barbecue products for the first time launched “double reverse” survey, as of November 2009, I have been suffering from “double reverse” investigation of 37. Among them, the United States since November 2006 I launched “double reverse” investigation a total of 23 cases, especially since the outbreak of the financial crisis, in 2009 alone, United States on me with 10 “double reverse” investigation. China’s solar industry has not been able to get rid of “double reverse” entanglement.

On July 25, the United States Commerce Department reported initial Awards: imports from the Chinese mainland and Taiwan part of photovoltaic products in the area of the existence of dumping practices and determine the corresponding dumping duty rate. Taiwan photovoltaic industry battered, but the Taiwan Photovoltaic Association has said that he was calm. Trina solar as one of the surveyed companies, at the beginning of the Conference before they are ready to deal with the “miraculous”. Even more interesting is that “double reverse” as a protected United States launched an investigation into local companies, Germany appeal began at the request of SolarWord.

On October 18, 2011, Germany SolarWorld United States Branch in conjunction with other 6 manufacturers to the United States Commerce Department formally proposed for China PV product “double reverse” investigation request.

On November 8, 2011, United States Department of Commerce officially registered Chinese solar cell “double reverse” investigation.

On March 20, 2012, United States Department of Commerce announced countervailing photovoltaic products to China preliminary results of the survey, it decided to levy on imports of Chinese Solar Panel 2.90%~4.73% countervailing duties and taxes dating back 90 days. Suntech countervailing duty of 2.9%, Trina at 4.73%, other Chinese companies to countervailing duty of 3.61%.

United States “double reverse” preliminary result Germany SolarWord overjoyed

On July 25, the United States Commerce Department said applications for SolarWorld’s China PV trade survey results. A preliminary investigation found that from the Chinese mainland and Taiwan import crystalline silicon photovoltaic product dumping, and decided that high tariffs on products involved.

Although the CASE (United States and cheap solar Union), as well as a number of other organizations to pay for the lawsuit had made hard efforts, SolarWorld is still a great victory. As far as SolarWorld said the decision blocked the Chinese PV manufacturers use units of factory production of solar cell manufacturing component then evade, circumvent United States tariff loophole.

Following are preliminary results:

1. Trina, renesola/apt according to preliminary rulings, will be 26.33% and 58.87% respectively of the anti-dumping duties;

2.42 the other exporters will be subject to an average rate of tariff of 42.33%;

3. Taiwan’s findings: the mandatory respondent Yu Jing and Motech are subject to preliminary antidumping duty of 27.59% and 44.18%, respectively. Other Taiwan manufacturers and exporters will be subject to anti-dumping duty of 35.89% on average.

Chinese companies affected

In response to SolarWorld United States Branch of the appeal, United States Department of Commerce on January 23 this year on crystalline silicon photovoltaic product imported from China launched anti-dumping and countervailing duties (“double”) to investigate. On June 3, 2014, United States Department of Commerce announced that China imported from crystalline silicon solar module anti-subsidy investigation and preliminary rulings. Initially determined China exports to the United States of crystalline silicon photovoltaic products to make excessive government subsidies, subsidies for 18.56% to 35.21%. Following the assessment of manufacturers and products, Suntech is levy a tariff of 35.21% up. By Trina 18.56%, complaints of other solar plants in China, initially determined rate of 26.89%.

Two successive victories, SolarWorld overjoyed. Praised the United States Department of Commerce authorities to “resolve” with most companies having to pay 47% integrated tariff effective immediately when the statement, SolarWorld did not forget a sop.

Mukesh-Durrani (MukeshDulani) said, “I and my workers to the United States in conflicts between domestic enterprises and foreign enterprises, the Government again was very pleased with the role played, remove obstacles to fair competition for domestic products. “He also said,” we have to compete with dumped products, today’s Bill will have on United States expansion and upgrading of the manufacturing industry is of great significance. ”

United States preliminary results giving an Germany Enterprise beamed, makes people feel helpless.

Preliminary results of hurt “one of us”

After the preliminary results were announced, sparked ridicule. Funny thing is, the party complaining of the defendant United States Department of Commerce, Americans are also among the complaining:

United States solar industry groups have different views. Countervailing when preliminary rulings, CASE (United States and cheap solar Union) defended the “PV industry needs to market growth. To achieve this goal, SolarWorld has to come to the negotiating table, and the American solar industry in search of global solar industry chain and win-win way. We pleaded with the White House summoned both sides to the negotiations, urging SolarWorld recognise their own, joined United States industry with support to the solar energy industries Association (SEIA) work. ”

United States PV products to China, “hot pursuit”, the abuse of trade remedy measures, not only for the two sides constitute obstacles to free trade in the new energy market, also drew questions and criticism from the international community. Chinese companies at the forefront, actively organized defenses, in the United States playing at the same time, strive to break new ground in other markets.

Embarrassing is that the United States Department of Commerce’s practices in its domestic troubles of boos. Solar energy industries Association, warned that many United States solar manufacturers rely on global PV supply chain, United States practices can also damage the United States solar industry downstream business interests. United States cheap solar Union also issued a statement, calling it the entire United States solar industry is a “major setback” because it would move the United States solar energy product prices and reduced related jobs.

“The United States Department of Commerce’s approach is not conducive to Chinese firms, on United States domestic installers, operators and terminal which impaired the interests of consumers, can be said to be defending the appeals business, but contrary to the wishes of the industry. “The analyst, who asked not to be named, said Sue.

Yingli official micro-blog also said: this is the American foot.

Taiwan unable to sit still for Taiwan Photovoltaic Industry Association said to bow to us very calm

Preliminary results came out, Taiwan fried hair. Taiwan media have published an article saying, Taiwan firms had an average rate of more than 30%, higher than expected, the impact of solar companies ‘ share price plummeted that day erased more than 10 billion new Taiwan dollars (about 0.206 Yuan 1 NT).

Taiwan stock trading Monday, and solar energy related shares all the clouds, many units is a synchronous gap, there fell, which became Taiwan stock market decline of one of the main reasons the same day. Taiwan media are “Taiwan Straits battery manufacturers”, “solar factory anti-dumping duty is higher than expected, dealers dumbfounded”, “solar future losses and price wars” and other titles to cover it. Taiwan solar energy industry experts say “factory rates high, below trade glasses, solar companies having plunged into gloom. “Taiwan Motech will face 44.18% ‘s highest taxes.

Taiwan solar energy plant was United States initial anti-dumping levy heavy taxes in order to find out, plants intended at the beginning of August to the United States Commerce Department proposes to terminate the anti-dumping investigation “price agreements”, hoping to avoid heavy taxes terminates antidumping investigations program as a whole, but also after United States Department of Commerce agreed to just go.

For the Taiwan and mainland Chinese companies involved, Director of Yingli Green Energy Law Fan Zhenhua said on 28th United States of China PV make a double reverse decision again, but for the Mainland and Taiwan battery how to distinguish, there is no clear information. General, United States Department of Commerce in the case of double-reverse, China’s domestic enterprises involved in large numbers, the Commerce Department cannot go over all corporate information, and calculating taxes. It is usually based on United States exports rank, pick two as obligatory responding enterprises to cooperate with the investigation. These enterprises involved will have a tax, other companies will get an average tax rate. He said that United States Department of Commerce before China PV double reverse ruling is consistent with the cell of origin certification, the cell of origin determines the origin of assembled products. Therefore, many enterprises from Taiwan imported batteries, and then assembled in the Mainland, finished components are considered to be Taiwan. This just prior to bypass the United States double limit of PV products to China. Now, however, Taiwan was also included in the scope of the investigation, city, companies need to take advantage of market distribution and other factors, consider the purchase of batteries from third countries.

One Taiwan senior media people 28th said, Taiwan industry who think, this may is United States intends to to this to combat Taiwan “turned single” of initiatives, past city Enterprise 2012 due to United States double anti-, gradually will lost beauty orders turned to Taiwan factory, Taiwan factory performance by boost, but also so into anti-dumping storm, this year United States Commerce started the items survey, city manufacturers is double anti-, Taiwan enterprises is is anti-dumping.

Deplored, in the media, Taiwan Hong Chuanxian, solar industry Federation and the new Sun Executive said global markets unit production around 40GW, United States per cent global market share of only more than 10% around 5GW, meaning there are other 35GW market opens up.

Even into the United States market is blocked, Hong Chuanxian pointed out that industry efforts to acquire non-United States regions, such as Europe and Japan orders to compensate. To continue sales of products, could also take a different strategy to supply, such as putting the batteries of the land, by operators other than the OEM, then the component sales, Taiwan battery products are sold to other regions.

Danone technology in a statement said, although the market recently as a result of waiting for the United States anti-dumping initial wait-and-see, and demand is not strong impact caused Silicon prices decline, but Danone products focused on high performance chips, and selective and fragmented customer marketing models of new orders, so their operations affected by relatively small, in the company’s production continued to operate normally.

Shuo Wo electronic also said, double anti-tax determines Hou, short-term between due to market section adjustment, although inevitably market fluctuations, also will limit future capacity expanded, but can stimulus emerging market and the city domestic demand market needs, especially city domestic demand is expected to fast growth, and Shuo Wo conductive slurry in Taiwan, and city yiwai market city accounted for rate more high, is expected to benefit part turned single, will not by single market effects, on needs long-term of growth still optimistic its into.

Response to “double reverse” Trina tricks

A response to “the double”, each enterprise is racked our brains for headaches when Trina just broke into our field of vision, and can only be described with strange tactics. It is understood that the United States listed company Trina solar (TSL.NYSE) recently in domestic warehouses stock PV modules, this practice is extraordinary. Some people speculate, may be to increase the company’s sales in the second quarter, or “double reverse” destined for United States and elsewhere.

This site to get a copy of the data displayed, starting from May this year Trina or significantly increased the amount of bonded stock PV modules, in May and June there were 159 MW 415.3 MW quantities in the warehouse, compared to March, in April to 170.2, 48.9 MW MW has increased significantly. JA Solar in May and June of stockpile totals less than 40 MW.

A photovoltaic traders said Trina accumulation such a large number of components in the industry are fairly uncommon. “Most companies are not going to do it. “He speculated, Trina June bonded hoarding may be” part of the production and inventory in the past, “posed. Trina 2013 annual shipments of 2.58G Watts, in line with its earlier forecasts, will increase the number of 1G w 2014 years, monthly shipments of less than 300 MW.

He was surprised because: under normal circumstances, a number of PV modules if you want to sent to foreign countries, there are specific ports (such as Netherlands Rotterdam, Germany Hamburg Port), and then through his own transport and shipping, transporting it to the exact location of the warehouse. And placed in a bonded warehouse without specific sales locations, has no sales or to pay a certain amount of storage costs, but not necessary.

Other PV company CFO said the goods placed in storage is very strange, which is basically unable to verify income. “The earnings confirm shipment revenue there are a few conditions: the contract between buyer and seller; the seller to the buyer to provide goods and services; confirm this payment is recoverable by the seller. Trina here for this lot (bonded) cannot recognize revenue, I do not know what they want. ”

Trina solar stock, than the United States a second “double” CD rates determined at the beginning of time (July 25) morning. Why hoard so many products? It’s likely that the careful distribution of the company’s results.

Because United States latest second “double” rate data have come out, in crystalline silicon companies from the Chinese mainland, most photovoltaic company at 42.33% or 58.87%, these two rates is beyond the profitability of many companies. Allows the Chinese PV industry the way not many: select non-Taiwan battery component to United States or sold at a first rate “continental battery, continental components.”

A number of industry sources, Trina may be capitalizing on the opportunity, will stock the warehouse in photovoltaic module products.

When assessed by a tax, Trina’s better than other PV manufacturers in the United States low near 7%, converted to profit, may be better than others in the industry 5%~6% more profit margin. Meanwhile, Trina solar itself produces large scale, together with the company in the United States market is still pretty good, so it is possible to seize the United States market.

So when other PV companies may be secondary “double reverse” when higher taxes, reduced shipments, Trina were all made in the bonded customs, ready to ship United States. “The fact is that a lot of stock in the bonded, could not be sent back to the mainland Chinese market, these goods can only be sent to the United States and the rest of Europe and all of Asia. “PV provider described earlier explanations.

PV “double reverse” a global photovoltaic industry has messed up and was happy it was unhappy. United States solar Association, an expression of displeasure, Germany SolarWorld face lit up with pleasure. Taiwan photovoltaic industry has been hard hit by photovoltaic Association is optimistic. Is composed of mainland Chinese PV companies, currently there is no Grand gestures. Solar stage, United States Department of Commerce announced preliminary rulings as a result of the situation, they did not anticipate.

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