Shanxi provincial government issued capital of 112 million Yuan subsidies for PV industry

Polaris solar PV net news: reporter recently learned from the Shanxi provincial Department of finance to accelerate the promotion of new energy industry development of Shanxi province, Shanxi provincial Department of Finance issued 112 million Yuan, subsidies for the 14 new energy projects involving wind, solar, bio-energy, new energy auto industry.

2009 yilai, Province Department of finance in conjunction with related sector active towards central funds support, a is towards central funds 630 million Yuan for support I province Liulin, and Mesa solar photoelectric building application demonstration project, and support Shanxi international power group Youyu small five PV power a period engineering and pinglu district resistance Tiger PV power a period engineering; II is towards central funds 444 million Yuan, for I province Taiyuan, and Houma, and Binh Dinh, and linyi, implementation city, and County demonstration and rural area can renewable energy building application demonstration promotion work. In 2010, my provincial new energy projects subsidized capital of 103 million Yuan, on wind power, bio-energy enterprises in Anhui Province and 24 construction projects such as new energy equipment business incubators support. Province in 2013, Taiyuan City, Jincheng city, was listed as the country’s new energy automobile promotion model cities, along with th China (Taiyuan) international energy industry Expo, the province will enter a new era of energy.

Development of new energy sources was unprecedented, the development of new energy is to explore important aspects of energy transformation, new energy sources of the future will have a significant strategic position, enhance the healthy development of new energy industries will also become the main direction of normalization of new energy in our country, only new energy industries developed rapidly, our living environment and quality of life will improve.

Original title: Shanxi provincial government issued capital of 112 million Yuan subsidies for PV industry

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