Study on the water’s solar power industry development in Yunnan province

Polaris solar PV net news: by the end of 2013, 180,000 kW installed capacity for grid-connected PV power station in Yunnan, grid-connected wind power installed capacity of one-tenth for the same period. Photovoltaic power generation is the main reason for the slow development of Yunnan land:

First of all, covers an area of photovoltaic power generation. According to preliminary statistics, comprehensive covering an area of about 20m2 per kilowatt. With a capacity of 10,000 kW of photovoltaic power stations, and covers an area of 300 acres, or 20 hectares.

Secondly, photovoltaic power generation not only covers an area of large, but requires a relatively flat terrain, the terrain slopes have a certain requirements: Yunnan formed initial consensus of the industry: addresses the south slope of the photovoltaic power station is less than 200, north-facing slope is less than 50, East and West to the slope is less than 100. To meet the above conditions and fewer sites with no other limiting factors.

Third, land in a photovoltaic array to satisfy forest sector “preserves nature and woodland property” requirement, and had great difficulty.

Finally, each County, city (State) indicators are assigned by the supervisor of construction land, generally ranging between hundreds of thousands of acres. Land indicators often become PV projects cannot be developed or the factors slowing progress.

Indications: the land issue has now become the development constraints of centralized PV.

On release, according to the National Energy Board issued by 2014-added building size: notice of new photovoltaic power generation, distributed more than >80% in Shandong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Liaoning, Shanghai, Tianjin, Fujian, Hunan and Guangdong provinces and nine cities, distributed PV installed capacity up to 62.5% per cent across the country. Except in China, Inner Mongolia and other places available in the Northwest desert outside developments such as centralized PV, Eastern provinces to develop distributed PV will become mainstream. Currently distributed PV without roof photovoltaic power generation as the main type of land resources.

In some provinces and distributed water’s solar power projects have been completed and put into operation. According to foreign reports, not the land of water’s solar power industry would be a “favorite”.

Water’s solar power most distributed development-oriented, or centralized development of better conditions.

Yunnan province, abundant waters of rivers, lakes and reservoirs, land development is water’s solar power, has great potential. This problem of Yunnan’s development of water’s solar power industry, and for reference.

1. water conditions for photovoltaic power generation and prospect of Yunnan

(1) water’s solar power station without taking up valuable land, forest resources, eliminating the factors restricting the development of photovoltaic power generation, got rid of the problem of land, and is the main advantage of water’s solar power. Built with 1 million-kilowatt water’s solar power, for example, could take up less about 22,500 acres of land (15km2), can reduce the land occupancy fee of about 900 million Yuan (40,000/acre).

6% land area of Zhonghe in Yunnan province, is the location of basic farmland, cities, transportation hubs and other policies do not allow photovoltaic. 94% land area of mountains and plateaus, in addition to topography, radiation conditions outside the limits, but also by the directory of categorized management of the construction project environmental impact assessment definition of sensitive areas and bird migration corridor, unique (rare) plant communities, natural scenic spot, forest, forest and other environmental protection goals, dozens of kinds of constraints. Therefore, less address can be used to build solar power stations. Water’s solar power without taking up valuable land resources advantages, prospects and pointed out the direction of development of photovoltaic power generation industry of Yunnan province, is of special importance.

(2) in Yunnan is rich in water resources. According to the remote sensing integrated survey of land resources of Yunnan (Yunnan province, Yunnan Provincial Planning Commission, land and natural resources, 2004), the province’s water area is 9.0346 million acres, of which: 1.5195 million acres of Lake water, water of 945,900 acres, pool 687,400 acres. All three 3.1528 million acres of surface area, or about $ 2100km2. By using these three 2%, one kilowatt per surface area of the surface 15m2 (substations, life management, and other facilities are located in land) estimated that about 2.8 million kW of photovoltaic power generation capacity on the Jianshui.

As the Lancang, jinsha River and other large, oversize has put into operation of cascade reservoirs, reservoir water surface area will dramatically increase, creating the conditions for the construction of more water’s solar power stations. (China Kunming hydroelectric investigation, design and Research Institute of the electric power construction group limited hongzulanzhangyunjie)

Original title: discussion of water’s solar power industry development in Yunnan province

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