Sewage treatment plants to seize the PV “windfall” rewards to promote the project operation

Polaris solar PV net news: over the past year, PV distributed project always constrained by the difficulty of financing difficulties, the roof is installed, tariff recovery instability trouble limping, and distributed through sewage treatment plant project, seems to solve these disadvantages. On July 5, held in Taizhou jiaojiang of energy-saving and environment-friendly new energy applied research and demonstration project launch meeting, Taizhou city water treatment development company limited (hereinafter “the waterworks in Taizhou”) distributed PV power plant was officially launched.

“If the construction of distributed PV in a sewage treatment plant, is there good prospects? “The project General Manager Dong Yingjie had asked her. It is understood that the power station was the first in Zhejiang Province, sewage treatment facilities with a combination of distributed PV demonstration project.

Contractor State power NARI Technology Corp project engineer Bu Hongxiang said that photovoltaic is the use of solar power, which belongs to the clean energy use. Sewage treatment plants and waterworks has a large area of water basins, in which install solar PV panels have unique advantages in space, if you can successfully test in Taizhou battalion, will be gradually extended throughout the country.

The project is funded by State power NARI, shunfeng photovoltaic, Guoli British nuclear, Eicon Technology, mosopower power 5 companies in the “energy-saving and environmentally friendly new energy” research based on formal Union starts, is expected to be completed by early 2015. According to reports, the sewage treatment plant project construction in Taizhou roofs, such as sedimentation, biological and touch the pool, water treatment companies in Taizhou photovoltaic projects a total of 5 MW of installed capacity, annual output of 6 million degrees, scheduled operations in 25 total generating capacity of about 105.5673 million kWh in the period, with an average annual power generation to 4.222 million kWh. After the completion of the project will bring huge economic and ecological benefits, can save about 16,880 tons of water each year, carbon dioxide emissions a year 4,150 tonnes, total life cycle saving about 42,200 tonnes of standard coal, electricity is mainly used for sewage treatment water treatment company in Taizhou.

At present, the wastewater treatment plant in Taizhou sewage treatment capacity of 150,000 tons per day, with an average annual power consumption of 14 million degrees. Through photovoltaic power plants, sewage treatment plants will achieve the vision of renewable clean energy environmental pollution, through sinkholes on secondary exploitation and utilization of land, making full use of idle space. It is understood that projects second use can reach 177316.9 square meters of land, the environmental benefits of the project, which is equivalent to planting 5.65 million. Meanwhile, photovoltaic power plant, when completed, the local sewage treatment plant can also enjoy the preferential electric energy price of photovoltaic power generation is realized taking advantage of preferential tariff treatment municipal sewage, improve the profitability of your wastewater treatment plant.

“Photovoltaic solar power, which belongs to the clean energy use. Each sewage treatment plant has a large area of water basins, installing solar PV panels on top of it, not only uses the empty space, it can also generate electricity for his own use. “Dong Yingjie said,” such a project, and we hope can become a model case to do, plans to spread throughout the country, thereby improving distributed electricity generation in the country. Project reserves in Zhejiang Province at around 3 million square meters, estimated to be within the next year to build 200 megawatts of photovoltaic power plant. ”

“The profit return, reflected in the electricity prices on the poor. “Dong Yingjie hit one where there are business opportunities. He said that based on current distributed photovoltaic industrial policy, national development and Reform Commission of subsidized prices for 0.42 Yuan per kilowatt-hour, up 0.10 Yuan in the province, which currently average industrial electricity prices 0.705 Yuan/kWh, if users let 10%, electricity is about 1.20 Yuan per unit price. Remove all kinds of operational costs, can at least guarantee the profits of 18%, this is where most manufacturing companies to achieve profitability.

Even more important is that of distributed PV power will supply power unit, so there is no waste matter, there are no sales. Fan Xiangrong, President of transmission and distribution Association estimates that, in Zhejiang Province, a distributed photovoltaic power plant investment after the completion of 6 years or so that is able to recover the cost of investment, up to 25 years plant’s service life, reflected in the value of their investments.

Original title: Beach PV windfall rewards to promote the project of sewage treatment plant operation

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