Siva Power touting new low CIGS cost roadmap

Polaris solar PV net news: new company SivaPower recently touted a revision of the CIGS thin film solar module cost roadmap, its single 300MW 0.28 dollar per watt on fully automated production lines.

SivaPower, formerly known as Solexant, CIGS reported laboratory cell efficiency of 18.8% December 2013 through the national renewable energy laboratory (NREL) confirms that employed and applied materials (AppliedMaterials), former Director and former Director of the NREL photovoltaic business Charlie ˙ gay (CharlieGay) to join its Technical Advisory Committee.

Currently SivaPower only in the process of constructing a pilot line in small mini component, however, due to using the commercial validation of flat panel display (FPD) equipment and technologies, its exemplary 0.28 dollar per watt cost geographically agnostic.

The 300MW line is said to have been modeled as a component in the production of optimum size.

SivaPower Chief Executive Officer Brad ˙ Mattson (BradMattson) says: “Silicon photovoltaic technology relies on a small line of powerful replication. Next round of solar energy will need to be based on thin-film photovoltaic advanced manufacturing and high-speed automated production lines. Our technology roadmap leads to a solar energy ‘ factories of the future ‘ with thousands of megawatts of capacity, efficiency and the lowest in the world at competitive costs. ”

Whether SivaPower will realize in the future mass production is unclear, but the company is likely to follow applied materials (AppliedMaterials), Oerlikon solar (OerlikonSolar) and Stion route, seeking films market share of new entrants or existing photovoltaic manufacturer providing turnkey solutions or simply granting intellectual property rights.

Most of the past decade the first amorphous silicon thin-film companies and many areas of CIGS companies failed.

Original title: Siva Power touting new low CIGS cost roadmap

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