Sanjing electric photovoltaic pumping system in Shanghai International exhibition of pump and valve games

Polaris solar PV net news: 2014-Shanghai International exhibition of valve has been successfully completed. It is reported that the three-day exhibition, the size of 30,000 square meters. As domestic pump valve industry’s largest professional exhibition, the exhibition building of municipal, industrial and civil use full coverage of high-end communication docking platform, brought together more than 500 global power as exhibitors. As China’s first water mains drive controller industry brand sanjing electric, also attended the exhibition.

This exhibition sanjing electric carries its PDS photovoltaic pumping systems, 8100 Series, 8200B series, PD series and 8000B-P series exhibit. Among them, the PDS shine photovoltaic pumping systems and 8200B products, not only by the large number of customers of all ages, but also from Korea, and Japan, and Lebanon, Nigeria, Iran, Thailand and other countries and regional customer appreciation scene scene is very hot.

Although sanjing electric participated in the exhibition for the first time, but achieved rather good results. Throughout the exhibition booth was busy, an endless stream. Field staff as busy as a bee, and a bit overwhelmed. Exhibition to harvest more than more than 100 high quality effective customer, which later got a good turnover and lay a solid foundation.

Shanghai sanjing electric 2014 international pump valve show was a huge success from the sanjing Electric’s strong research and development capabilities as well as product development and innovation capacity. Exhibition by sanjing electric developed the PDS photovoltaic pumping system, subverting traditional inverters for photovoltaic energy conversion, replaced by sanjing electric converter for energy conversion and control, not only greatly reduces the cost of application and control over water pump, increase the soft start-up performance and lift control, greatly improving the service life of the pump. Because of this, it also makes the products become the show’s most dazzling stars.

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